Making the internet a little more truthful

False product reviews are a huge problem, and Truely wants to fix that. Our AI analyzes millions of reviews to get at the truth of the customer experience.

Not here to take sides

Our AI surfaces the most loved products, and we don’t intervene. As product reputations rise and fall, Truely tracks these changes over time. This is not just useful for consumers, but product makers also benefit from understanding their products from the customers’ point of view.

The Wisdom of Crowds

Truely was founded on the idea that by sourcing many people’s thoughts and opinions through Artificial Intelligence, we could build something really useful and amazing.

You see, when you get one person’s opinion about a product, it’s just their view. But get the opinions of many — filter out the fake ones — and you get a pretty good estimate of what a product is really like.

Our algorithms are constantly evolving to ever-better articulate this collective wisdom.

The Human Factor

Algorithms alone can only go so far. We have multiple teams of talented people from all over the world working in remote squads to constantly improve Truely.
JP Bisson photo

JP Bisson

CEO & Head of Product

Aveiro, Portugal
Jack Fitzgerald photo

Jack Fitzgerald


Porto, Portugal
Imee Gultiano photo

Imee Gultiano

Head of Content

Bangkok, Thailand
Ghidon Fadlun photo

Ghidon Fadlun

Head of Growth

Rehovot, Israel
Alessandra Carbone photo

Alessandra Carbone

SEO Manager

Milan, Italy
Anissha Govind photo

Anissha Govind

User Researcher

Cape Town, South Africa
Edanur Malkoç photo

Edanur Malkoç

UX/UI Designer

Istanbul, Turkey
Faye Ates photo

Faye Ates

Affiliates Manager

Davao City, Philippines
Goran Babarogić photo

Goran Babarogić

UX/UI Advisor

Novi Sad, Serbia
Irene Gultiano photo

Irene Gultiano

Category Manager

Jane Taschilina photo

Jane Taschilina

Internships Manager

Rostov-na-Donu, Russia
Jelmar Groot photo

Jelmar Groot

PR & Copywriter

Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands
Jill Nocom photo

Jill Nocom

Category Manager

Quezon City, Philippines
Kaan Öztürk photo

Kaan Öztürk

Backend Developer

Istanbul, Turkey
Kim photo


Finance & HR

Madhavi Reddy photo

Madhavi Reddy


Brooklyn, US
Mete Bezgin photo

Mete Bezgin

Backend Developer

Istanbul, Turkey
Michale Chigorin photo

Michale Chigorin

Team Lead

Taganrog, Russia
Nina Cesar photo

Nina Cesar

Content Manager

Davao City, Philippines
Onur Aydin photo

Onur Aydin

Backend Developer

Istanbul, Turkey
Rachelle Ingente photo

Rachelle Ingente

CMS Manager

Davao City, Philippines
Rein Figuracion photo

Rein Figuracion

UX/UI Designer

Srđan Kravić photo

Srđan Kravić

Outreach Specialist

Novi Sad, Serbia
Tolga photo


Backend Developer

Istanbul, Turkey
Tom Walchak photo

Tom Walchak

Machine Learning & NLP specialist

London, UK
Vlad Popov photo

Vlad Popov

Frontend Developer

Rostov-na-Donu, Russia
Virgil Peduca photo

Virgil Peduca

Partnership Manager

Las Piñas, Philippines
Yaesul Choi photo

Yaesul Choi

UX/UI Designer

Berlin, Germany
For many of us, the opportunity to work on a project that is as cutting edge and value-driven as this, with such smart and talented colleagues, is an exciting journey in itself, one full of possibilities to learn and grow.

How we make money

We make money through partnerships with companies whose products rank high on our site. So if you click on a link that takes you to one of these partners, we may get some money when you buy something from them.

These partnerships do not influence the position of products on our charts.

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