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Best Online Marriage Counseling Services

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Struggling in your marriage? Online marriage counseling is a safe and effective way to get the help you need, perfect for people who are too busy and can't afford in-person therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions on Online Marriage Counseling Services

How will I determine the best online marriage counselor for me?

Most reputable and trusted therapists for online marriage counseling have their valid credentials displayed on their websites online. You can ask the therapist for a valid document that proves their accreditation by a reputable organization, such as a certificate from the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). You can also read online marriage counseling reviews from genuine clients.

What questions do the therapists ask in online marriage counseling?

Below are some of the common questions therapists ask during a counseling session.

Do you trust me?

An online couples counselor usually asks this question to let you know that they are genuinely there to help you and your partner get through your situation. It will establish a sense of comfort, effectively helping both of you to open up more.

When did the conflicts and issues start?

This helps the therapist get an overview of you and your partner's ongoing issues. It will give them the idea of how the situation has escalated that made you decide on going through online marriage counseling, which will help the counselor effectively create a solution for you.

What are the biggest problems in your marriage?

A counselor will usually ask this to narrow down your relationship's main issues, which gives them an idea of how to help you resolve your concerns. This will help therapists easily pinpoint the problems that are affecting the relationship the most.

What made you come to marriage counseling?

Consulting a professional for help is a brave choice and is usually made when people are desperate. Asking this will help the counselor understand your situation better.

What will I learn in online marriage counseling?

With online marriage counseling, you will learn skills that can solidify your relationship, such as coming up with solutions that can resolve conflicts. It can also boost your confidence when sharing your honest thoughts with your partner and allows you to learn and discuss differences rationally.

Do both parties need insurance for online couples counseling?

Unfortunately, insurance equity laws do not apply to this type of service. With that said, couples do not need insurance for marriage counseling online. You cannot also use your insurance coverages to avail of these services.  

Can you do marriage counseling online? How will I know if I need it?

Yes, there are many marriage and family counseling programs online that help couples of all types. The type of counseling also varies, such as Christian marriage counseling, for more religious people. You will know when you need these services if you have problems, like frequent arguments, physical abuse, and lack of communication, that often leads to separation if left unacknowledged.

Is online marriage counseling effective?

Yes, but it still depends on your efforts as a couple. Studies show that counseling is effective in saving strained relationships and improving marriage satisfaction. About 70% of couples benefit from these online sessions.

Do online marriage counselors ever recommend divorce?

Even in a somewhat abusive relationship, a professional therapist will not suggest divorce if they deem the relationship can still be saved. What they will do is help the victim and find other solutions other than separation. These professionals will do everything they can to ensure the safety of their clients is kept.

What is the success rate of marriage counseling online?

The success rate for marriage counseling online varies with the type of therapy sessions offered. Currently, the most common and preferred technique is Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT), having a rough estimate of 75% success rate, according to the American Psychological Association (APA).

How do I prepare for online marriage counseling?

The only thing you need to do for online marriage counseling is to find a qualified therapist that can help you solve your problems. You can find the ideal therapist by reading online marriage counseling reviews, referrals, and intensive research. 

What can online marriage counseling help me with?

Online marriage counseling can guide you and your significant other in resolving your conflicts, dealing with your present issues, and providing solutions to strengthen your relationship further. Regardless if you're married or unmarried, these services help you and your partner settle your differences and understand each other more.

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