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With Sticky Password, you can store, organize, and access all your passwords in just one place. It organizes your passwords, increases the convenience and security of your online experience, and eliminates the need for you to remember hundreds of passwords. Its easy-to-use design allows you to create passwords for any service, any website, or even yourself.




Not Encrypted

Emergency Access

Unlimited Passwords

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Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox. Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer, Brave, Opera, Chromium, Seamonkey, Yandex, Comodo Dragon, Pale Moon

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Documentation Management

Password Reset App

Multifactor Authentication

Encrypted Storage

Centralized Password Vault

Remote Password Synchronization

Personal Security Alerts

Emergency Access

Autofill Forms

Import Passwords

RSA Encryption


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Sticky Password?

Sticky Password is a free password manager that creates, remembers, and writes secure passwords for all of your accounts. All of your logins, credentials, and credit cards are kept safe and secure and you'll just have to remember one password. It also fills out forms for you automatically, saving you time answering online forms.

What makes Sticky Password different?

Sticky Password allows you to access your passwords from any browser. And with safe syncing, you'll have access to your passwords across all of your devices. The military-grade AES256 encryption method is used to encrypt the online password manager database. It's far easier for bad actors to break into your encrypted database than it is for them to break into browser files.

Why should I use a password manager such as Sticky Password?

Passwords are the most used type of authentication. For each account, the safest password strategy is to establish a fresh, strong password. Sticky Password saves all of your passwords in an encrypted file on your computer, with the Master Password being the only password you'll need to remember from now on.

What operating systems and web browsers does Sticky Password support?

Sticky Password supports Windows Vista and newer, and macOS 10.12 onwards. For mobile devices, Android 5.0 or higher, and iOS 9.x or higher. The password manager app supports the major web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chromium, Seamonkey, Yandex, Comodo Dragon, and Pale Moon.

What languages does Sticky Password support?

Sticky Password is localized and is available in Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Polish. To change your preferred language, you may open Sticky Password Settings and through the General settings tab, you may choose from the dropdown menu.

How secure does Sticky Password transmit my data over the internet?

HTTPS uses protocol TLS 1.1 and higher, with 256 bit encryption, to protect all data transmission routes over the Internet. High Assurance SSL GeoTrust certificates are used to verify server-side transmissions. All protected user data transferred over the Internet and kept on Sticky Password servers is encrypted, ensuring that data is secured twice when delivered over the Internet.

Does Sticky Password protect me from phishing scams?

Because Sticky Password knows the actual Internet address of the websites you've designated as secure for your passwords, the password manager protects you from phishing schemes. When thieves use fake addresses to get access to your financial and other data, Sticky Password notifies you that you have been redirected away from trustworthy websites.

What encryption algorithm does Sticky Password use?

Stick Password secure password manager uses AES for its symmetric encryption algorithm. The symmetric block-cipher algorithm has a key length of 256 bits. Because guessing 256 bits takes so long, even with massive computer power, it is unlikely to be a problem in the near future, as a malicious actor would need to employ quantum computing to create the required brute force.

If my computer that has RoboForm on it is stolen, do they have access to my data?

Sticky Password for Windows has a Security Dashboard that shows you which of your passwords are at risk. After you've discovered the accounts with weak or insecure passwords, you may update them to make them stronger and more secure. The Security Dashboard can inform you if your password is old, weak, or reused.

What is 2-factor authentication and does Sticky Password support it?

Yes. Two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA) entails the use of two pieces of information for authentication, each of which comes from a separate source. Because the likelihood of many disconnected sources being hacked at the same time is limited, requiring an extra component(s) to allow access enhances security.

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