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Best Online Quiz Makers

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Online quiz makers will help you arrange questions and answers in a jiff. Save your precious time by availing services that can organize and deliver online exams for you. Try an online quiz maker today to see how easy it is to make your own quizzes!

Frequently Asked Questions on Online Quiz Makers

Can I customize my online quizzes?

Yes, you can make changes to your online quizzes. With their robust features, you can let your designer and creative side out. You can change the background color depending on your theme. Plus, you can edit the quiz font color to make it more engaging for the participants. 

Are online quiz makers responsive on mobile phones?

Depending on the platform you’ve chosen, there are online quiz makers that are fully responsive to your mobile phones. Some would be compatible with multiple devices such as phones, laptops, and tablets. This would be convenient for your audience because they can take the tests whenever they want to. 

Can I add quiz timers?

Yes, you can add timers to your quizzes. There are online quiz makers with timers that allow you to customize them based on your needs. You can add a quiz timer that sets the total time users should spend on the entire test. Another one is a question timer that limits the time you have for each question. 

How do I share my online quiz?

Once you’ve finished creating your quizzes, the best way for people to see them is to share your tests. One thing you can do is embed them in your websites. It is highly recommended to give the best user experience. You can also share the URL directly and share them on social media sites.

Can I use my fonts in creating online quizzes?

Yes, you can use your font to create online tests. You can do this to blend your quiz into your site seamlessly. This would give you more freedom and creativity to promote your brand. Plus, this would also benefit you because you need to personalize your quiz according to your company’s theme. 

How do I see my quiz stats?

If you want to have an overview of your quiz’s performance, online quiz makers allow you to see your tests’ stats and analysis. With this, you can see how many people viewed your quizzes. You can also see the engagements for those people who interacted and completed your online tests. 

How long does it take to make a quiz?

Depending on the platform, some online quiz makers made their software easy for everyone to use. You can create one within minutes after you signed up for their services. Even if it is your first time to create a test, you will be guided by their support team to have a hassle-free time in making one.

Can I redirect my users once they completed the quiz?

Yes, you can redirect them after they finish taking the quiz. It can be useful to send people on your site or other parts of your web page rather than showing the ending. This can also help in lead generation because they are taken back to your website. Plus, you can also add recall information at the end to identify respondents.

Do my participants need to complete quizzes in one sitting?

No, your participants can start your quiz, close it, then go back to it without losing their answers. Your audience doesn’t have to complete it in one sitting. You need to remember that they need to be on the same browser and device, so their answers would be safely stored. 

Can I use online quiz makers without an internet connection?

This depends on your service provider. Most of them don’t offer offline mode in their features. It is designed to work only with an internet connection to create your tests. If someone is completing their test but loses their internet connection, your participants must not close the browser until their connection returns. 

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