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Norton Password Manager is an Internet security software that lets you securely store your passwords, credit card information, and other private information. It lets you automatically log into your online accounts without having to remember passwords, and lets you automatically fill in forms with your personal information to help protect you from identity theft.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Norton different?

Norton is the only advanced password manager to combine leading-edge security technology with a solution designed specifically for consumers. Norton Password Manager’s revolutionary browser integration feature allows users to automatically copy passwords from a web page and store them in a database in a secure location.

What is Norton?

Norton Password Manager is a cloud-based password manager that helps you store your passwords, access them on multiple devices, and automatically safeguard your devices with strong encryption. Norton Password Manager is an easy to use web-based application that lets you go about your day while keeping all your important credentials safe. It will automatically send the login details to all of your devices and come in handy when you're traveling or need to access a password from a different device.

Where are my passwords stored in Norton Password Manager?

Your passwords are encrypted and stored cloud-based in Norton Password Vault Manager. You allow access to your vault by entering your master password. You can manage your saved logins in the vault, including updating, editing, and deleting information as needed.

Which browsers are supported by Norton Password Manager?

Norton Password Manager app is available for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and all major browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Edge. You can use it on multiple devices by installing the Norton Password Manager extension on your browsers. It will automatically sync your login credentials, with your master password, safely across all of your devices.

Is there a limit to the number of passwords I can create with Norton Password Manager?

No. You can create an unlimited number of passwords with Norton Password Manager. When you create a password, the system lets you define how strong it should be. For example, after creating a password that is eight characters long with letters and numbers, you can set the strength to "strong" or "very strong." You can also save your passwords in an encrypted file that only has access to your computer.

How simple is it to set up Norton Password Manager?

Norton online Password Manager allows you to safely store all of your passwords in one location. Upon installing Norton Password Manager and creating your account, you can continue visiting your favorite sites, and Norton Password Manager will begin asking if you want to save your usernames and passwords when you log in during the first time, create, or update an account.

Can I share my passwords from Norton Password Manager with others?

Yes, you may share your passwords with others. However, the users must use the same Norton Password Manager version that you use. The passwords are encrypted using your unique encryption key (Norton Password Manager stores the copy of your encryption key in its data file, not in the password vault). So, you can't share your password vault with others.

How can I create complex passwords on Norton Password Manager?

Simply go to the Password Generator in Norton to create a complex password. To lengthen your password and strengthen your security, use the slider and choose from the options (Letters, Mixed case Punctuation, Numbers) below. When you've finished creating your "strong password," click the "Copy Password" button.

How does the Dashboard in Norton Password Manager work?

The Norton Password Manager Dashboard allows you to easily access all of the passwords that have been saved into the application over time. The idea is that you can quickly access all of your saved passwords and even create new ones if you need to save a new account. It also has a one-of-a-kind feature that can help you to spot weaknesses in your logins.

How can I easily save and update my password in Norton Password Manager?

From time to time, you need to change your passwords. By using the auto change feature in Norton Password Manager, you can easily update your passwords to help protect your online accounts. You can apply the auto change for your usernames, passwords, site addresses, and more.

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