Best Parenting Apps in June 2022

Being a parent is physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding. Parenting is arguably one of the most difficult responsibilities an individual can assume, and does not come with a manual. Good thing there are parenting software applications that make the job of raising kids relatively easier.

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Family Calendar

Activity Organizer

Baby Monitoring

Reminder Notifications

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400 reviews


per month, $49.00 billed annually

7 days


Cozi Family Organizer logo

Cozi Family Organizer

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5,101 reviews

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Baby Connect

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3,208 reviews

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Food Intake, Sleeping Patterns, Growth Chart, Medicines and Vaccines, Nursing Duration


Our Family Wizard logo

Our Family Wizard

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1,325 reviews


per month, $144 billed annually


AppClose logo


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973 reviews


Growth Chart, Medicines and Vaccines


Parent Parachute logo

Parent Parachute

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1 review



Parent Cue logo

Parent Cue

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400 reviews



Parenting NI logo

Parenting NI

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0 reviews



Eat Sleep - Simple Baby Tracking logo

Eat Sleep - Simple Baby Tracking

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398 reviews

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Food Intake, Sleeping Patterns, Growth Chart, Medicines and Vaccines, Nursing Duration


TalkingParents logo


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1,010 reviews


per month


Frequently Asked Questions

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What are parenting apps?

Parenting apps are software applications designed to make a parent’s life a breeze. If you need parenting software for a specific purpose, fret not. You can find numerous parenting applications with a wide variety of uses.

Some of these apps allow parents to keep track of their child’s nutrition and exercise, monitor sleep patterns, and identify behavioral issues for early correction. Other apps provide parents with the latest information on child development and child care. There are also parenting software apps that allow parents to stay connected and engaged with their children, as well as applications that help parents monitor their children’s activities, games and social media activities.

Why do you need parenting apps?
Monitor Your Children’s Activities

All parents want their kids safe and protected at all times, but you cannot realistically watch your kids all the time. Parenting applications allow you to keep track of your children and see where they are at any given moment.

Track Your Children’s Progress

Is your baby gaining weight? Are they meeting their developmental milestones? Parenting apps provide you with information on growing infants, so you are not left in the dark with questions about your baby’s growth.

Parenting software applications are also great for tracking your children’s academic progress. You can check your children’s homework and even provide supplemental learning through various parenting and educational websites.

Handle Parenting Challenges

Parents naturally want to be the best parents possible. Luckily, there are various applications to help you with this goal. Many parent apps offer access to experts who can guide you in handling challenging situations, from temper tantrums to teenage rebellion and everything in between.

Manage Schedules

Have you ever missed a school function or a sports event because you got so occupied with running the house or had to commit to overtime work? With parenting apps to help you manage your family’s schedules, you never have to miss an event again. Your children will feel even more valued and loved knowing that you make time for things that are important to them.

Connect With Other Parents

Parenting apps can help you connect with other parents and share your parenting experiences. These apps have features that allow you to find a babysitter or a nanny, and even schedule playdates for your children.

Who needs parenting apps?
New Parents

Becoming a parent is an exciting and life-changing experience, but it can also be overwhelming. Parenting apps provide helpful tips on raising kids and offer practical advice that gets at the heart of your needs as a young family.

Busy Parents

Most parents don’t have enough time to do all their chores while raising their kids. Fortunately, there are parenting apps to help you simplify your life. The best parenting apps allow you to manage your errands and organize family events.

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