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2022 Rankings

Online Shopping Sites

Last updated on November, 10

Shopping for clothes, electronics, furniture, and groceries online? Online shopping sites have everything from clothes to appliances. You can find anything you need without ever leaving your home! So what are you waiting for? Shop now!

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5,446 reviews


Worldwide Shopping

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5,398 reviews

price starts:

$ 29.00

per month

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price starts:

$ 29.00

per month

Worldwide Shopping

Product Descriptions

Product Reviews

Real-Time Tracking

Multiple Payment Options



Macy's logo



5,444 reviews


Worldwide Shopping

Product Descriptions

Product Reviews

Real-Time Tracking

Multiple Payment Options



ThredUp logo



5,664 reviews


Worldwide Shopping

Product Descriptions

Product Reviews

Real-Time Tracking

Multiple Payment Options



ASOS logo



5,425 reviews


Worldwide Shopping

Product Descriptions

Product Reviews

Real-Time Tracking

Multiple Payment Options



Overstock logo



5,443 reviews


Worldwide Shopping

Product Descriptions

Product Reviews

Real-Time Tracking

Multiple Payment Options



Zulily logo



5,473 reviews


Worldwide Shopping

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Multiple Payment Options



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5,039 reviews


Worldwide Shopping

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Frequently Asked Questions on Online Shopping Sites

What are online shopping sites?

With the help of the best online shopping sites, buying anything while at the comforts of your home is now possible! Online shopping sites offer various products that cater to your needs and wants, such as clothing, electronics, supplies, and more. You can also save time and effort, since all you need to do is wait for your items to arrive at your doorstep and open your package.

Why do you need online shopping sites?

Online shopping sites have paved the way for 24/7 shopping — something impossible with traditional shops. So, to know more about the perks of online shopping sites, here are different reasons why you need them and how they’re beneficial to your life.


Standing in long lines to pay for your goods is no longer an option with online shopping sites because you can now finish your shopping within a few minutes. Online payments also make it convenient for people who want to shop from sites or apps since it saves them time and effort.

Reasonable Prices

Online shopping sites can be more affordable than traditionally buying things from malls and stores. It’s because most online stores charge their goods with little to no sales tax. Aside from that, they also don’t have to pay for rent or lease to sell their products. They can mark down their price and conduct sales anytime!

Wide Variety of Options

Ever wanted something so badly, but your local shop just ran out of stocks? Worry no more, because you might find what you need online. Besides that, shopping with online sites lets you discover various product options, giving you more choices to choose from worldwide — the US, China, or India, you name it.


Accessibility is one of the advantages of online shopping. Since everything happens online, you can complete your transactions with just a few clicks — from making orders to checking out your cart. Unlike traditional stores that are only open for a few hours daily, online shops are available 24/7. This availability lets you shop anytime you want, even in the wee hours of the morning.

What are the core features of online shopping sites?

Easy-to-Use Interface

Having a simple and straightforward interface makes online shopping way easier for every consumer, including their customizable search options and fast checkout feature. This easy-to-use interface helps you get what you want and need without worrying about using the website as you shop.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

Optimized online shopping sites allow you to buy stuff efficiently just by using your smartphone. Mobile-optimized shopping sites let you see the website’s contents automatically while using any device you have. These mobile-friendly sites provide you an option to do all your shopping without needing to download any app or software.

Discounts and Promos

In addition to their reasonable prices, most online shops give their shoppers’ special treats, such as discount codes and promos. You can use these discount coupons upon checkout to save money while buying your needs and wants. Some websites also give their new users discounts that range from 10% to 25% off on their first purchase.

Free Shipping

Many shops offer free shipping through their preferred courier, letting their shoppers ditch the shipping fee and pay only for their items. However, this promotional offer is only for new users or if you have spent a minimum amount as what’s stated on the promo.

Fast Checkout

Finally, are you ready to check out your items? If so, a fast and secure checkout can help you finish your shopping conveniently. Simultaneously, having a quick checkout process can help you avoid delayed purchases and provide smoother transactions for those busy individuals.

