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Best Paid Surveys

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Earn some good money on the side with just a few clicks! Paid surveys are rolled out by companies and organizations to get useful insight from their consumers. Sign up today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Paid Surveys

Are paid surveys worth it?

The worth of answering paid surveys depends on different factors. Before you commit to this job, you need to determine the value of your time, length of the survey, qualifications, and the amount you can get.

     1. Value of Your Time
First of all, doing this job alone can’t support your family. The money you earn from paid surveys can barely cover your daily needs, let alone pay your bills. However, getting paid for surveys is worth it if you’re looking for a side hustle, and you just want to be productive.
     2. Length of the survey
There are different styles and formats of online paid surveys; this includes multiple-choice questions, essays, ratings, and more. You need to determine how much time you need to answer different surveys—this can help you estimate the number of survey questionnaires you can complete over time. It would be better if you can finish the survey within a few minutes. With this, you can make use of your time properly. 
     3. Qualifications
Paid surveys are conducted by marketing and research firms to know the perceptions and opinions of their consumers, employees, and stakeholders. That’s why some paid survey sites require strong qualifications and credentials before they fully hire their respondents. Too many requirements and qualifications are too much of a hassle for applying for a side hustle.
     4. Salary
Even though participating in paid surveys won’t give you a big salary, it’s still important to consider the amount of money you get from each survey. Some sites require quotas or minimum payouts before handing out your salary. It would probably take you months before you can get your earnings. In addition, paid surveys are limited, and sometimes you need to wait a week before they notify you of available surveys.

How to determine legitimate paid online surveys?

Technology makes it easy to create a site that looks professional and credible. However, to determine the legitimate paid survey sites, you need to note some important factors. This includes sponsoring company, contact information, privacy, and reviews and testimonies. 

     a. Sponsoring Company
Legit paid surveys have sponsors that provide funds needed for research and marketing. Although some paid survey sites don’t explicitly talk about their sponsors, they still inform their respondents about the names of their sponsoring company. To know more about them, you can do your own research to prove their legitimacy. 

     b. Contact Information
You can see their contact information on their website. If you have any doubts or questions, you can easily contact them through their mobile, telephone number, or email address. Also, legitimate business websites display their office address. Just make sure that all the information they post on their website are factual and regularly updated.

     c. Privacy
Before you sign up, carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of the paid survey site—especially when they’re talking about your privacy. Legit paid surveys will never leak your responses and personal information. 

     d. Reviews and Testimonies
The legitimacy of paid surveys doesn’t depend on the amount of money they can pay you. It’s still recommended to research the company you’re going to work with. Basically, you can just read some reviews and testimonies of their respondents to find out how legitimate their business model is.

What is the highest paying survey site?

There are different ways on how you will get paid by answering surveys. The highest paying survey site provides a wide variety of online opportunities for you to earn some extra cash. These criteria will help you select the best paid survey sites for you:

     a. Cash Instead of Points
Some paid survey sites will compensate you by giving collectible points that you can convert to cash. The higher your points are, the bigger your salary would be. However, the downside here is that you need to earn at least a hundred thousand points to exchange it with real cash. The highest paying survey site will automatically pay you with real money, not with points.
     b. No Hidden Charges
It’s totally a scam if they ask you to deposit some money, before you can get your earnings. The highest paying survey site will not only let you pay out all your earning but will also give you an exclusive sign up bonus.
     c. Different Activities
The highest paying survey site pays you as you enjoy answering those interesting surveys. Aside from participating in paid surveys, they also offer other activities to earn extra money. This includes watching video clips, online shopping, browsing, and more.
     d. Rewards
If you want to redeem your earnings, the highest paying survey site gives you options on how you want to get paid. They can give you gift cards that you can use to shop in some retail stores. It’s now up to you to decide whether you want cash or gift cards. 

What are the disadvantages of free paid surveys?

You have to realize that if something is free, it can eventually become an avenue for internet scam activities. As a respondent, these are the dangers of free paid surveys:

     a. Prone to Spam
Since you need to give some of your personal information to the paid survey site, you’re allowing them to use your data for whatever purpose they may have—good or bad. That’s why free paid surveys are prone to spam. One thing you can do to protect your personal data is to always update the password of your email.

     b. Wastes Your Time
Some free paid survey sites pay people pennies in return for all their time and effort. Be wise in choosing paid surveys since some can be an absolute waste of time.

Are there paid surveys near me?

Yes. Most of the paid surveys are available in all countries; however, there are some paid survey sites that are only accessible to certain countries. That’s why you need to read all the relevant details on their website. You can check there if you can access their site in your country and if you’re eligible to apply as a respondent.

How do researchers utilize quantitative paid surveys?

Researchers conduct quantitative paid surveys to know not only about their consumer’s feedback but also to understand the needs of their prospective customers. They ask about different characteristics, such as age, gender, income, location, educational attainment, and more—depending on the data they need for their research.

With the information, researchers can come up with conclusions and recommendations on how they’re going to meet the needs of their prospective clients. It’s a great tool for companies to increase their sales. 

What are the disadvantages of paid surveys for companies?

