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TopHat is an online quiz maker that makes it easy to create, publish, and share quizzes. Teachers can use the platform to make multiple choice assessments, short answer questions, true/false, or essay questions. Students can then take these on their own devices on their own time.It is the best website for creating online quizzes, polls, tests and surveys.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes TopHat different?

TopHat is a great alternative for easy creation of quizzes. With TopHat users can add text, pictures, videos and audio. It lets users create a lot of question types, from multiple choice to hot seat. TopHat allows users to add task-based questions, e.g. "Add these 3 pictures in a row". TopHat doesn't require any coding knowledge and allows users to create a quiz in a flash.

What is TopHat?

TopHat is an online quiz maker that helps teachers create quizzes quiz maker for teachers can create online quizzes in minutes and share with their students. The quizzes are automatically graded and students receive results instantly. TopHat is an up and coming tool that is gaining momentum in the education sector.

What are the good things about using TopHat?

TopHat’s fun online quiz maker is what the industry has been looking for to build and distribute predictive tests online. With TopHat, you can create and distribute multiple-choice tests online in minutes. TopHat is the only quiz maker in the market which comes with inbuilt item generation and bookmarklet. TopHat’s cloud-based technology gives users full control and in-depth insight.

How does TopHat work exactly?

TopHat is a first of its kind interactive software that instantly makes quizzes and polls for your lectures and presentations. The software automatically generates a post quiz based on the topics and questions you select. Your students can easily and quickly see how their answer compares to other students' answers.

Where does one get more information on TopHat?

This can be achieved by visiting the tophat website. Users will be able to learn the ins and outs of tophat by checking out all the tutorials that are available on their website. The tutorials will help you to learn how to use the tools so you can create tophat quizzes faster. This is the best way to become an online quiz maker free.

What is the main benefit of using TopHat quiz maker?

TopHat is the best way to engage your users by building a quiz. It is best for marketers, teachers, professors, coaches, educators, entrepreneurs, bloggers, nonprofit organizations, nonprofits, non-profits, etc.TopHat is a web application that makes it simple to make and publish your own quizzes. Which means users can make a quiz about anything they like.

How can I use TopHat to create a quiz for my website?

There is nothing easier than using TopHat. Here is the step by step guide to make a quiz using TopHat:

Step 1:

Create your quiz using the desktop version of the software ( ). Users can also make a quiz on your iPhone or android application.

Step 2:

Go to your website and click on the TopHat widget (top right of this Blog).

Step 3:

Now, come back to the quiz maker (Desktop version) and click on the "Share" button.

Does TopHat support the mobile OS?

TopHat is written in javascript and is supported by all major browsers including mobile browsers. You can see TopHat in action on your iPad. TopHat does not depend on any server-side technology. It is fully client-side. This means that users can run TopHat on your machine without requiring any backend.

Does TopHat support creating an online quiz with multiple choice questions?

Yes! We have a quiz feature that allows users to create an online quiz with multiple choice questions. Just go to quiz builder, click on start a new quiz, select the correct template, click on edit along with the quiz name, question pool, question type, topic, time limit, question placement etc. All the options are self-explanatory, so no need to worry! Go ahead and create your online quiz at TopHat now.

Can I create an online quiz for free on TopHat?

TopHat is an online survey software. With it, users can create tests, surveys, quizzes, polls, etc. It's an absolutely free online quiz maker and users don't even need to download it. Step-by-step instructions on how to create your free online test on TopHat. Users can access it by creating an account on TopHat.

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