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Fyrebox is a content creation tool that makes it easy to create engaging, interactive quizzes with just a few clicks. In fact, you don't even have to be a quizmaster wizard to use our product - all you need is a good idea and we will take care of the rest. They also offer a version of a free online quiz maker.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Fyrebox different?

Fyrebox quiz maker online is really simple and straightforward. This allows users to collect data through the use of a quiz. This software assists in the creation of quizzes in a variety of formats using various templates. The overall program is straightforward, with few features. Fyrebox provides a survey in the style of dialogue.

What is Fyrebox?

Fyrebox online quiz maker is a system that allows users to create questionnaires that are slightly smaller than surveys in order to receive answers much easier and faster, to improve immediately before launching a product or service. They are slightly smaller than surveys, but they are attractive questionnaires.

Are the data sent to or collected by Fyrebox safe?

All pages on the Fyrebox website are supplied with an SSL certificate, which means that no data can be understood. Our data is kept at Amazon Website Services, which is one of the most secure data storage facilities in the world. Passwords are encrypted and a credit card is saved as tokens and managed by Paypal.

What are the commonly used quiz formats in Fyrebox?

The reason why Fyrebox is the best online quiz maker is that quizzes are based on the objectives that the user wants to attain. The following is a description of each quiz:


If you need to ask questions that can only be answered with Yes/No, create a Yes-No quiz. Killer questions can also be defined.


Make a Scenario quiz if the questions presented are dependent on the responses of the participants and you require more than two alternative outcomes.


Multiple Right Answer if you require more than one correct answer per question. You can also tell the user how many points each answer is worth.


Make a multiple-choice quiz with a single correct answer. If the questions you pose to your audience have only one right response.

Mostly A

Create a Mostly As if you want the quiz to tally the amount of A, B, C, and D answers and present the most often answered answer.


"If your questions do not have predetermined solutions, create an open-ended questions quiz." It gives the players the freedom to respond to anything.

Are the quizzes in Fyrebox only available in English?

No. Fyrebox is accessible in 39 languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Russian, Hebrew, Portuguese, and others. It will identify the browser's language and display the version in that language. Users may also change the language of their account straight from the account page.

Is it possible to make a single quiz available in different languages in Fyrebox?

Yes. The multi-language quiz option in Fyrebox allows a user to design a quiz in many languages and automatically display the appropriate version to the user. Just simply install the original version on the website, and when the visitor's language is detected, the version of the quiz in that language will be displayed.

Is it possible to send players’ data to other software in Fyrebox?

Yes. Users of Fyrebox may instantly export the contact information and answers obtained by the questionnaire to 500+ third-party services such as CRMs, email responders, and others. To do so, users just link their questionnaire to Zapier and select the online service that they wish to employ.

Up to what extent can a user edit a quiz in Fyrebox?

Editing the content of a quiz is done in a straightforward manner. Users can modify the instructions, the questions/statements, and the answers (depending on the quiz). Users may also set a timer, a pass mark, and a progress bar. The final stage is to specify the player's behavior when he or she wins, loses, or completes the quiz.

Are quiz templates available in Fyrebox?

Yes. Fyrebox incorporated pre-made quizzes to assist people to get started. They are 8-10 question quizzes that are ready to be installed and played on a website. Simply click the + symbol to the right of "Use a Template" on the dashboard and choose a category. You will then have access to all quizzes in the selected category.

Does Fyrebox online quiz maker with results report the activity of quizzes?

Yes. The Fyrebox activity reports provide users with a daily or weekly summary of the activity of their quizzes. Both reports have the same material. It includes the number of times the quiz has been played as well as information on each of your quizzes. If configured the quiz to gather email addresses, those will also appear in the report.

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