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Do you need a coach to help you with your life? A Life Coach is someone who helps people improve their lives. They can provide advice and support in many areas, including self-improvement or improvement in relationships. Try online life coaching today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an online life coach?

Are you stuck in a box where you feel you don’t belong, and now you want to move out? If so, then an online life coach is all you need. Online life coach is someone that can help you to move out of a stressful and uncomfortable life. They can also help you make a change to your life—to attain greater fulfillment no matter how far or where you are in the world.

Why do you need an online life coach?

If you are currently in a life crisis, always wondering what’s the sole purpose of life, then it’s time to hire a life coach online. An online life coach can virtually help you deal with any life problems. They can help you look at where you are right now and where you want to be in the future. Thus, you must be encouraged to hire one, and there are more reasons:

Location Convenient

One of the most significant benefits of online life coaching is convenience. You don’t have to go back and forth from offices from time to time. This can save you time and effort from traveling and from spending transportation expenses. In online life coaching, you’ll just need a computer and internet access to have a successful coaching session.

Worldwide Access

It probably never occurred to you to access help from any professional outside your local area. But with online life coaching, you can access local, national, and international coaches. This gives you more options to find the best match for you. Also, choosing a coach from another country can help you see things from a different cultural perspective.


One of the biggest reasons many people don’t want to seek help from professionals for their personal growth is its stigma on mental illness. But online life coaching is the best solution for this predicament. You don’t have to go in and out of a professional’s office, lowering the risk of having your neighbors know what possible activities you’re doing.

Flexible Schedule

Online life coaching is best when you only have limited time, or when you want your session to happen at a particular time of a day. Since you won’t need to go out for your sessions, it will be easier for you to insert at least an hour somewhere in your schedule to meet your life coach online.

Highly Accessible

If you’re a person who continually travels around the world because of necessity or plainly a choice, an online life coach will work best on you. Almost everywhere we go has an internet connection, this makes online life coaching very accessible. You can also enjoy the benefits of online life coaching, whether you’re at home or at your office.

Saves Time

Time is one of the few things that we can never get back when wasted, so we must use every second we have. Saving time is what online life coaching offers. You can eliminate wasting time from traveling and pour it into other productive activities instead.

Less Distraction

It’s very easy to get distracted by what’s going on around you when you are in an unfamiliar setting. To avoid this, you’ll need an online life coach. Through life coach online chat or video call, you can sit comfortably in your home’s coziest place or anywhere you like. This can eradicate the anxious feeling of being in a foreign place.

More Privacy

It’s more likely to stir up emotions when undergoing life coaching. And it is an online life coach’s job to let you pour out all of your sentiments in the most comfortable place in your home. With an online life coach, you can have all the privacy in your place to freely express your emotions without worrying about it getting disclosed.


If you feel anxious about meeting with a coach to do your session in a foreign place, then an online coach would be the best option for you. You won’t feel cautious or guarded every scheduled coaching since you will just be doing it in your own place. You can also do this one in any part of your house, which will surely provide you comfort.

More Coaches to Choose From

Online life coach software offers a wide variety of experienced life coaches; with this, you can choose which one you think can help you. You won’t need to consider who is the nearest one to you; instead, you can just think of who has the best experience and quality attitudes that suit your criteria for the best life coach.


It doesn’t need any thorough discussion to know that having an online instead of in-person life coach costs less. An online life coach doesn’t need an office to pay or travel expenses to consider, which is why they usually offer lower rates. This will then result in more cost-friendly pricing of online life coaches compared to those in an office.

Face-to-Face Model

This face-to-face model doesn’t mean that you need to meet in person; it’s just the idea of being face-to-face with your life coach through advanced online platforms. Through technological advancement, your online coach won’t lose the ability to read your body movement and facial expressions even if they are far away from you.

What are the core features of online life coach?

The most significant change that the internet brought to the world is the undeniable fact of connecting people in one platform. And one of the relationships that were built by the internet is between online life coaches and the people that need them. But before you choose the best life coach services online, you first need to consider this list of features that they should have:


When looking for competitive software, the first thing you need to consider is their overall functionality. You need to make sure that it will be convenient for you to use the website or the app. An easy-to-use online life coach app or website can help you look for the best online life coach out there.

Coaches Directory

The best online life coach company must offer a coach directory from their website. It must consist of details you need to know when choosing a life coach. A coach directory must contain a life coach’s experience and, if possible, the previous reviews regarding their services. This can help you choose the finest life coach that suits you the best.


To find the best life coach online, you’ll need an engaging app or website. It must guide your entire selection process until you land on the most suited life coach for you. It must also include easy-to-use features and chat or email support to answer your questions. This will smoothen your experience in using their app or website.

