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2022 Rankings

Online Freelance Sites

Last updated on January, 17

Are you looking for a way to make money from home? With online freelancing sites, you can find freelance jobs in any industry that fit your skillset and schedule. Whether you want to work full-time or part-time, there are opportunities waiting for you!

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6,494 reviews


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Freelancer logo



200 reviews


Site Options

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Freelancer Reviews

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Profile Building Tools

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Beesy logo



53 reviews


Site Options

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Freelancer Reviews

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Hubstaff Talent logo

Hubstaff Talent


70 reviews


Site Options

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Guru logo



105 reviews


Site Options

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Upwork logo



468 reviews


Site Options

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Rehab Digital



Site Options

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Frequently Asked Questions on Online Freelance Sites

What are online freelance sites?

Looking for an online job opportunity or looking to hire a freelancer? Check out online freelancing sites and access thousands of options! Online freelancing sites are platforms that pool offers from job seekers and employers from all parts of the world. Fulfill your personal or business goals with the right working partnership through freelancing websites.

Why do you need online freelance sites?

Freelancing has opened many opportunities, both for remote workers and employers. Online freelancing sites have made more things possible in comfortable, convenient, and dynamic platforms. Here are more practical reasons on why you should use online freelancing sites:

Dedicated Freelancers

A freelancer is a self-employed individual who offers services and is likely to work on multiple projects for several clients simultaneously. Freelancing sites offer you abled and dedicated professionals who are experts in their field. Get the best services from millions of freelancers without going through many human resource requirements and processes.

Get Things Done Quickly

If you have an urgent task, you can ask a freelancer to do it for you. It may be a quick edit of an article, bookkeeping, or audio transcription. Some professionals can deliver it within hours.

Unload Tasks

When your plate is full, or your company needs an extra hand, freelancing websites can be a source of help whenever you need it. You can pass on some of your personal and business concerns to willing specialists so that you can focus on things that matter most.

Flexibility of Terms

You don't need to lock yourself in long term contracts for services required. Hire a freelancer for a particular project and only pay for the time or task delivered. You have the freedom to set your price and other terms.

Accelerated Hiring Process

The traditional hiring process can take months to get the right people. With a freelancing site, you can organize your team immediately. There are sites where you can hire a whole team to work for your project.

Payment Protection

Compared with hiring someone from random platforms, online freelancing sites’ payment process is straightforward and easy. You get payment protection by only paying the service you’ve authorized. The freelancer receives payments once you're pleased with the work delivered.

Optimal Expenses

Save money from hiring a full staff or overpaying an agency for the services you need. Hire an expert, get the work done, and pay only for the specialists' work. You also save from overhead costs and other operating expenses if you form your team virtually.

High Productivity

You can trust your team of professionals to handle your job requirements efficiently. To fulfill professional goals, freelancers have the drive to execute your project and help achieve your goals. You don't need to micromanage everyone you hire, as you can trust in the high productivity they can give.

Save Time on Looking for Jobs

Searching for a job requires time. With freelancing sites, you cut down the job searching process and focus on reaching out to people online. You can choose from a wide array of categories where your talent and skills fit, and from there, just process everything on the site.

Save Money

Job searching can be free. You can check online sites to get freelance jobs and scout for vacancies and projects. Signing up is free, and bidding for projects doesn’t require you to pay a single dollar. Get discovered in an online freelance platform and work on your dream project.

Thousands of Job Opportunities

Freelance websites offer a sea of projects—both short and long term contracts. From logo designing to general virtual assistant work, you can send proposals and bids at the comforts of your own home. Be hired by employers from different sides of the globe.

Good Paying Jobs

Online freelancing platforms usually offer good-paying and reasonable jobs. There are new opportunities up for grabs every single time you check the job board. Plus, you can set your salary per hour or project, and you can also customize your proposal based on the employer's requirements.

