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Best Parenting Apps

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Do you want to be a better parent? Parenting apps will help you out! It offers support for parents by providing them with tools that will make life easier. From managing your family’s schedule and budget to helping your child learn about the world around them. Download the app today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Parenting Apps

Is it necessary for me to spy on my child?

Yes. Although your children, especially in their teens, will think it’s unfair and a violation of their privacy, parenting mobile app statistics, including your instinct, will say that it’s necessary to keep your kids from trouble. Here are the potential dangers that your child may encounter by accessing the internet alone:Online PredatorsThese include pedophiles, kidnappers, and individuals with intentions of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Spreading of Private InformationChildren do not understand what’s at stake if they place their complete address, names, or even details on the web. Therefore, they need parenting monitoring apps to avoid the dangers or threatening factors present within the net.Downloading Files with VirusesKids are bound to click on anything that rouses their interest. Hence, if they see an ad that captures their attention—they might end up downloading malware into your device or PC. Therefore, you could lose your other saved data or watch them get corrupted.Prone to Falling Prey to ScamsKids are very prone to believing what they read on the internet. So, if they see an ad about playing a new game or winning a product, they might click it. Eventually, these websites they have clicked unto will hack into the information of every data linked to the device.

How is the co-parenting app being used?

Understandably, most recently divorced couples will have conflict or clashes once they directly converse with one another. Hence, a co-parenting app offers indirect notifying features where the activities they looked into will only be marked. It can also track expenses that have to be shared between the co-parents.

Is the use of gadgets influencing my child’s change of attitude?

Yes, especially when they spend hours and hours using it. They can get addicted to their gadgets, and once you take them back, they will scream. Extreme fixation on electronic devices can cause mood swings, irritability, and lack of focus. 

Is it illegal for me to spy on my child?

Yes, it is an invasion of privacy, and it is illegal that you could get sued if your child is conscious about this. However, you can’t be arrested by letting the child know and explaining the reason. Of course, the legal bounds differ from state to state. You would have to check with local regulations to know the specifics. 

Do baby monitoring apps function even if I am traveling or working?

With how innovative apps have become, there are baby monitoring devices to connect to your phone. Once you have a network, you can check on your child or even your entire house from time to time.   

Are there apps for parenting for basic phones?

Yes, there are apps designed for that. You can check the specifications of the application to see if it could work on your phone. Match the device specifics and the operating system with the running requirements of the application. 

Are there top parenting apps that are for free?

Yes, there are parenting plan apps that are available and free. Parents can use these apps to prevent children from encountering individuals with malicious intent. These apps mainly carry functions and tools, both beneficial and helpful to your children. You can get simple notifications and alarms. Of course, the extent of monitoring is limited. If you need extensive features, you may turn to paid apps.

How does a co-parenting app help recently divorced couples in taking care of their children?

Recently-divorced couples tend to argue a lot due to piled-up frustrations and further disagreements. However, with a co-parenting app around, the divorcees do not directly contact each other. However, they may be able to upload photos, assign schedules on who visits the child, and manage shared expenses.

What do parental control functions particularly do, and how are they helpful?

It blocks websites that you do not authorize, such as sites that contain explicit content, violence, and harmful media. You can also set time schedules to regulate gadget usage and internet access. You can also monitor the content that your child visits. They help you protect your young one. You can make sure that your child will not seek out content that can heavily influence them in the wrong way. These negative media can make a child think pessimistically. Such media can cause insecurities and encourage awful behavior. If left unchecked, these things will be hard to fix. 

Is it right that I let my child use my device?

As much as possible, you should avoid letting your child use your device. Else, you could face certain consequences such as accidental device wipeout, cracked screens, or software viruses. If you can afford to do so, get your child another basic phone for borrowing. Of course, set a time limit and regulate what they can access. 

Will I get arrested if I use monitoring or spying apps on my children?

Some apps have features that go overboard, and you could get arrested if you are found out and sued by a child who fully knows his or her rights. Of course, an exception is that your child has the knowledge of and consents your monitoring. You would want an application that only has ethical functions. Staying within ethics will help you avoid getting questioned by authorities regarding respect for privacy towards your offspring. 

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