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Best Online Streaming Services

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Frequently Asked Questions on Online Streaming Services

Can I use any type of online streaming services without Internet?

No. The very first requirement for you to use any kind of online streaming service is a stable Internet connection. Though you are able to view contents offline, first you have to download those contents to your device while still connected to the Internet. 

What is the best type of online streaming service? 

Each type of online streaming service caters differently to your needs and interests. They offer a wide range of options for their services, so it’s really up to you to choose the best online streaming service to avail that suits your interests and could maximize your needs. Research is the key to finding the best type of online streaming service for you. 

Is there a free and legal online streaming service? 

Yes. Most online streaming services offer free trials during the first month of subscription. After that, you have to decide if you are going to continue your subscription to a paid one. On the other hand, there are still online streaming services that offer totally free access whenever you want but it limits you to what features you can use and control. Aside from that, it sits you through commercials, because that's how most of these services pay the bills.

How do I choose an online streaming service?

There are so many online streaming services to choose from, sometimes it can get overwhelming and burdensome. What you need to do is go to the Internet and do your research, do a compare and contrast, and ask someone for recommendations regarding different online streaming services and their providers. 

How can I pay for my online streaming service subscription?

The most common payment methods of online streaming services are through credit and debit cards, prepaid cards, PayPal, gift cards, or any other partner billing depending on the specific service provider. 

Can I cancel my online streaming service subscription?

Yes. Most of the service providers don’t require you to commit to their services for a long time and they let you have the freedom to cancel your subscription anytime. 

Can I upgrade and downgrade my plan?

Yes. Most of the service providers let you change your current plan or subscription into a different one, may it be into an upgrade or downgrade of the service. 

Can I watch shows on an online streaming service that is not available in my country but are available in different countries?

Yes. But you have to use a virtual private network (VPN). VPNs are particularly useful for streaming services since they can sometimes grant access to content and features that are region-locked. 

Can I use a single streaming service on multiple devices?

Yes. One main feature of online video, TV, and music streaming services is their ability to have multiple user profiles that enable users to stream their desired content simultaneously. These services can also keep track of the activities you do on the app or website, enabling users to pick up where they left off on their current content. 

Can I rewind and skip ahead when using online TV, video, and music streaming services?

Yes. Online streaming services give you the freedom to start, stop, and skip viewing or listening to their content whenever you like. You are not required to sit through content that you don’t like. 

Can I share with other websites or social media platforms the contents I make or consume on my online streaming service?

Yes. Our world today greatly revolves around social media, that is why most service providers offer a feature where you can share the content you are making or consuming by directly linking it to your social media accounts or by copying and pasting its link. 

Can I request a specific content to be added to an online TV, video, or music streaming service’s library?

Yes. This feature is often overlooked, but most service providers actually allow users to request or suggest a specific content to be added to their libraries by visiting their request pages and filling out a request and suggestion forms. 

Can I watch shows and films or listen to music together online with my family and friends while using an online streaming service?

Yes. There are third-party apps and web browser extensions that are developed that you can install on your devices in order to communicate with other people, sync contents, and view or listen to them together online while being physically apart. 

Do these online streaming services provide 24/7 customer service support?

Yes. Service providers see to it that they regularly cater to the needs of their customers in order to provide them with a better service and continue subscribing to them. Whether by email, phone, or their personal help center or support page, they find a way to give solutions for every customer quickly and easily.

How do I protect my personal information on these online streaming services?

There are different ways to protect your private information when streaming online:

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

This is a type of encryption software that allows you to hide your IP address. This means that your Internet provider, along with the government, will not be able to see what you are doing.

Stream only from legit websites and service providers

When you are on the search for a new streaming service, you should only consider those that are reputable. You can distinguish a legit service provider from a fake one by doing research and asking for recommendations from trusted sources.

Use strong account security

This means using legit email addresses, strong passwords, having backup email addresses, saving and updating your passwords regularly using a password manager, and enabling two-factor authentication whenever possible.

Avoid sharing your personal information to others

Sharing any kind of personal information to other people is a very risky business. This doesn’t just put your online streaming account at risk of doing activities you did not allow, but it could also threaten your privacy and safety as a whole. 

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