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LogMeIn's LastPass is an all-in-one password manager that helps you do more with less. From its free browser extension and mobile apps to its cloud-based offering, it provides a simple way to manage your passwords across thousands of websites - from anywhere on any device you choose.

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Emergency Access

Unlimited Passwords

Browser & OS Support

Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera


Documentation Management


Password Reset App

Multifactor Authentication

Encrypted Storage

Centralized Password Vault

Personal Security Alerts

Emergency Access

Autofill Forms

Import Passwords

256-Bit AES Encryption

Dark Web Monitoring

Sync across devices


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes LogMeIn different?

What makes LogMeIn’s LastPass the best password manager is that It features a zero-knowledge policy and several sophisticated multi-factor authentication options for further protection. It utilizes bank-grade 256-bit AES encryption to guarantee that all passwords are kept securely.

What is LogMeIn?

With task automation, easy and secure password sharing, and other features, LogMein's LastPass is a password management and single sign-on solution that streamlines access to corporate apps for users and improves centralization and simplicity of control of access for administrators.

Does LogMeIn have security certification?

LogMeIn has a number of security and privacy certifications, which you can read about on our security page. They do, however, differ across products. If you're searching for a certification for a particular product, use the filter on our product resources page to discover additional information.

Is LogMeIn compliant with GDPR?

Yes. We have numerous clients and users who are subject to the GDPR as a worldwide Software-as-a-Service provider, which means that the GDPR's obligations apply to us as well. Visit the privacy page to learn more about how LogMeIn complies with GDPR and other privacy regulations.

Where does LogMeIn store my information?

The location of Customer Content storage will vary per product. Please review the Sub-processor Disclosures on the relevant product resources page to learn more about your particular product. For LogMeIn’s password manager, information is stored in cloud storage in the United States, Europe, Australia, and Singapore.

What options do users have for deleting their data from LogMeIn servers?

Content deletion is available in several of our products as a self-service option. Following account cancellation, termination/expiration, or, for free products, inactivity, our worldwide hosted services have specified retention periods after which content and related account information are usually deleted.

How long is the user’s data saved?

Data retention and deletion periods are integrated into LogMeIn's worldwide hosted product offerings, and certain solutions provide self-service deletion options. Please review the Security and Privacy Organizational Controls (SPOC) document for each product. You may also request the deletion of material and your account at any time.

Where does LogMeIn store data in the event of a failover?

To guarantee the highest level of service availability and dependability, LogMeIn uses several co-location sites. Active-active redundant data centers are usually utilized within the same geographic area for worldwide services using co-location capabilities. Geo-residency capability may be available for certain goods.

How will users know if their information has been deleted?

LogMeIn’s Password manager offers a self-service deletion giving the users the choice whenever they want to delete their passwords.. Users can also ask the support staff to delete your account, you'll get confirmation after it's been done. Otherwise, our normal retention terms will apply, and your information will be deleted.

Can users revert to a previous master password state?

Yes, users may, however restoring your Master Password means resetting it to your old Master Password, which will return your LastPass Vault to the state it was in before the last Master Password update. This may result in data loss (i.e., any new items added or modified after the modification would be lost).

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