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Elaine Kaasa

THIS BOOK IS LIFE CHANGING! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE.Easy book to read. Step by step guide to how you can elevate your life.Great examples and explanations for why you might be holding yourself back.I LOVE IT!!! I have already made changes and it has given me a new awareness to my life of where I'm holding myself back. I invite you to follow Alexi Panos & Preston Smiles on social media for more Juicy Goodness if you're interested in a life of joy, love and greatness.

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Jan 23, 2017

Better than I imagined it would be. More to the point than I could have hoped. A singular perspective, from an unexpected source, on how to live this life with a flourish that can only come from giving and receiving love.

This is a definite keeper for my shelves. I have blogged along while reading this book.... I still have a few more blogs to write, but each chapter has got me thinking and re-evaluating my life.

this is a quick, nice read. preston is a friend of mine who has carved out an incredibly powerful, inspirational path as a wellness/life/transformation coach in the budding sector of wellness media. he and his wife are two very dynamic people who have made a big difference in my life through their constant engagement with this work. i have participated in their online learning program, The Bridge Method, and their Naked Truth workshop out in LA, and they seem to walk their talk. preston's book does not offer groundbreaking information; rather, it compiles classic universal truths and wisdom into an everyman, digestible form and makes the information easy to understand and implement into your life.

Great book!! Very easy reading and digestible pointers which could bring positive impact to your life. He is an awesome person, with amazing energy and message. Check out his social media channels.

Most probably one of the best books I have ever read. Having read this book, doesn't actually mean you're done with this book. It's more like a book you always want to get back to, not to get advice, but to draw from it, to help you grow throughout life. Careful though, I would only recommend this book to people who are ready to let go and dive in, really immersing yourself on the paths to loving yourself! Those who know me well will agree that each and every word of Preston is deeply embedded in my philosophy of life. I've been on a journey with this soulmate for more than a year for sure, watching every single video of him, so this book was simply the icing on the cake. In the last year I have grown full of even more confidence, happiness and inspiration to share, and most certainly a huge portion of that is thanks to Preston's constant inspirations which help not only me to be the best version of myself, but also #ShareTheLove. #IAmWeAre

Preston Smiles is literally one of my FAVORITE human beings on this planet! He has been my coach since 2012 and has helped me completely change my life! He is funny, full of life, passionate, yet tough. Must download! Preston, thank you for all that you do!


this book made me happy and showed me how to get closer to living the life that i love! thank you alexi and preston for shining your light.


I absolutely LOVE this book! There are several useful tools to help guide you through various types of human experiences. I’ve learned so much and I practice what I’ve learned daily. Reading this book and watching their videos has truly been a blessing and a life changing experience. Thank you Alexi & Preston!!!

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Feb 24, 2017

Tara Reed

Love the power in the simplicity! Alexi & Preston have an engaging writing style - I feel like they are sitting with me as I read - often teasing me to really pay attention and get it. Great combination of theory, real-life examples and exercises - this is a book that helps you dig in and shift your life for the better. Thank you!