Work from Home

You don't need to be tied up working in an office. On freelancing sites, you can access better means to offer your services and work from home. You can work on single or multiple projects simultaneously. If you are a person that wants stability, there are also long term contracts available that work as a company set up.

Professional Growth

Online freelancing sites offer diverse and international professional growth. As you work with different people and projects worldwide, you will develop your character and skills. Some sites even provide on-demand courses that you can access to build your portfolio. You can also learn from teams if you collaborate with them. You are the one to set the limits of your growth.

Protection from Scammers

Being a remote worker can put you in a vulnerable situation. Some people would post a job, get the project done but won’t pay the worker. You can set how you get paid through the freelancing site, track the project's progress, and send an invoice once accomplishing the task. You can also check reviews of the employers and the payment verifications to avoid rip offs.

What are the core features of online freelance sites?

Online freelance sites bridge the gap between freelancers and employers. The platforms offer solutions to achieve the goals of both job seekers and project owners. The freelancing sites have the following core features to cater to both parties:

Free to Join

There are no subscriptions or fees required when you post a job as a project owner or list your services as freelancers. Access the features for free and find the perfect service provider or opportunity on the online freelancing sites.

Freelancer Profile

In freelance online job sites, freelancers create profiles that include name, self-description, skills, education, and work history. Specialists can also upload their portfolio to showcase their professional experience and expertise, as these profiles can help build their brand. These sites also allow buyers to view the freelancer's background and how they can fit in with the team.

Vast Options of Projects/Work

Find work and exciting projects on different platforms. Freelance online sites have massive options for professionals and beginners alike. If you’re a freelancer, you can offer your services, such as graphic designing, digital marketing, writing, and translation, and the list goes on. New opportunities are added as you send bids to other projects.

Great Number of Freelancers

Look for the perfect freelance service for your business or project needs from the vast number of professionals and skilled workers worldwide. Freelance sites make services available for your choosing. With the extensive options of professionals, you can get the best person or team for the work you want to accomplish.

Project Bidding

Freelancers can bid on the projects they desire to work on. The healthy competition on freelance sites lets employers have options of whom to work with. Project owners will choose the most suitable applicant based on the rates, experience, skills, and portfolio.

Pre-Package Offers

Freelancers can create special offers for specific projects. The pre-packaged services show the details of inclusions. For example, a graphic designer’s service may include three layout proposals, five revisions, the price, and the timeframe. Each package differs based on the industry and freelancer. It will set the expectations of service buyers.

Negotiable Payment Terms

Buyers and sellers can arrange payment plans on the platforms. Milestones, completion of projects, or per hour rate are possible in freelance sites. You can set payment terms when posting a job opportunity or when sending a proposal.

Various Payment Options

Different payment gateways are available in freelance sites. Employers have varied options for paying the service bought, and freelancers have the flexibility to get their payment. Payment transactions are made easy for both the buyers and sellers of services on freelance platforms.

Rating System

Both sellers and buyers can rate and give reviews on the platform. Job success scores will help others see how well you’ve rendered your services or how you worked as a service buyer. The ratings will help employers choose the right person for the job, and for freelancers to evaluate if the job is worth the application.

No Exclusivity Lock-In

In freelance sites, you can post a job offer anywhere else you want. You are not locked to a single site, so you can still work with different people, get profitable projects, and work at your pace. As an employer, you can also outsource services from other sites. No exclusivity lets both freelancers and employers get the best option from all online platforms.

On-Demand Professional Courses

For freelancers, get access to highly demanded courses on freelance websites. Enrolling in these courses improves your skills or learn a new one to reach more employers. You can also gain certificates and reach larger networks. By building your portfolio, you can be the next top rated freelancer.

Membership Plan

Being a member of the job sites provides significant benefits. As a freelancer, you can access popular projects, see other freelancers' bidding, and more. For project owners, you could narrow down your search to highly rated specialists. Narrowing down your choices to top picks means that you can work with qualified and reputable freelancers.

