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Best Password Managers

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Manage all your web accounts in one seamless application. A password manager can give you top-level security when it comes to managing your accounts and passwords. Get yours today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Password Managers

What payment methods are accepted for premium password managers?

For payment of premium password manager plans, most service providers accept and process transactions from all major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. You may also pay through verified e-wallets like PayPal.

How do I create a master password?

Master passwords are the only way to access your encrypted data; that’s why you need to memorize them. The process may differ in other software, but here are some simple steps you can follow to create a master password:

1.Log in first to your password manager app. From there, type in your email address and your account password. Some apps allow you to choose a unique code for access. The system will send a code to the email address you used to log in.

2.Once done, the app will redirect you to a page where you can make your master password. You may take your time with this. Make a combination of letters, numbers, and unique characters to increase your password difficulty level.

3.After you set up your master password, you will be provided with a recovery code. You need this to access the vault if you happen to forget the master password, so it’s best that you keep it in a safe place. 

What is the best software for me, a premium or free password manager?

Various password managers have different models to suit the diverse demands of the masses. To start things off, you can learn and read mixed password manager reviews. Reviews can help you broaden your knowledge about the extent of the service offered and its features. Here are your options:

If you’re someone who just generally needs a secure place to store your password, it’s best to utilize a free password manager. Again, read reviews first to know which is the best free password manager for you.

But if you’re working professionally, it’s highly recommended that you opt for a premium app. Aside from its feature designed for business settings, you can also benefit from its top-notch security system geared to protect confidential data from leaking. 

Can I use a password manager app without connecting to the Internet?

Yes. Some apps allow offline password manager operation. But note that you should enable the offline mode in your account settings before you access your password vault without an internet connection. 

What happens if I forgot my master password?

You’re highly advised to make sure you keep your master password safe at all times. But forgetting your master password is expected. Don’t worry, just follow these simple steps to resolve this issue:

Look for your Recovery Code. A Recovery or Backup code will be sent to you as a temporary access key should you need to reset your lost master password.

Submit your Recovery Code. Click the Forgot Master Password, and you will be asked to submit your Recovery Code. Be sure to type it flawlessly to avoid further problems.

Reset your master password. Once you successfully filled up the code, you can now create a new master password. You’ll receive a new recovery code once done.

What is an open-source password manager?

An open-source password manager simply means that a service provider freely grants users like you to review, audit, and contribute to their software codebase. It’s inherently developed in a collaborative manner, hence the term “open-source.” 

How do I turn on the fingerprint login?

You can enable your biometric login system on both iOS and Android OS. For iOS, you can set this up on the Settings to allow the Touch ID or Face ID login option. Note that Touch ID is only available for iPhone 5S (and newer) devices. You can do the same for Android settings, but note that fingerprint functionality only works on a select few Android devices. 

How many failed login attempts are accepted before my account is locked?

On average, you will only have five tries before you reach the limit—which results in the software automatically locking your account. Lockouts happen to ensure account security and one of the initiatives of the software to avoid breaches. Lockouts can last to 20 minutes or longer. Thus, if you’re not entirely sure, you can consult the support team or reset your master password instead.

What happens if I decide to cancel my premium password manager account?

When you cancel a subscription plan, your previous program will turn back into a standard or basic password manager software version. Luckily, you can still access and manage your passwords through limited features. 

What happens if I delete a master password I’ve forgotten?

While you’re allowed to do this, the consequence is that all the passwords and data that that deleted master password is protecting will be deleted as well. This action is irreversible. So if you forget your master password, it’s best that you reset it instead using the recovery or backup code sent to you. 

What if I’m unhappy with my subscription?

Sometimes, you may encounter password manager apps that don’t necessarily meet your expectations. If you’re not satisfied with the service, you can decide to cancel your subscription and request a full refund. Some companies may also give you a 30-day money-back guarantee. Consider contacting your service provider first to state your concerns, so they can help solve some of your specific issues. 

Can I request my service provider to close my account entirely?

Yes. The first thing you need to do is erase all the confidential data and personal information on your password manager vault. Then, email your service provider regarding your request for account closure. Also, make sure to attach the email address associated with your password manager account. Once you submit your request email, they will either provide you step-by-step instructions to close your account or do the account closure process for you. 

How many passwords can I store in my password manager account? 

The number of passwords you can store may vary depending on your subscription plan inclusions. On average, standard password manager subscriptions will allow you to store up to 20 passwords. But if you’re a premium plan subscriber, you can store up to unlimited passwords in one account! If you’re looking for an extensive password storage feature, it’s best to make feature comparisons first before subscribing to a plan.

What is phishing?

Phishing attacks commonly happen when an unaware user provides their confidential account details to hackers. For example, you receive an email posing as your bank. This email will ask you to click a site link to take action for your compromised account. At first glance, the website looks exactly like the official bank website—that's why many users fall into this trap. The next thing they knew, the account was breached and looted. 

How can I be sure that my password manager app can deflect phishing?

How can you avoid phishing scams? When you save your log-in details on websites, your password manager remembers them and automatically fills it out for you. However, password managers also recognize fake sites (like the ones phishing emails send), so the app won't enter your account credentials. 

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