Best Online Proctoring Platforms in June 2022

Ensure the credibility of exams with the best online proctoring platforms. These web-based solutions provide test-takers the ability to take school, work and certification assessments with an additional layer of security. With the best online proctoring service providers, you can hire new employees, conduct online internal interviews and administer online tests without the hassle.

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7 reviews

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3 reviews

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185 reviews

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202 reviews

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20 reviews

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45 reviews

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390 reviews

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10 reviews

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2 reviews


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are online proctoring platforms?

Online proctoring platforms are websites or software applications used to remotely supervise online and distance learning exams, certification exams and other assessments. Online proctoring technology allows for the monitoring of test-takers' activity in a secure environment by allowing proctors to observe and speak to test takers through webcams and microphones.

Why do you need online proctoring solutions?

Test-taker Safety and Security
By using online proctoring, you are assured that your identity is verified and your work is monitored. Additionally, online proctoring provides a more secure and safe learning environment, especially if you are studying or working in remote locations.

Reduced Academic and Professional Dishonesty
Proctored examination settings ensure that no cheating takes place during the exam. Online proctoring improves the test-takers’ results. Knowing that you’re being monitored closely makes you take assessments more seriously, leading to better marks and a higher level of academic and professional achievement.

Easier Proctoring Access
Online proctoring offers easier access to proctoring services for test-takers and test administrators. Assessments can be taken from any location through any computer with an internet connection.

Improved Test Administration and Tracking
Online proctoring software has made it possible to administer and mark assessments from any location in the world and to keep track of all test-takers’ progress via an online dashboard.

What are the key features of an online proctoring platform?

Anti-cheating Tools
Online proctoring platforms work by having a webcam and microphone pointed at the test taker to monitor activity during the exam. These platforms also have features that can detect when someone is trying to cheat by looking at the answers of others, or by taking pictures of the test.

End-to-End Security
The end-to-end security feature ensures that the tests are kept secure and private at all times. The best online proctoring software applications have encryption features to secure all data sent between the test-takers’ and the test administrator’s computers.

Technical Support
The top online proctoring platforms offer robust technical support features to ensure exam and assessment integrity and a positive user experience. Test-takers can contact technical support staff easily and receive help with any problems they encounter while taking an online assessment. Online proctoring platforms also provide step-by-step instructions for resolving common technical problems.

Advanced Monitoring Features
To provide the level of security that test-takers and test administrators need, online proctoring platforms offer advanced monitoring features such as live video streaming, facial recognition and identification of unauthorized devices.

Who needs online proctoring platforms?

Schools and Universities
As more institutions move their classes online, they need secure and reliable proctoring solutions for students and faculty. Online proctoring platforms ensure the academic integrity of online courses and provide a secure and reliable way for professors to monitor students’ exams and assessments.

Businesses and Corporations
Companies need proctoring solutions to provide a high level of security and accountability to their employee training and certification exams. Safe and secure, online proctoring platforms can be easily integrated into existing training and certification systems.

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