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RoboForm makes it easy and fast to enter and store passwords and personal data, and provides secure online protection. The first step is to import your existing passwords, and RoboForm will automatically fill in the blanks as you type. Keep your online identity safe and secure with RoboForm – a password manager to help you manage and save all of your passwords, easily and securely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes RoboForm different?

RoboForm is an advanced password manager made up of several components: RoboForm clients for computers, mobile devices, and browsers, and a central server called RoboForm Server that provides licensing, synchronization, storage, an administration interface for business users, RoboForm policy distribution, and form-filling and password management through a web-based client.

What is RoboForm?

RoboForm makes password management easier by remembering and creating passwords, automatically login into websites, and even completing lengthy online checkout forms with a single click. Instead of memorizing hundreds of passwords, you just need to remember one master password using RoboForm.

What web browsers does RoboForm support?

RoboForm supports all major web browsers including Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera. To gain full RoboForm desktop capabilities, including offline access, cross-browser sessions, and export/import, Windows and Mac users should first install the RoboForm password manager app.

What is RoboForm’s password generator?

RoboForm’s password generator relieves you of the burden of continuously creating new passwords for each of your websites. The online password manager works by creating strong and random passwords including a mix of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and special characters. These combinations can be tweaked to meet the password requirements of other websites.

How does RoboForm store my passwords?

Your passwords are secured using your personal security key, the RoboForm master password. All decryption of your RoboForm data occurs on your device, not on the servers. Without the Master Password, no data can be accessed. The password manager has no means of knowing what your Master Password is since it does not communicate to their systems.

How does RoboForm’s emergency access feature work?

In the case of death, incapacitation, or simply as a way of account recovery, emergency access allows you to choose a trusted person to securely get access to your RoboForm Data. There is the ability to choose more than one emergency contact, as well as the length of time until access is granted. At any moment, emergency access can be revoked.

What is RoboForm’s web access?

Decryption occurs locally on your local browser, not on the server while using RoboForm web access. Furthermore, without the master password, RoboForm data cannot be accessed, and the master password is never transferred to its systems. This means that even in the absence of the RoboForm extension, your master password remains secured.

How frequent does RoboForm sync?

RoboForm secure password manager connects to the RoboForm server for synchronization reasons on a regular basis. RoboForm syncs when you are logged into RoboForm once per hour, when you input the master password for the first time, when you're working with a RoboForm data file, and when you want to send or share a file or folder.

If my computer that has RoboForm on it is stolen, do they have access to my data?

Until the master password is entered, the data is not visible or accessible. The person who took your computer will be unable to access your data without the master password. If "Don't ask for Master Password" is chosen in your security options, anybody with access to your Windows/Mac account on the system can see the data in RoboForm on the machine.

Does RoboForm protect against hidden field attacks?

RoboForm will only fill in the blanks for the login that you already stored. Unless you tell it to, RoboForm will not fill in any more fields. When sensitive fields, such as credit card information, addresses, and other information that may be confidential to you, are entered, RoboForm sends the user a warning message.

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