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Passpack is an advanced password manager that stores your passwords in a secure location and allows you to access them from any device. Passpack is your secure digital hub for all your passwords and other credentials. It auto-creates strong passwords and lets you securely store sensitive data like credit card numbers, bank account details, etc.





Emergency Access

Unlimited Passwords

Browser & OS Support

Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge

Password Reset App

Encrypted Storage

Centralized Password Vault

Personal Security Alerts

Autofill Forms

Import Passwords

256-Bit AES Encryption

Sync across devices

Password Generation

Unlimited Passwords

Browser Extensions

Email Support

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Multiple Browser & OS Support


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Passpack different?

Passpack is an advanced password manager that includes the tools you need to securely manage, share, and save your passwords, as well as robust encryption and administrative controls. Password management software for contractors, individuals, and teams that includes shared accounts, host proof, and a personal login button.

What is Passpack?

Passpack password manager is a dependable platform that protects users' data even when its servers are compromised. Passwords can be accessed by users at any time and from any device. Once installed in the user's browser, they may easily log on to any website. It facilitates the import of passwords from CSV files.

Can I export or backup shared passwords in Passpack?

In Passpack password manager app, users can only export or back up their own entries. If someone has given you a password entry, NO, it will not be included in your own exports or backups. Yes, if you shared a password entry with others, it will be included in your personal exports and backups.

Is there a free trial on paid plans in PassPack?

There is no free trial period. Passpack does not provide free trials of premium plans due to our 30-day money return promise, however, individuals can join up for a FREE PLAN. Users may use it for as long as they like before upgrading to a premium account when they are ready.

How do I add a connection to my account in Passpack?

To collaborate with another user, users will need to know their Passpack nickname or the email address connected with their Passpack account. Once the user has that information, users may send them a connection request to begin collaborating with them. This feature is available for both Free and Paid plans.

How does Passpack combat Keyloggers?

Passpack includes a simulated on-screen keyboard to aid in the battle against malicious keylogging malware. We've put the on-screen keyboard into a separate library to ensure it doesn't slow down the sign-in process for people who aren't interested. Just click the Show virtual keyboardlink anywhere on the sign-in or Packing Key screen to activate.

What is the security feature for the passwords in Passpack?

Passpack has Two-Factor Authentication, a security feature that prevents unauthorized access to your account. Without it, you (or anyone else) will be unable to access your Passpack account. If you choose the Yubikey, make sure you have at least two; otherwise, if you lost your Yubikey, you will be locked out of your account indefinitely.

What is a Passpack disposable login?

A Disposable Login is a set of Password and Packing Key that is used once and then discarded. You will not be able to select your Disposable Logins; they will be allocated to you. They aid in the protection of your Passpack secure password manager account when you log in from a computer that is not directly under your control.

How Passpack counter phishing sites?

Passpack protects you from phishing by allowing you to customize your Welcome Message. The Welcome Message ensures that you are connecting to the genuine Passpack website and not a forgery. You are safe if you view your Welcome Message. Make sure the message is as unique as possible.

What if I forget my Packing Key in Passpack?

Passpack does not know what your Packing Key is, therefore they can't get it back. You may request a "Packing Key Rollback" in some situations. This is only feasible if you previously changed your Packing Key and remember the old one but not the new. Only if you validated your email address with Packpass is it possible to roll back.

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