Project Dashboard

Manage your projects in one platform. You can see the ongoing work, the active job posts or proposals, and the closed projects. You can also access reports and even share information with other team members. With a project dashboard, you can take control of what matters most.

Customized Job Alerts

Freelancers get notifications for preferred jobs. You can customize your profile settings to get job alerts that you want to consider. It will save you time searching for working opportunities and focus on applying for the relevant ones.

Track Time

If you opt to do freelance work on a per hour basis, you can use the time tracking feature of freelance sites. The tool will help both parties to account for the services rendered. It also protects each other from unwanted charges as they work on a project.

Built-In Invoice Maker

One of the good things with freelance sites is that both employers and freelancers can receive and send an invoice through the platform. You don’t have to do the invoicing manually, but you can bill projects done easily. It is a perfect tool to monitor billing and payments made.

Full Transparency

Working virtually poses a lot of risks such as scammers and slave drivers. Freelance sites offer a platform where employers and freelancers can have full transparency to protect both parties. A shared dashboard allows both parties to track the activities and progress of the project. Everyone who's part of the work is always in sync.

Great Customer Support

Employers and freelancers are supported 24/7 by customer service. They provide quick responses and upgraded support solutions to address your concerns. You can chat, email, or call their hotline when you need help.

What are the types of online freelancing sites?

Online freelance sites vary depending on their target market. They cater to the different needs of job seekers and service buyers. Employers and freelancers can sign up with the following types of freelance sites that work for them:

Multiple-Industry Freelancing Sites

The inclusive freelancing websites are open to all freelancers and employers. From simple tasks to complex projects, from designers to personal assistants, and from short term to full-time jobs, you can find them on these platforms.

Specialists Freelancing Sites

Specialist freelancing sites highlight niches and specific skills. They can be focused into arts and designing, writing, or even household services. They pool experts from specific fields and offer particular services to their target audience.

Who needs online freelancing sites?


Hiring the right people does not need to be tedious. With online freelancing sites, get the service you need faster and easier. Get the platform's leads and assess applicants based on their performance from previous projects, prices, and potentials. You will save resources, time, and effort when you use the platforms.


Make your profile visible and reachable by employers through freelance marketplaces. Take advantage of the thousands of job opportunities available online. You can offer different services and work with various projects and people. See the best freelance sites online to write and make money for or freelance job sites for videographers like you.


As you start your business, you can partner with specialists who will work for your business needs. You can hire someone to create your website, social media marketing, content writing, and more. Outsource services based on your present needs and settle for whom you want to grow your business.


Freelancing websites offer agencies a lot of opportunities to land large projects. Also, some people are willing to become part of an agency as they build their freelancing careers. Agencies can hit two birds in one stone upon joining the outsourcing sites.

Professionals and Solopreneurs

If you need additional help to perform your profession, as a writer, a teacher, and other occupations, you can have someone to work with you through online freelancing sites. You can hire an assistant or a specialist to make things possible for you.

Project Managers

Get your project done by pooling freelancers from the platforms. Work with experts who can help you create excellent results and meet your deadlines. Your load will be lighter when shared with able and dedicated people.

Sales and Marketing Teams

Add more people on your team through outsourcing your cold callers, email marketers, social media managers, appointment setters, and copywriters to help you grow your brand and have more sales. Freelancing sites have a great pool of marketing and sales individuals who can boost your campaigns.


Find practitioners who can provide services for your organizational needs from freelancing sites. Without the need for long term employment, you can develop and implement programs with experts in the field.


Demands of schooling can be overwhelming, and a little assistance from others would be perfect. Let somebody edit your thesis or tutor you on subjects that you are having difficulty with. There are available online English teacher freelance sites you can explore. Professionals can help you get through your school requirements.


Not all freelancing services are digital. Get the help you need with housework, such as plumbing, packing things, or assembling furniture through freelancing sites. Let someone fix stuff for you.