Multi-Session Packages

One of the things you must look for in an online life coach platform is the number of sessions they offer. You wouldn’t want to have your sessions get stopped after you get comfortable, which is why you must first check how many sessions they can provide. A multi-session package can also help you financially since most of them offer discounts.

Client Journals

A client journal is not only good for the coaches, but it could also serve as guidance for you. You can check out the progress you’re having with your life coach. This can help you keep track of your life coach’s performance and how they’re helping you.

Coaching Management

Coaching management includes coaching plans and scheduling. This can help you adjust your schedule when there are abrupt changes. Coaching management must also allow you to submit a coaching plan before each of your sessions. These will enable you to keep track of your target coaching sessions.

Group Coaching Appointment

If you’re looking for an online life coach to help you nurture your skills or business, then you must look for a platform that offers group coaching appointments. This will enable you to gather different advice, lessons, and a lot more. Collecting different ideas from these group coaches can help you grow your business in no time.

Mobile Capability

One of the main reasons you want an online life coach is its accessibility, especially when you are far away and have only a smartphone on hand. This is why you must look for an online life coach platform that can be accessed through mobile phones. It will be easier for you to fulfill the scheduled appointments wherever you are.

Diverse Language

Since online life coach platforms provide international services, you must look for those who offer multiple languages. This can help you communicate with your life coach online without experiencing language barriers. Your online life coach must also be flexible enough to understand your local language when you want to use it during your sessions.

Affordable Plans

Free life coach online companies offer limited features. But if you want to choose a paid personal online life coach, then you must look if they have affordable plans. Having to spend a little amount of money during your life coaching can help you solely focus on the result and not about how much money you lose for an online virtual life coach.

What are the types of online life coach?

You can find almost everything online, including a wide variety of online life coaches. If you’re looking for overall development, you’ll indeed find a general life coach online that might meet your needs. But there are also online life coaches who focus their practice on particular situations. The most popular of these are the following:

Relationship and Family Coaching

This online life coach can help with couples or family members who have relationship and communication issues. They bring people together to deal with their problems by giving direct advice to each party involved.

Career Coaching

A career coach can be a great help for many people, especially those who have profession or skill issues. This can also help those who want to start a business or find out the types of jobs that suit their talents and interests. It can help you to discover the direction of the career path you’re going to take.

Finance Coaching

A financial coach is a type of life coach that can help those people who have money management spending issues. They can guide people who can't properly pay for their monthly expenses and debts.

Mental Health Coaching

Mental health coaches have similarities with the psychotherapist, but they only help those people who are dealing with conflict, grief, or anger issues specifically. People need them to develop relaxation techniques. They also help people create plans and find balance in their life and build their confidence.

Health and Wellness Coaching

This type of coach can help you to have a healthy lifestyle plan. They can help you lose weight, eat proper nutritious food or meals, or set a workout plan. They can be personal trainers or nutritionists, but they can't replace medical doctors.

Spiritual Coaching

A spiritual coach enlightens and helps people find a deeper meaning of life. They motivate people and find a way to deal with their issues. They also help people to get in touch with their spirituality.

Who needs an online life coach?

There could be a lot of reasons students need an online life coach, whether they’re struggling with their academics, their environment, or their relationships. If you’re a student who feels like everything is too much to handle, then an online life coach can surely help you lighten the mental and emotional baggage.


Athletes need someone to rely on for their daily progress—to keep track of their performance. But if you’re an athlete who has a hectic schedule due to the number of training you need to accomplish daily, then an online life coach is what you need. An online life coach can help you anytime without having to travel.


When you and your partner are new to the parenting world, you must consider having an online coach. They can help you identify the measures you need to take to build a successful family relationship. This could all be done without going out of your house.


Online life coaches are not just for personal development, but they could be a great help in growing your business, especially when you are new to the market. You can flexibly appoint schedules with your online life coach without compromising your time with your business.

What are the steps on how to choose an online life coach?
Step 1: Do your homework

Before you actually decide to get an online life coach, you must first identify what type of life coach you are looking for. This can assist you to narrow down the list of your online life coach options. It will also help you land on the right life coach that will meet your needs.

Step 2: Select the program level

After you have successfully finalized the best online life coach, it’s now time to decide what program level you’re going for. This includes the type of coach you’re looking for and what you want to learn in your entire session.

Step 3: Look for the pricing

One of the most important factors to consider before fully committing to an online life coach is the pricing they offer. After you have done with the previous steps, it’s now time to identify how much you’re going to pay. Choose the best plan for you by checking their pricing list. Make sure that what you are paying for is all worth it.

