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Best Photo Book Services

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Do you want to create a photo book? Photo book services are the best place for you to go. Choose custom photo books services that are perfect for your needs. Get started on creating your own custom photo book today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Photo Book Services

What is the best photo book service? 

Photo books continue to become popular these days, and there are countless service providers to choose from. Different service providers have various features and packages to offer. To ascertain the best company for you, you can compare and read reviews about each photo book service first. This way, you can determine what best photo book service that suits your needs the most.

Is there a free photo book service?

Most photo book maker services in the market today require fees. However, they sometimes offer free products and deliveries on some occasions. You may, indeed, occasionally find free services, but you can’t guarantee that these are legitimate and of high-quality.

Do I need to create an account to use a photo book service?

Yes, you need an account to avail of these services. Your account will store all of your information and photos that are to be included in your book. Also, making an account allows you to go back and edit your previous projects anytime. 

Do I need to subscribe monthly to a photo book service?

No. Most photo book services require one-time payment per creation of a photo book. However, if you will need to create a photo book regularly, monthly subscriptions can be a better option for you. 

What are the payment methods offered by photo book services?

Most photo book services accept credit and debit cards and online payment gateways. You can also pay in cash by personally going to their physical shop to claim your photo book if they’re near you.

How long will it take for a photo book to be delivered?

Delivery times vary upon the locations. As these services mostly offer international delivery, the farther you are from the company’s site, the longer it will take for your photo book to arrive. However, most of them provide rush, expedited, standard, and economy shipping for customers to choose from. 

How can I track my order?

Most services communicate with you via email, wherein all notifications and updates are sent to the email account you provided them. Others would have their tracking pages where you can simply type in your tracking code to check your order. 

Can I cancel my order?

Most photo book services allow cancelation of orders if the photo books are not yet approved for printing. However, they cannot cancel and refund an order once it has been completed and shipped. 

Which file formats do these service providers accept?

Images in JPEG/JPG or PNG and sRGB/RGB color profiles are mostly accepted. If you have a third party file, such as PDF, HEIC, BMP, Powerpoint, etc., you should convert them into JPEG or PNG first to be able to upload them onto their design platforms.

How can I get in touch with the designer?

You can communicate with the designer or other customer service staff through live chats, emails, hotlines, or other messaging platforms provided by the photo book service. Some would also offer a 24/7 support service. However, most are only available during office hours.

Which countries have photo book services? How can I find a photo book service near me?

Photo book printing services are popular all over the world, including Europe, China, America, Philippines, and many more. If you want to know if these services are available in your area, you can do your research to find the best photo book service near you. You can avail of these services for different needs like weddings, birthdays, and other occasions. 

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