Product Catalog

Are you wondering what products are offered by a particular online shopping site? If so, you can go through the website’s vast selection of offerings through their product catalogue. With this, you’ll discover all the product categories available on the site to give you an overview of everything these sites can offer you, such as clothes, shoes, and many more.

Customizable Search Options

These customizable search options let you conveniently find the product you want. You just have to type the name on the search bar, and then an array of products will appear on its results page. You can also use the filtering tool when you want to look for a specific product listing based on its size, color, price, or brand. Some sites also have a sorting tool, where you can sort the items based on their popularity, manufacturing date, and affordability.

Suggested Products

An online shopping site’s algorithm usually adjusts to your preferences whenever you scroll around the site. For example, if you search for laptops, the homepage will show the same laptops you’re looking for, sometimes even better! Their site’s algorithm can help you find the best deals a seller can offer.

Reliable Customer Service

Most online shopping sites have helplines that you can contact whenever you have concerns while shopping. You can easily find them on the “Contact Us” section, wherein you can opt to chat with a representative or send a query to the company via email. Besides that, websites also offer a live chat feature that promotes easy access to help in just one click.

Secured Online Shopping

Just like real-life malls, online shopping sites are also tightly secured. A small padlock icon found on the web address bar indicates that it is secure and safe to use. Aside from that, they also provide their customers with electronic receipts to track their spending. They remind you as well of what items you’ve bought from the shop, so that you’ll be aware of what orders you paid for in case you’ll need a refund.

Refunds and Return Guarantee

If you find any issues with the products you’ve received from the online shop, you can send it back with the online shopping site’s return guarantee policy. They also offer both money-back or exchange guarantees, which means that you won’t have to worry if you get something that isn’t what you’ve expected. You can have it returned by following the terms given by the site.

Updated Tracking Options

Keeping updated on your purchases is now made easier with the up-to-date tracking system of online shopping sites. Most sites track your orders for you, and you can access them on-site. On the other hand, some websites send you a tracking number of your parcel via email or text message.

Mobile App Version

Many online shopping sites have a mobile application version of their platforms. At the same time, mobile apps also provide faster access to every content from the websites — making online shopping readily-accessible to consumers with just a few clicks.

What are the types of online shopping sites?

Wholesale Online Shops

Do you prefer buying in bulk to save more money as you shop? Well, you can save some money when you buy from wholesale online shops or mass-market retailers. This online shopping site usually consists of companies that sell their products in large quantities and at an affordable price — helping people get less expensive items per piece.

Niche-Based Online Shopping Sites

Specific brands are usually found on niche-based online shopping sites. They’re stores that offer one specific product or category of products — giving you only a few options for an item. So, if you’re fond of a particular brand, this type of online shop suits you best.

Marketplace Websites

This online shopping platform comprises different individual and small-group sellers who use the site to market and sell their products. Avid online shoppers love marketplace sites because of the variety of affordable items on these sites. Plus, most small business owners get free reign on these sites, that’s why they sell items at a minimal cost.

Hybrid Online Shops

Hybrid Online Shops work as both marketplace websites and mass-marketer sites. They’re the best platforms for customers who want one-stop-shops. They’re called “Hybrid Shops” because they cater to startups and small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) who sell a variety of products, ranging from accessories, clothes, to shoes, and many more — all in one shop.

Who needs online shopping sites?


Buying things from the internet can be cheaper than getting them from physical stores. Students use online shopping sites to save more money while purchasing their school needs or personal wants at home. They also benefit from door-to-door deliveries because it saves them time from going to physical stores.


Online shopping sites can be advantageous for busy parents who don’t have the luxury of time. It’s because they can opt to shop for their children’s needs or anything they need at home online rather than go to a physical store. Deliveries also provide more comfort for parents since they only have to wait for their items to arrive straight to their doorstep.


Elderlies living alone can benefit from online shopping sites because they can buy their daily needs, medications, and supplies through these platforms. The best part about it is that they don’t have to go outside their homes. These websites are also pretty straightforward, which makes purchasing simpler for people who aren’t used to technology.

Small Business Owners

Aside from more prominent companies, small business owners also benefit from online shopping sites. These sites give them a platform to advertise and post their products without paying bills, such as physical store rent and bills. Many new business owners also use these sites as a place for them to start building their name and brand.