Companies task their research and marketing teams to conduct paid surveys for product or service development. However, there are certain disadvantages attached to conducting paid surveys. This includes the high cost and risk.

     a. Cost
The money they need in creating their own paid survey site is quite expensive. Plus, the rewards and payment for their respondents will add to the cost.

     b. Risk
The honesty and truthfulness of the respondents are beyond the control of the companies. The respondents can lie and cheat if they want to. Here are the things they need to watch out for: 
          - Multiple Accounts
They can make multiple accounts using different emails and identities. With this, they can double or triple up their earnings, but the research goals will be affected because paid surveys are intended to be answered by a single person. 
          - Random Answers
There’s no guarantee that all the respondents will take the paid surveys seriously. Some might just randomly answer multiple-choice questions without really reading or understanding each question. 

How can I get my earnings?

Different paid survey sites have different ways on how you can get your earnings. Some paid survey sites don’t automatically pay you after finishing a survey. They have a reward system where you need to gather points and reach their quota before you can cash out. Here are the two methods of payouts:

     a. Redeem Points
- First, you need to log in to your account to the paid survey site.
- Second, click “Your profile” and you will automatically be redirected to your personal account.
- Third, tap “Redeem Rewards.” This is usually located at the top right of the site, and it will show the total points you’ve acquired. If you have achieved the target quota points, you are now eligible for the payout.
- Lastly, click “Redeem” and select “I agree,” you will be notified, up to 10 working days, once the transaction has been successful.

     b. Cash payout
- First, log in to your account and go to your profile.
- Second, click “Cash Out” and choose your preferred payment method.
- Third, read the terms and conditions and click “I agree.”
- Lastly, check your email if the site has sent you the letter of your transaction.

What are the questions in paid surveys?

The questions indicated in paid surveys vary; you may get questions about a wide range of topics. Most researchers working on marketing strategies prefer to choose respondents based on their questionnaire set. Common topics include products, services, and advertisements.

     a. Products
Companies that sell products like electronics, cosmetics, medicine, online courses, and more use paid surveys to know the feedback of consumers. Usually, you’ll be asked to rate their products, packaging, logo, and more, ranging from 1 to 10. With this, companies will be able to increase their sales and improve their branding.

     b. Services
Companies and online businesses want to generate potential service developments by investing in paid surveys. Like product reviews, you will also be required to rate their services and tell them what they need to improve. It’s important for them not only for their financial sustainability but also to increase their efficiency and loyal customers.

     c. Advertisements
Aside from the products and services, companies also want to know their consumers' feedback about their advertisements. This includes newspaper ads, radio ads, online ads, and more. Basically, you just need to answer questions regarding their brand advertisements. This will help them know if their advertisements are effective or not. 

How can I create my own online paid surveys?

If you’re a market researcher or business owner who wants to improve your brand's image, paid surveys might help you. These are the things you need to consider when making online paid surveys.

     a. Questionnaire
Having an effective questionnaire will help you achieve the desired outcome of your research. There are different question types you can consider to include in your survey. This includes multiple-choice, rating sales, essays, and more. However, simple and easy to answer surveys are recommended so that the respondents won’t have a hard time answering. 

     b. Website
To make your paid surveys look more professional and credible, you need to create your own website. This site will be used as a landing page where the respondents can sign up, read information about your company, and get some updates. See to it that your site includes your company name, logo, and appealing design.

     c. Respondents
You can easily find respondents by making certain criteria. With this, you will be able to select your target respondents accordingly. You can also try some market research solutions online; however, it might be expensive.

     d. Rewards
As a researcher or a business owner, you need to make sure that you will compensate and reward the respondents well. Your reward system will encourage them to participate in your research. You can either give them some gift cards or cash. Respondents will always look for the earnings they can get in return for their effort and time.

Is there a contract?

Paid survey sites don’t offer work contracts, as they don’t offer it as a full-time job. Anytime you want, you can either deactivate your account or delete it permanently.

Why can’t I receive available paid surveys?

Most of the time, paid survey sites send the available paid surveys to your email. However, if you can’t receive any emails, these are the common reasons for your problem:

     a. Email Provider
To help the researchers distribute paid surveys, they use Email Service Providers (ESP). It allows them to send email campaigns to various subscribers in just one click. Some email providers are not efficient at sending messages. This might be the reason for the delayed emails from paid survey sites.  

     b. Spam Folder
Spam folder also called a “junk folder” or “junk mailbox,” is where unwanted emails are usually delivered. There are several cases where messages from paid online survey sites are classified as a spam email. That is why you also need to check your spam folder if you did not receive the email.

     c. Internet Connection
One of the reasons why you haven’t received any available paid surveys might be because of your internet connection or mobile data. Check if your internet connection is working and if your device is connected to it. Then refresh the page immediately. If it still doesn’t work, it would be better to contact the paid survey site you are working with.

What are the tips to earn faster in paid surveys?

You don’t need to sacrifice the efficiency and accuracy of your answers just to earn faster. These are some effective tips you can do to double up your earnings through paid surveys:

     a. Multiple Paid Survey Sites
You can just stick to one email address and register it to multiple paid survey sites. This will not only help you get a lot of paid surveys, but it can also aid you in managing your accounts easily. Working on different paid survey sites using a single email account will increase your salary drastically.

     b. Chood the Highest Paying Survey Sites
If you don’t want to register in multiple paid survey sites, a great option would be to stick to the highest paying survey site. Look for their reward system and decide whether it’s worth it. 

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