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Kaspersky manages all your user accounts and login credentials, plus additional features to keep your data secure. Manage your passwords, store your banking details and keep a digitized copy of all your essential documents with the most affordable password manager in the market.

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Emergency Access

Unlimited Passwords

Browser & OS Support

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android



Documentation Management

Multifactor Authentication

Encrypted Storage

Centralized Password Vault

Remote Password Synchronization

Personal Security Alerts

Autofill Forms

Import Passwords

256-Bit AES Encryption

Sync across devices

Password Generation

Unlimited Passwords


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Kaspersky different?

Experience seamless access across all your accounts and devices and store an unlimited number of passwords, login credentials, and essential files. Automatically analyze your files and check which ones to protect and import on the cloud; this is a unique feature only kaspersky provides. Kaspersky’s advanced password manager supports two-factor authentication (2FA) logins, which helps secure your passwords. Password check is another helpful feature. It allows you to check if you've used a password multiple times and generates a unique, stronger password for all your online accounts.

What if I forget my main password?

Kaspersky keeps all your login credentials, accounts, and files all in one place. Using Kaspersky's password manager lets you remember just one password for your security. If you lose or forget your main password, you will no longer have access to your saved information. It's recommended that you memorize your main password.

What is the difference between Kaspersky's free password manager and premium version?

You can use Kaspersky’s password manager for free. It has all the features included in the premium version, but you can only store 15 items in total; this includes logins, bank cards, and documents. With the premium version, you can sync your data across all your devices and store an unlimited number of items.

How can I use Kaspersky’s password manager app on my phone?

You can download Kaspersky’s password manager on all your mobile devices. This includes your Android or Apple device. Log in with your Kaspersky account to use all the best password manager features by Kaspersky.

Is it risky to store all my data in one place?

You can trust Kaspersky’s advanced password manager to create unique and secure passwords for all the accounts you've made online. All you have to do is memorize one primary password for your Kaspersky account.

How do I know if my password is secure?

Kaspersky is the best free password manager to secure all your login credentials. It analyzes all the passwords you have and generates suggestions for unique and secure passwords.

Can I import all my login credentials from another password manager?

Yes, you can. Kaspersky makes it easy to import all your login credentials if you’ve used a different password manager. Export a CSV file from your previous password manager. Click on the data import/export section settings, go to the Import password managers section, and click the import button then open your CSV file.

What is the search automatically tool?

Search Automatically is a unique tool offered by Kaspersky, the best password manager app, which analyzes the data on your documents and files to quickly identify which files to secure. Search automatically guards images of your documents with sensitive information such as your licenses, IDs, and other classified documents.

Can I trust Kaspersky to keep my information?

Kaspersky is the best free password manager which uses zero-knowledge security to ensure that they know nothing about your data. Kaspersky promises that your data is accessible only to you, to protect your privacy entirely.

Can I use the free version of Kasperky’s password manager for life?

You can use the free version, but this is limited to store only 15 items. You can avail of the premium version for only $13.99 for one year. Kaspersky offers the most affordable password manager you can buy based on password manager reviews.

What makes Kaspersky the best password manager?

Kaspersky provides everything you need in a password manager, plus the ability to store all your essential documents within a single application. With all these essential features in securing your information, Kaspersky is considered one of the best password managers available.

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