What are the steps to become a freelancer?

Step 1: Think very well if you want to be a freelancer

Freelancing has its advantages and disadvantages. You need to prepare yourself and have the right mindset as you embark on this path. Freelancing makes you the boss of your own business who offers services. You must be disciplined and reliable to succeed.

Step 2: Look for freelancing websites

Freelancing has its advantages and disadvantages. You need to prepare yourself and have the right mindset as you embark on this path. You must be disciplined and reliable to succeed.

Step 3: Sign up and build your profile

Fill out the freelancing websites' predesigned template with your information. Unlike traditional resumes, you need to supply relevant freelancing details. Creating your profile is your opportunity to brand yourself and make it stand out among countless others on the platform. Highlight your experiences, skills, achievements, and position yourself to be the best for the job.

Step 4: Select a niche

You may offer tons of services, but it is best to choose a niche you want to focus on as a freelancer. It helps you narrow down what services to highlight on your profile. Employers can find you easily with your preferred specialist niche. If you are into computer types of jobs or publishing, you can start offering your services on online freelance sites.

Step 5: Develop your portfolio

Provide proof of what you can do by uploading your portfolio. Your past works can best portray your talents, skills, and professionalism. You can keep on building a portfolio as you work with people through freelancing.

Step 6: Determine your price

Know what you and your services are worth. Consider the number of years you have been working, the current industry price, and your desired amount to be paid. Some freelance websites have tools that can help you to set your price. Make sure that you make a living if you pursue full time freelancing.

Step 7: Apply for work

Find opportunities and apply for jobs that you are confident with. You can bid on projects and adjust your pricing if you see necessary. As you build your reputation, it is essential to secure a positive rating from customers. Give your best and succeed in freelancing.

Can I be a freelancer even if I don’t have experience?

Absolutely! Freelancing is not limited to seasoned workers. In most cases, freelance sites would welcome beginners and employers who would hire a newbie. Some new to the field explore the best online virtual assistant freelance job sites to start their career.

What are the most common freelance jobs?

Freelance jobs can almost be anything, but the most common ones are the ones in digital services, such as creative and graphic designing, social media management, copywriting, website development, virtual assistance, or programming. There are many in-demand jobs in the service-based industry that freelancers can work on.

Can I sign up on freelance sites even if I don’t have a portfolio?

Though it is for your advantage to have a portfolio, you can sign up on online job sites. Some tasks and projects are open to entry-level. As you get projects, you can build your portfolio along the way.

How to get a freelance job?

If you’re a beginner, you can start searching for job opportunities online. Freelance websites are perfect for getting a job. You can check a large number of job offers and send your application. You can treat your service as a commodity, so you just need to build your brand and make it attractive to buyers.

How do I get paid on online freelance sites?

Freelance sites allow you to set up your preferred payment options, such as Paypal, Payoneer, bank transfer, and direct deposit. After you accomplish a milestone or project, the platform will transfer the payment to your account.

How much commission does a freelance site charge for completed tasks?

Platforms charge commission as they provide services for employers and job seekers. Usually, online freelancing sites charge between 5% to 20% of the accomplished projects. The charges are usually higher when you’re on popular freelance sites.

What benefits can I get if I sign up for an upgraded plan on a freelance website?

Membership offers you many perks including being highlighted as a preferred freelancer and access to top-rated projects. You have more opportunities to earn higher rates and grow your freelancing career.

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

If you sign up on a freelance writing online site, and later on decide that the program is not for you, you can cancel your membership anytime. You always have the choice as a freelancer and paying member.

How does freelancing sites work for employers?

When you create an account, you start exploring the service marketplace and connect with agencies and freelancers. You can post a job, invite freelancers you prefer to bid, choose the right fit, and start working with the person or team. Get the work done faster.

How do I post a project?

Register on the platform and provide the required information. After signing up, you can now post a project. Go to the dashboard and look for the option Post a Job. The competition in online freelance sites is good, since it lets you have the best freelancer for your project.

