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Investing in Ama La Vida coaching is the BEST personal and professional investment you can make in yourself and in your team. I had an incredible experience working with the team at Ama La Vida. The back-office team is phenomenal to work with - they are responsive, intentional, and provide exceptional customer service. My entire team participated in the Ama La Vida program and I couldn't recommend it enough! From my own experience, my coach Jennifer was so wonderful. She is a fabulous listener and was flexible in how our conversations were structured. She helped to hold me accountable for my goals.

I had a great experience with ALV. Brooke was my coach and really helped me to develop my interviewing skills. When it came to my resume, she asked the right questions which helped her to understand what I do and how I would like to present myself professionally. She is very patient, thoughtful and an absolute gem!

I pursued ALV coaching to aid with a employer transition and level-up as an improved coach for my new team. I joined a 12 week program that offered interactive online modules and 12 hour-long individual coaching sessions. The program and Coach Jen Maynard specifically has helped me to appreciate deeper questioning, to conduct more effective 1x1s, to reshape my mindset from 'problem solving' to empowerment and delegation, to embrace the 'pause' in conversation and acknowledge shifts in body language or tone, and to overall support my teams' strengths. In these pressing times of COVID, our ability to connect with people and improve our effectiveness as leaders is all the more important. I'm glad to recommend ALV and Jen to help you on your individual journey for self-improvement.

I did stage 1 career counseling (so 4 coaching sessions + online modules) rather than a membership and it was a great experience! The program helps you look really closely at your own values, gifts, and passions then discover careers that will suit. This is not like Briggs Meyer or an aptitude test, it is very introspective to begin and then followed by self guided research and discovery of careers. I am just finishing up now, but I feel much more confident and excited about my professional future :) If you're struggling or feeling lost and unhappy than I would say it's worth every penny.

I am so thankful that I got to work with Brooke for the last 3 months to guide me for my future adventure. I have looked at a couple of coaching possibilities and I am glad I chose ALV. Their module was very comprehensive and by working through various modules I was able to get my questions answered. I loved my coach Brooke who gave me honest feedback along with positive support. I can't believe how much we have covered within this short period of time. I would give more stars if I could. I highly recommend Ama La Vida. Thanks again for all your help, Brooke!

I've been working with Brooke at Ama La Vida for the last 6 months. I knew that I needed to make a plan for my next career move but had no idea where to start. Everyone at ALV that I spoke to as I got started was incredibly helpful and I started a bi-weekly subscription with them. Brooke has been so patient during this time. We've gone from talks of confidence all the way to mock interviews. I'm now entering the phase of real interviews after sending out resumes and cover letters and I can tell that I feel so much more confident walking through this because of the coaching I've had. This program was such a valuable asset to me in this transition and time of questioning. It worked for me and I am so glad that I invested in myself.

My six month coaching process helped me to strategize my career path to help me get my dream job. In that time I went from being laid off due to covid, to getting a transitional job, to accepting my dream job which was a huge career pivot for me. My coach was there every step of the process and introduced me to other coaches that brought fresh perspectives and truly helped to change my mindset when my job search was stagnant. Everyone at ALV was extremely professional and I would recommend them to anyone that feels "stuck" in their career.

I was introduced to Ama La Vida through a friend's husband who had utilized their coaching services and had an excellent experience. The referral was exactly what I needed during this season of my life when I knew it was necessary to identify support, guidance and the professional tools to move me to the next level of my career. I had the pleasure of working with two outstanding coaches at Ama La Vida over the course of five months-- Coach Shari and Coach Brooke. As we worked on my goals of revamping my resume, LinkedIn profile, preparing for interviews, and landing a new job I knew I had made the right choice of subscribing to bi-monthly sessions. While working with Coach Brooke, she was so adept at keeping me focused, accountable, providing clear direction and assignments after each session. Additionally, she offered doable strategies to ensure that I remained positive while working on my vision and goals. This was truly the best investment in myself, as the coaching experience was invaluable in so many ways. The pre and post session questionnaires, resources, webinars and on-line modules were also instrumental in helping me to stay on target, develop new techniques to my job search and being ready for my new career. I am very grateful that Ama La Vida exists and have already recommended their coaching services to several friends who are navigating life changes and embarking on efforts to pivot to new careers.

I highly recommend working with an ALV coach. I worked with David for several months during a particularly stressful time: I had taken on a new leadership role and had to navigate significant decisions around change management. He has given me the tools to trust my instinct and vision, even if that meant asking the right questions to probe my own biases. You cannot underestimate the value of having a professional in your corner that will take the time to learn about your - and your business' - needs, and then use that to strategize with you your next step and celebrate your wins. Thanks, David!