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TriviaMaker is the best way to create quizzes for your school, college or workplace. With this quiz maker, users can create an unlimited number of quizzes in minutes. TriviaMaker is an online quiz maker that allows users to create, publish, and host quizzes. It also provides a library of thousands of trivia questions so users don't have to write them themselves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes TriviaMaker different?

TriviaMaker is a different kind of trivia app for android, it's 100% free, without ads and doesn't connect to any social networks. The quiz is a little longer than a typical trivia game, but it's a lot of fun. Also, the questions have been more carefully selected for a general knowledge quiz, instead of a pop culture quiz.

What is TriviaMaker?

TriviaMaker is an online quiz maker free new invention that generates trivia questions and answers in seconds. The system allows for customization via a built-in library of topics and questions. It can be remotely operated and can be used by a single user to amuse friends or a group to generate questions.

What is the most-used feature on TriviaMaker?

TriviaMaker allows users to print the trivia game cards and question sheets as images or text. This is the most frequently used feature as many users print Trivia Games as images. TriviaMaker supports PDF format as well as image files so you can print cards in PDF or image format.

Want to teach your kids or staff with a TriviaMaker?

There is a whole world of trivia around us. It is just a matter of knowing the right questions to ask. And there is no better way to learn them than using trivia games. These games become a great tool to sharpen your brain and increase your knowledge. Board games and online games can be used to practice and develop knowledge and skills. Users can play the game with their colleagues and friends and have a good time.

Did you know TriviaMaker is also available for mobile devices?

TriviaMaker online quiz maker was designed to be used on mobile devices. The mobile version offers many of the same features as its tablet and desktop counterparts, but it does lack the ability to create a Party Mode group. Parties can be created on a mobile device, but they can only be played solo. This will be a feature added soon.

Why do you think TriviaMaker is the best site out there for quizzes and trivia games?

The best online quiz maker about the quizzes on the site is that you get to see your score history. This helps users to improve your score so that you can get to places in the game where you get more points. Another thing that makes our game better than others is that you get to play for the duration of the game. Our game keeps on going even when you’re not playing.

What is the best way to create an online quiz on TriviaMaker?

Many people want to create a quiz or a trivia game, but they need a platform where they can quickly make a quiz and publish it. Trivia Maker online free quiz maker is a great place to start, but you need to know some tips to make a top-level quiz with a twist. Users need to know some tips that will help users make a quiz and engage your audience as well as show how creative users are as a person.

What is the maximum number of questions for each quiz?

TriviaMaker has no hard and fast rule about the number of questions users can ask. TriviaMaker will not let users ask more than 50 questions at a time. Users can also assign different users to the different quizzes created by TriviaMaker. The app also has an option to disable the signup form.

Can you add pictures and charts in your quiz?

Yes, the embeddable media players are very easy to use. Just copy paste the URL of the video or media file. Absolutely. It is a fun way to quiz your friends and challenge them to see how well they know them. Simply upload a photo or a chart to your quiz by going to the "choose media" tab of your quiz builder.

Is TriviaMaker free?

Yes, TriviaMaker is a quiz maker online free people like free things, and they like to share free things, which means that when users create a trivia app with TriviaMaker, users will be able to get a lot more exposure than they’ve got for a trivia app created with a different app. Users can download TriviaMaker free in 3 days trial version. If users like it, they can buy the full version.

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