Companies now use apps and platforms to sell and market their goods. With the help of online shopping sites, consumers worldwide can now buy products from stores in another country. They also provide business owners a way to reach more people, which can increase their sales and brand recognition. In addition, selling through online shops won’t require you to pay any form of rent or lease.

What are the steps in getting online shopping site discounts?

Step1: Sign up as a member on the online shopping site’s platform

First, choose your preferred platform then sign up as one of its members. Fill out all the required information, such as your complete name, address, and other details the website asks of you. Many online shopping sites offer 10 % up to 25% off for new users, and they also notify their members of their monthly promotional offers.

Step 2: Get their cashback and discount offers

Besides discounts and promotional offerings on-site, there are also online shopping sites that offer a cash back option for their members. You can see this option on the website’s cashback section. All you need to do is claim the cashback voucher and use it once you check out your items.

Step 3: Checkout your items using the discount code

The checking out process is the same as the traditional way of checkout. Choose a payment method and settle your purchases. Then make sure to apply your discount code or cashback voucher to have a percent of your money back. After that, all you need to do is wait for your items to be delivered right at your doorstep.

Bonus step!

There are third-party apps or websites that you can use to get cash backs. Simply sign up on these third-party platforms and use their site as your shopping portal. If you prefer to use the retailer’s site, you’ll have to log into the cashback site first and then go back to the online shopping site.

What are the characteristics of the best online shopping sites?

The best online shopping sites are composed of three things:

They offer a wide range of products that have affordable prices, they provide consumers with the best discount offers and promos and they have an easy-to-navigate interface and a non-tech savvy website.

What are the usual online shop categories found on the internet?

Online Shopping Sites for Clothes

People’s fashion sense evolves through time; hence, many online shops are available on the market. Every clothing apparel such as loungewear, underwear, activewear, shirts, pants, and many more are available online. There are also sex-based and age-based clothing sites that cater to the needs of every sex and age group.

Online Grocery Delivery Sites

Got no time to buy your groceries? There are also online shopping sites that specifically offer online grocery delivery. These online sites are life savers for busy people because you can just have someone else do your groceries for you. Items will also be delivered to you on the same day to ensure that your goods are freshly bought.

Online Car Shopping Sites

Buying that dream car is possible with the help of online car shopping sites. It works like the traditional way of purchasing a vehicle — first, pick the car, order it, and proceed to check out. Also, online car shopping sites are incredibly convenient if you want to compare and contrast different cars. You can easily narrow down your choices without leaving your house, which saves you both time and gas money.

Electronics Online Shopping Sites

Technology has been a part of everyone’s daily lives, which lead to the rise of electronics online shopping sites on the internet. There are online shopping platforms that offer a variety of tech products, from personal computers to appliances. So that whenever you need a new gadget, you can simply buy it online.

Online Pharmacies

Purchasing your meds are also feasible with online pharmacies or online shopping sites with a pharmacy. All you need to do is prepare your prescription (if you need to refill your maintenance meds) or order the over-the-counter drugs you need directly.

Online Shopping Sites for Eyewear

With online shopping sites that sell eyewear, you can get your favorite eyewear from sunglasses to prescription glasses. When buying from this type of website, you just have to fill out the forms needed. If you plan to buy prescription glasses from this website, you’ll have to take a prescription exam online.

Online Shopping Sites for Personal Care

There are known shopping sites that specifically sell personal care products, such as skincare products, makeup, perfumes, and more. These personal care shopping sites also offer items from famous brands. So, if you plan to buy makeup from a brand that isn’t available in your country, you can check their website and purchase your items there.

What are the different types of best online shopping sites for clothes?

The common types of best online clothes shopping sites are the following:

Best Online Shopping Sites for Women’s Clothing

Whether you’re planning to get hold of the latest trends or your favorite dresses, many of the best online shopping sites sell women’s clothing. These clothing shops have been providing women with amazing online options on their sites — this is where they can conveniently buy their workout or business clothes at affordable prices.

Online Shops for Men’s Wear

Men can also shop for their fashion favorites in online shops that are geared for men’s wear. From sharp suits to the latest gym wear, men can check these all on these websites.

