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Enpass is a simple, secure, and very powerful password manager which can be used to store all your passwords in highly encrypted form. It works across platforms and enhances your productivity by storing passwords for applications, software, websites and also securely keeping the information of credit cards and bank accounts.





Emergency Access

Unlimited Passwords

Browser & OS Support

Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Safari,Edge, Opera, Vivaldi


Password Change Automation

Password Reset App

Encrypted Storage

Centralized Password Vault

Personal Security Alerts

Autofill Forms

Import Passwords

256-Bit AES Encryption

Sync across devices

Password Generation

GDPR Compliance

Offline Access

Browser Extensions


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Enpass different?

Enpass is a secure password manager for all users. It has a plethora of features, free and premium versions, and a plethora of applications for various devices. Enpass may be used across various platforms to preserve passwords, login information, and personal payment information, making your digital life easier.

What is Enpass?

Enpass Password Manager is a safe vault that allows you to save everything in one place with a single master password. It handles the fundamentals well, albeit with some oddities, but it lacks intuitive Two-Factor Authentication options, account inheritance, and other sophisticated features.

How much of the user’s data is encrypted in Enpass?

According to the Enpass Security Whitepaper, 100% of the data submitted is encrypted with the Enpass password manager app everywhere. Users can open data files inside a binary editor and see them for themselves. All the users will see is nonsense, gibberish data (encrypted with AES 256).

If Enpass is an offline password manager, then why does it connect to Internet?

Indeed Enpass is an offline password manager that keeps your data locally on your device. We do not (and cannot) access any of your data. The internet is only required for features such as cloud synchronization, alert checking, licensing validation, and audit. And Enpass can't contact you in case of an emergency that requires quick action.

How secure is my data while syncing with a cloud in Enpass?

Your cloud always has a copy of the same encrypted data that you have on your Enpass account. We download the entire encrypted file and decode it locally on your device before performing a true sync operation to integrate changes. The encrypted data is then uploaded to the cloud. All of these actions are carried out locally on your device.

Does Enpass also work in flight mode or without an internet connection?

Yes. Enpass stores all of your data locally on your smartphone and does not require an internet connection to function. This enables you to access your data even when in flight or without an internet connection. However, if you have enabled sync and updated data in Enpass while in flight or without internet, all changes will be saved locally.

How do vaults in Enpass password vault manager works?

All of your Enpass data are stored in a database known as a Vault. Many Vaults imply that you can have multiple databases in Enpass. It enables you to effortlessly collaborate with family members or team members via a shared cloud account. Enpass has two types of vaults: primary and secondary vaults.

Why should I enable Enpass sync on my device? Is it safe?

If you use Enpass on several devices, we recommend that you enable sync to keep your database up to current across all of them. Once activated, Enpass will automatically backup your data with the most recent changes to the cloud, which you can recover at any time on any device, reducing the chance of data loss.

Enpass on multiple devices. What happens if I change the password on any one of them?

When you change the master password of Enpass on one of your devices, it is updated on all of your devices following successful sync with the cloud. It is modified for the local database on the device that prompted the modification, and the change is mirrored in the cloud following the next sync.

How can I reset my Enpass to start with a new database?

Enpass has the ability to erase everything in its Advanced options on all platforms. This is the simplest method for resetting Enpass. If you have any cloud linked for syncing data and want to erase data from there as well, you must first stop the sync by selecting the option "Clear Data from Cloud" before deleting anything.

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