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Best Online Typing Tutors

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Learning to type is a skill that will help you in your everyday life. Typing is an important skill for students and professionals alike, but it can be difficult to learn on your own. Try the best typing tutor for free now!

Frequently Asked Questions on Online Typing Tutors

Is there a free typing tutor online?

Yes, there are several typing tutors online free of charge. You can get basic assessment tests and typing lessons from these free programs. A typing tutor that is free online can only offer you basic lessons, so you won’t get advanced nor thorough programs.

The reports are also basic. Thus, you won’t get a comprehensive analysis of your areas for typing improvement. With this, if you’re a writer or a web developer, even the best free online typing tutor might not be a good fit for you. 

Can I use the online typing tutor offline?

If you want to learn online typing tutor lessons, you need to spend a lot of time doing the modules. Most typing tutors need an internet connection to be used because they are browser-based. What if you want to access it through a laptop outside your home? There are typing tutor online free downloads, which will let you download the program itself from the website.

Once you download the program, you can access it anywhere with your laptop. It is also compatible with most operating systems. Nevertheless, not all online typing tutor platforms offer downloads. Some still opt to keep the programs on their websites. 

Can my whole family use one online typing tutor program?

Yes, most online typing tutor programs can cater to multiple users. This lets the whole family create separate accounts to track individual progress.

You can even create a customized plan depending on the children’s age, so you can enroll them in an age-appropriate program. You can also take advanced lessons for yourself. This makes an online typing tutor an ideal investment for the whole family. 

How long should I take online typing tutor programs before I see results?

It is suggested that you take online typing programs for at least 3 hours every day to see significant results. Most online typing tutor programs offer lessons that last this long.

With constant practice and regular lessons, some were able to improve their typing by 100 words per minute. However, remember that the results vary depending on your current skills and knowledge on typing.

How young can kids start with online typing tutor programs?

Some programs accept kids as young as 8 years old. The programs for kids this age are extremely basic and are usually done just to acquaint them with the keyboard. It is also suggested that they take typing tutor games online instead of formal lessons.

This will help keep the process fun, so they won’t get bored easily. In case you want to try out the games for yourself, there are free typing tutor games online you can check out before handing them over to the kids. 

What are common typing mistakes that online typing tutors correct?

Mistakes cannot be avoided when it comes to typing. Good thing, that there are online typing tutors that can help you correct common mistakes. Here are some of them:

- Missing punctuation marks

- Wrong contractions especially for “it’s”

- Using “your” and “you’re” interchangeably

- Misspelled foreign terms

- Missing or switched letters

- Too many Ns

- Using except and accept interchangeably

The best typing tutor online can help you eliminate these common mistakes through their recurring and comprehensive programs. This will help you cut the time you spend trying to correct the mistakes while proofreading your work. 

Are there special online typing tutor programs for teachers?

Yes, there are special programs that are specially designed for teachers. They are special programs that teachers can use inside the classroom. You can use this to have your students create individual accounts to monitor their progress.

Programs for teachers usually cost more because unlike individual accounts, it allows sub-accounts in one package. It also has comprehensive reporting features to identify the students’ areas for improvement. 

Is an online typing tutor program expensive?

Online typing tutors are generally affordable. There are even free programs you can choose from. However, if you’ll opt for a multi-license program, those can be pretty expensive.

Gamified online typing tutors are also expensive because of the advanced graphics and level-up progress features. Nevertheless, these online typing tutors have unlimited access. This will help you make the most out of your purchase. 

What are the indicators to measure Words Per Minute or WPM?

WPM or Words Per Minute are measured by the number of words you can type within a one-minute time frame. However, some question the length of the words. What if the words have many characters, does that count as one word only? The same applies to words with fewer characters.

Online typing tutors measure WPM using words with 5 characters or close to that. This includes the spaces and punctuation marks. This helps count words within a standard measure. 

What are the common touch-typing rules? 

Touch-typing is one of the basic lessons that are taught in online typing tutor websites. It teaches students techniques on how to type without looking at the keyboard. Here are a few rules followed in touch-typing:

- Never look at the keyboard.

Just let your brain automatically find the keys without looking at the keyboard. You’ll be surprised by the results.

- Focus on typing the words accurately instead of aiming to type quickly.

Accurate typing will save you more time compared to fast typing with multiple errors.

- Always find the index keys.

Index keys are those with raised bumps in the keyboard. They are letters F and J. Finding them will help you create a reference point for the placement of other keys.

- Maintain proper posture.

Proper posture is also important. Make sure that you are sitting straight, and your wrists are flat on the table. This will help your fingers move freely while maintaining a correct typing position.

- Look straight at the screen.

Looking straight to the screen will help you keep your head up. This helps reduce strain in the back.

- Take frequent breaks.

Make sure that you also take breaks when typing. Rest your eyes away from the screen to avoid eye strain.

- Practice frequently.

Practicing is the best way to develop your typing skills. Make sure that you allow a few minutes every day to retain the techniques you learn every session. 

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