What are milestone payments?

The milestone payment system is a payment mode where employers and freelancers can set scheduled payments. It gives protection to both parties since they are given control over created payments. Only employers can create and release amounts, and only freelancers can cancel and return them to the project owners.

Can I get a refund on my deposit?

If you have a remaining balance in your account and wish for a refund, you can check the freelance website's refund policy and processes. You may contact the site’s customer service team if you have more complicated issues with their terms and agreements.

How can I make a dispute on online freelancing sites?

As much as possible, freelancers and employers avoid unwanted transactions or charges. But if you have a disputable case, you can contact the freelance website's support service to have unbiased and transparent help to solve the problem. They will work on both parties to come to the right solutions.

What are the cons of freelancing?

Freelancing may give you numerous benefits; here are some disadvantages to consider:

Less stability compared to regular work

Freelancing income depends on getting a proficient number of projects and good-paying clients; many freelancers are financially unstable and have no employment security.

Fewer benefits.

Companies usually provide benefits to their employees, such as pension plans and insurance. As a freelancer, you need to personally secure these benefits to have a safety net when the need arises.

Luckily, there are hundreds of freelancing communities and courses that help you maneuver through these problems. Equipped with freelancing’s flexible and adaptable nature, you will eventually learn the ins and outs of its bureaucracy and master it.

As an employer, how to pick the best freelancing site?

Identify the service and the number of people you need

Begin with planning the project you want to implement. Identify the services required and how many people are needed to accomplish the task. You may also include in the planning the skills required that you will look into.

Read reviews about the best online freelance sites.

Search for freelance sites online and read about the features of the best ones. For example, you can key in "online sites for hiring a freelance website developer" and see your options. You can also check reviews from companies who hire freelancers on these platforms.

Shortlist according to your requirements

List down at least three online freelance work sites. These websites offer you solutions to your needed services. Having your top three can narrow down your search and potentially get an efficient freelancer who works well with your team.

Explore the websites you have shortlisted.

Visit their websites and see more what they offer. Check on their features and how you can post your job offer. Some sites offer a team and there are freelance websites that offer you cream of the crop. Consider the pros and cons of each site before deciding where to invest your money in.

Consider the cost.

It is important to note the cost of hiring a freelancer and using the online freelance job sites. Considering the costs will help you manage your financial allocations and get a freelancer that works well with your budget. You can also check the payment options to find out which ones charge less and best fit with your freelancers.

Post a job offer

When you have chosen a site which suits you best, post the job offer and you will get matched with the right specialist. It is still necessary to be keen on sifting through the applicants to achieve your goals of hiring a freelancer.

As a freelancer, how to pick the best freelancing site?

Research on the different fields of freelancing

Freelancing is a vast field that has many industries and occupations. You need to check the different fields you can explore and learn what you need to prepare as you embark on your freelancing journey. You can also get recommendations from family or friends who are already freelancers—they can tell the best job hunting tips and strategies.

Identify what skills you can offer

List down what you know and have to offer to the freelancing world. Prepare your portfolio of past projects and other documents needed for job applications. To land your ideal job, you should highlight skills that you are adept at and mention achievements that recruiters might be interested in.

Research on the best online freelance sites or specific niche of freelancing sites

Read online about the top 10 online freelance job sites and see which one will give you opportunities to land a job. If you are passionate about writing, you can look for the best online freelance writing sites. Deep searching for niche freelance sites can increase your chance of getting a job that matches your career values and goals.

Join freelancing groups and communities.

Freelancing groups online are beneficial to guide you in your career. You can read tips, ask questions, and learn from the experiences of others. These people can also support you in your growth as a freelancer.

Sign up on your preferred online freelance sites.

You can sign up on many freelance sites as it can give you more possibilities to get hired. Update your profile from time to time, and don't get tired of sending proposals. Your freelancing career depends on you.

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