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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes SurveyCrest different?

SurveyCrest has developed an innovative cloud-based Feedback Management System (FMS). The SurveyCrest FMS saves businesses time and money by collecting and managing survey results and feedback. More than 130 clients in 13 countries across the Americas, Asia, and Europe currently use the system.

What is SurveyCrest?

SurveyCrest Online quiz maker lets users create their own quiz in less than 2 minutes. It is an ideal tool for testing knowledge, opinion, awareness, skill, competency, ability, level, attitude etc. Users can also share your quizzes on Facebook and MySpace and other social networking sites.

How to create surveys on SurveyCrest?

Users can create online quizzes on SurveyCrest very easily. Users need to follow some basic but important steps to create the best quiz. Just visit, register for a free online quiz maker and click on the “Create” button to get started.

Step 1:

Create a Quiz Choose a subject, write the quiz name and set the difficulty of the quiz. When users are done, click on the “Next” button.

Step 2:

Set up Answer options Choose answer options for the quiz. Users can either use the default ones or upload their own. Select the correct answer for each multiple-choice question. Click on the “Next” button.

Step 3:

Set up quiz questions Users will be taken to a feedback screen, where users can make changes to your quiz. users will be able to change the question, the possible answers and the time allocated to answer each question. Once users are done, users can publish their quiz and share it with others.

How do users display the participant's score?

For the participant's score on the online free quiz maker SurveyCrest, users can use the score display format to change the score display format. The default score display format is 5 point-letter grade display. To change the score display format, go to the "Tools" menu, select "Options", then click "Score Display Format". There are 6 types of score display formats, including: 5 point-letter grade display, 6 point-letter grade display, 6 point-number grade display, 6 point-percentage display, 6 point-star display, and 6 point-word display. Then you can select the score display format under "Format".

What are some of the best customer support systems for online quiz maker-SurveyCrest?

It is important for SurveyCrest users to build a strong customer base of repeat customers and new customers alike. For the retention of old customers, they offer free online training and extra practice material that can be accessed at They also provide users with lifetime customer support and free software for building and administering quizzes and surveys.

How do I publish the survey in SurveyCrest?

SurveyCrest has a very useful feature which allows users to auto-publish why users are getting paid. Once users have the survey published all users have to do is email it to their respondents, then they will get an email with the link to the survey. As soon as they click on this link, they will be taken to the survey you have already published to them.

How can I check my survey results in SurveyCrest?

Users can directly see their Survey results on the SurveyCrest platform. When users first sign up, users will be automatically directed to the results page. If users are not automatically directed, then users can click on the “view results” link on the top of the page. Here, users will see their survey results.

What is the best feature in SurveyCrest?

A powerful tool in SurveyCrest is that it lets users view all surveys in progress. It also keeps you updated on the latest changes in the software. Moreover, users can view all their customer’s details if they are active in SurveyCrest, this will help users to make more sales. This is one of the most useful tools in SurveyCrest, if users are a rep.

What do you think of the online quiz maker service provided by SurveyCrest?

SurveyCrest gives you a platform to build and access market research and consumer insights and also an easy way to generate leads. Users can create a poll or a survey on the go and actually know that you actually have a viable audience that can use your product or service. In addition, users can also get a good idea of the right price to charge for your product or service.

What makes SurveyCrest the best online quiz maker?

SurveyCrest is the best online quiz maker because it is easy to use. Users can create their own quiz or use one of their pre-designed templates. The design is very much customizable and they have over 100 free templates to choose from. It is possible to track the score of your questionnaire.

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