Step 4: Check for the qualifications

After you have identified and agreed to all the possible factors relating to the company, it’s now time to choose your life coach. In this stage, you must check the list of qualifications and the experiences of the coaches available. A coach directory can be a great help to do this step efficiently.

Step 5: Check if they offer a free consultation

A free consultation is like a trial run. You’ll first try out the services they offer before ultimately pushing through the other sessions. In this stage, you’ll be able to identify if you’re resonating with your life coach.

Step 6: Check if they have a mobile application

Now that you have completed all the necessary steps in choosing for the best life coach online, you might want to consider checking out if they have a mobile application. This will make your online life coaching accessible anywhere you are.

What is the difference between life coaching and counseling?

A life coach is a trained individual who assists you in identifying what you want to do. They can help you have a clearer view of where you are today and then find ways to help you move forward. Life coaches specifically focus on creating a new life path to achieve your goals in life. While a counselor is someone who provides a safe and supportive space to explore who you are. They allow you to gain the strength and clarity to cope up with life. They focus on specific past problems and the resolutions for you to move forward. Healing is one of their main objectives in helping people.

What is the difference between life coaching and therapy?

One of the most preeminent misconceptions regarding life coaching is that it’s a therapy in disguise or treatment from an unlicensed individual. But in reality, life coaches offer services designed to help you achieve your goals and be successful in life. On the other hand, therapy is a long-term process in which you will work with a healthcare professional to resolve some diagnosed problems regarding behaviors, beliefs, relationship status, feelings, and it could even extend to physical responses.

Do I need to commit to a certain number of life coaching sessions?

This is actually what is good with online life coaching; you don’t need to commit to any number of life coaching sessions. It will be up to you how many and when you want to have sessions. You can either stop after a certain number of sessions or continue if you wish to.

How long does it take for each session?

The time duration for each session depends on the online life coach company you’ve chosen. But online life coaches platforms usually offer 1 to 2 hours of the session. There are also some instances where the session just reaches its peak, so it takes up more than 2 hours to wrap everything up.

How often do I need to meet my life coach?

Some online life coaches let you decide your whole coaching schedule. This includes the number of sessions you want to take each week, which days of the week these are, and what time of the day you want your session to happen. However, some online life coaches automatically set your schedule depending on the availability of your chosen coach. Your schedule will be dependent on when your online life coach is free.

How much does an online life coach usually cost?

The price of hiring an online life coach solely depends on your life coach’s company. The program level and the number of sessions can also be a significant factor in the price list, the longer you want to have a session the higher the rate. But there are also some companies that offer a rate that depends on your chosen life coach online job’s experience. You can also try some life coach online free trials before you decide if the chosen life coach agency’s pricing rate is worth it

Do coaches need to have qualifications?

There are free online life coach certifications that an aspiring coach can avail. Since this takes only a few easy steps, therefore, almost anyone can find a life coach job online. But if you're looking for the best personal online life coach, you need to consider checking their qualifications and their experiences in different fields.

What happens during a coaching session?

Your coaching session will last depending on your chosen coach, and during this session, your coach will ask you some questions. These questions include; what you want to achieve in life, what makes you unhappy, and many more. It will be up to you to what extent you want to share it with your coach. Aside from you will never be forced to make decisions that you’re uncomfortable with, online life coaches also make sure that you are comfortable working with them and sharing your problems.

Can I hire a life coach online for a short-term project?

Yes, you absolutely can. Some clients seek help from an online free life coach to achieve an objective or a specific project. Many clients also choose to continue working with their life coaches even after their initial goals are achieved.

Who are the best life coaches?

The list of the best life coaches you’ll find in the industry could go on and on, but if you’re looking for the best life coach for you, then you must consider what you need in an online life coach. You can set your qualifications to be fully satisfied with your life coach. You can only say that it’s the best life coach when they meet your needs.

How much is the salary of an online life coach?

An online life coach’s salary depends on their years of experience. The longer you are in this field, the larger you might end up getting. Aside from the experience, the earning of online life coaches might also depend on the company they are working for.

What happens when my personal data get disclosed?

This depends on your action. But of course, you have every right to file a lawsuit against the clinic or the coach for breaching the contract. This is also against their work ethics, so you will surely have a strong basis for suing them. You have to be careful though since the process can be difficult. Also, you have to ask yourself if it severely damaged your name or not. If it’s just a little information that was disclosed, you may talk about it with your coach or with the management. If it’s an accident, discussing it in a civil manner will do. The coach might have a valid explanation for it. Another case is when someone hacked into your coach’s system – stealing and spreading the data to other people. If it happens, the clinic will solve the problem and make sure you’re compensated for the trouble. You can work with them if you wish to but they always take care of issues that are under their management. Just be patient.

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