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Best PERT Chart Templates

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Planning a project and need to know how long it will take? PERT chart template is the perfect tool for you. It’s easy to use and customize for your project needs. Get a template today and start mapping out your project!

Frequently Asked Questions on PERT Chart Templates

Is the PERT chart template applicable to accounting business?

Yes, the PERT chart template is applicable for an accounting business. It is a planning, execution, and review technique in management that constructs a project timeline. Managers use this method to evaluate and plan department tasks, ensure timelines are clear and well-organized, monitor the progress of projects over time, and identify potential issues. 

How does the PERT chart template work for the computer lab?

The PERT chart template works for the computer lab by displaying the progress of a project proposed by an individual or group. The difference in hours between the start time and completion time of each task can estimate the amount of labor required for that part of the project. Using this chart on assigning which team member is responsible for which tasks and how much time they should spend on it. 

What is the difference between the PERT and CPM chart template?

PERT and CPM chart templates are two methods for identifying the activities contributing to a task and estimating how long each task takes. PERT stands for "Program Evaluation and Review Technique,” and CPM is commonly used in construction and facilities management. The difference between the two methods is found in the sequence. With PERT, it identifies all the tasks before estimating the durations, whereas, with CPM, it estimates the duration of all tasks first, then determines which ones satisfy the goal criterion. Both techniques allow prioritization of activities by the level of criticality.

Is there a free PERT chart template?

A free PERT chart template is a pre-formatted and editable file containing the instructions needed to create a PERT chart. It can be displayed in its Window or as an attachment to a document. These templates are often included with software packages that have project management features built-in. But you can also find them online by doing some basic keyword searches on popular search engines.

A PERT chart template free download is a useful tool for project management. It's a way to visually show the results of an estimate in three important categories to map out how the task progresses. It has a free PERT chart critical path template that is used to show progress through a project. It is termed “critical path” because it determines the time required for individual tasks to be accomplished depending on other tasks that haven’t been completed. 

What are the benefits & drawbacks of PERT chart templates in product development?

The benefits of PERT chart templates in product development is that it can aid the project manager in managing a complex task, increase productivity and reduce cost. The drawback to this template is that it may be hard for stakeholders or team members to understand.

How can risk be calculated using the PERT chart template?

PERT charting involves modeling and calculating the risks for a given project with three pieces of detailed information. The first piece of information is the expected time to completion of the activity's duration. Secondly, the probability that a certain event will occur during a given activity is calculated. Lastly is the associated value-added cost.

PERT charts represent both dependencies and uncertainties. If there is no uncertainty on a path, it does not have an expected or most likely duration. However, if it is highly probable that there will be no delays along that path, then you treat its completion as 100% probability.

How to know if the graph has good data points on it with the PERT chart template?

A well-designed experiment will have more than zero data points, a clear hypothesis, and a methodology. A good PERT chart template uses two or three-time intervals for each event to analyze high-risk situations and static events that can be predicted.

To check if there are good data points, the lines on the graph should be connected such that it is easy to terminate a line if necessary in the future. If more than one line runs through a single node simultaneously, parallel pathways will be drawn, and all nodes found during the further reading phase match up with its corresponding extents.

How to download the PERT chart template?

When downloading the PERT chart template, you need to have completed several important steps before proceeding. To download the PERT chart template:

     1. Navigate to the PERT chart template.

     2. Click “Download document.”

     3. Save the file when prompted, and ensure to choose a location where it will be easy to find later on

     4. Open the file by end-clicking on it or using other computer navigational tools like 'find.'

     5. Select 'Print,’ print out the PERT chart sheets, and cut off the borders of the paper once printed so that each sheet is square

     6. For each row, take one of these sheets and round them into an empty container that is large enough without being too big.

How to use the PERT chart template?

Using the PERT chart template gives you a graphical method for organizing your project. It divides activities into three categories, or "phases": Planning, performance, and review. To use the PERT chart template, follow these steps:

1. Choose a starting event.

2. Complete all tasks that precede the event by adding boxes below it and draw lines linking them to the event it corresponds with.

3. Add in any other tasks into gaps between events as appropriate.

4. Draw straight lines horizontally across from each task, in turn, to show how long it will take to complete each one (according to estimates).

5. For each line, sketch a smooth curve up or down depending on whether you think that task will turn out better or worse than expected.

6. Once all of these have been drawn, use thicker lines inside squares connected to an event.

How to make an online PERT chart in Excel?

Creating an online PERT chart template in Excel allows you to enter data in columns on your worksheet. The rows correspond with events, while each column corresponds with one task for each event. To make an online PERT chart template:

1. Go to the Data tab on the ribbon.

2. Select "PivotTable" at the bottom left-hand corner of the menu.

3. Click and drag all of your data into the Excel sheet, so it is in one section.

4. Click on "Create Pivot Table."

5. Drag any four fields you would like to see pivoted into any of the four boxes at the top of the new table. 

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