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ManageEngine Password Manager Pro is an enterprise-grade password management software that protects users' passwords with cryptography. It features an intuitive interface that allows users to effortlessly create, update, and remove passwords, while the administrator can set up an automated workflow to perform password-related tasks. It enables organizations to implement password reuse rules, prevent users' passwords from being exposed, maintain compliance with regulatory requirements, integrate with Active Directory or LDAP, use multiple authentication methods, and much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes ManageEngine different?

ManageEngine Password Manager Pro offers the ability to create strong passwords while still managing all your user accounts. It also has a password generator that allows you to give certain permissions to each employee and let them create their own password. This way, it's easier than ever for users to stay on top of their personal security while still being productive in the workplace.

What is ManageEngine?

ManageEngine Password Manager Pro is a software platform which helps prevent loss of data due to human error. It provides tools for password management, secure storage, and encryption for sensitive data. ManageEngine Password Manager Pro has a range of features to create an easy-to-use interface so that users can manage passwords effectively. These features include tagging, password filtering, ability to export different formats of the information stored in the software, and more.

Can ManageEngine's Password Manager Pro automatically reset and randomize remote resource passwords?

Yes. ManageEngine is the best Password Manager that has the ability to reset and set random passwords for Websites. To reset a website's password, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Double-click on the Web site in the Password Manager Pro's main window. Then, click on the "Reset Password" button in the Account Details window.

Step 2:

A new window will appear that you need to fill in the Resource name, Account name, New password, the Confirm password, and Reason why you want to reset the password.

Step 3:

After filling in the information, click on Save to reset the password for this website.

Can I share one or more passwords on ManageEngine's Password Manager Pro with individual users or groups?

Passwords can be shared with one or more users. To share password access with individual users, use manager permission levels for users and groups by selecting View, Modify, and Manage options. Choose the user with whom you want to share the password. To share with a group, use group permissions and enter the name of the group.

What are ManageEngine's Password Manager Pro target systems?

ManageEngine's password manager app supports a wide range of domains and platforms. Password Manager Pro can automatically reset passwords on a variety of platforms, including physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures. The target systems include Operating Systems, Cisco Devices, Database Servers, Network Devices, File Stores, Cloud Services, and others.

Is ManageEngine's Password Manager Pro capable of sending instant email notifications?

Yes, it is possible. You can set it up to send you email notifications whenever someone changes, deletes, or adds a password. You can also set it to send you an email whenever the total number of passwords reaches a certain limit. Password Manager Pro also includes email notification features such as Send email notification on password expiration, Send email notification on device login, and Notification on device logout.

How does ManageEngine Password Manager Pro's (AD) Active Directory and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) integration work?

ManageEngine’s advanced Password Manager allows you to import and export passwords to Active Directory and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) servers. By doing so, you can provide centralized access to user credentials and thus, eliminate the need to enter the same password every time you access your information on different computers.

What is ManageEngine Password Manager Pro: agent-less and agent-based?

Password Manager Pro agent-less is the technology which allows you to use a browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox with Password Manager Pro. This is helpful if you want to manage, edit or reset a password from an internet browser. Agent-based technology allows you to download a special agent software to a computer or a mobile device. The agent software facilitates the management of passwords from a device.

Can I enable applications to securely retrieve passwords from Password Manager Pro without the need for hard-coding?

Yes, you can. ManageEngine Password Manager Pro eliminates the use of hard-coded passwords with secure APIs for application-to-application (A-to-A) and application-to-database (A-to-DB) password management. All you need to do is, to create a password vault and then, use Password Manager Pro APIs.

What is ManageEngine Password Reset Listeners?

Password Reset Listeners can be used as custom connectors to perform password resets on target systems that are not supported by Password Manager Pro by default. When Reset Listeners are activated, they connect to the target system and perform the necessary password changes. You can also configure the Listeners to connect to the target system regularly and perform password resets on a regular basis.

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