Cheap Online Shopping Sites for Clothes

Affordable clothes are always best for a consumer’s wallet. That’s why the cheapest online shopping exists to answer the public’s needs, giving everyone a chance to buy new clothing articles without shelling out too much money.

Korean Clothing Online Shopping Sites

Due to Korean dramas and Korean Pop (K-Pop) popularity, many people fell in love with Korean fashion; this contributed to many Korean clothing online shopping sites opening worldwide. If you want to try out this type of style, rest assured that there will be a site that offers it online.

What payment methods do most online shopping sites accept?

Most online shops accept payments via debit card, prepaid card, or credit card. Some strictly process payments manually, such as cash-on-delivery options or paying through checks or internet banking. Whenever you’re about to buy something, most sites will inform you of their payment method. From there, you can quickly assess if they have your preferred payment method.

Do online shopping sites offer credit line payment options?

Yes, there are online shopping sites that let you pay using your credit line. To verify this, you can check if there is a credit option available on-site through their payment methods page.

How do you check if an online shopping site is legit?

You can check if an online shopping site is legit by reading the reviews of people about it. Also, look for their contact details. If you see anything suspicious like a questionable company address or invalid contact number, don’t proceed with any transactions on that site.

Do products on online sites have warranties?

Sadly, there are some shopping sites like marketplace websites which don’t provide warranties for their products. That’s why it’s best to ask the seller about their warranty terms before buying from them. However, for sites with warranties, the exact warranty period depends on the details provided by the seller. So, make sure to contact your seller about their policies before purchasing anything expensive.

How does pre-ordering work in online shopping?

Pre-ordering items works by buying the items before its official release date. Then all you need to do is wait for your item/s to be shipped by the seller. Pre-orders are also great if you want to secure an item before a store runs out of it.

Are there online shops that ship internationally?

Yes, There are shops online that do ship internationally — some even worldwide. However, delivery time is long and depends on which part of the world you are situated in.

How long can it take for my orders to reach me?

The typical days it takes for a local shipment to arrive is 3-5 days. If a product is overseas, it usually takes around two weeks or more for your shipment to arrive. If you want to know more about your parcel’s details, it’s best to contact the courier to ship your items.

How do I know if a product is still in stock?

On-site items are always in stock unless there is an “Out of Stock” label on its page. If not, the shopping site will inform you via email that the item/s you’ve added to the cart or checked out isn’t available anymore.

Where can I see the cancellation policy?

You can refer to the terms and conditions page about cancellations and refunds, if you want to cancel your transaction. Some websites also let you cancel on the spot after you have placed an item for check out.

What can I do when I receive a parcel with a missing or wrong item?

Contact the online shop’s customer support immediately to address this problem. Make sure to put the transaction details, including the tracking number and name of the ordered products. After that, you have to state which item/s is missing or wrong.

Do online shopping sites have a minimum order value?

Nope. There’s no minimum order value in online shopping sites. However, if you want to get free shipping, there’s usually a minimum order value before you can enjoy this perk.

What currency do I need to use when buying from an international shopping site?

Most international online shopping sites use US Dollars (USD) as their primary currency. However, you can also check their website for the currency tab. Through this page, you can check if they allow purchases using different currencies.

Can I buy an item and send it to another person’s address?

If you plan to buy a friend’s gift, you can enter the recipient’s information provided under the shipping details. However, you’ll have to pay first for the product/s before the item/s will be sent to your recipient.

Is value-added tax (VAT) charged whenever I buy something online?

Some websites automatically charge VAT on their items, while some don’t. You can ask via chat support if a product is already accused of VAT or not. You can also directly contact the item’s seller through the message section of your online shopping account.

Can I change my shipping address easily?

You can easily change your shipping address by going to your account and changing your address to your new one. You can also change it upon check out, just click the “Edit” button below your shipping address.

What are the best online shopping sites in the USA, and what offers do the cheapest online shopping sites have?

The cheapest online shopping sites in the USA are considered as one of the best across the globe. It’s because they offer items that are cheap and reliable. Aside from that, they also provide the best discounts anyone can have on online shopping sites.

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