Best Online Exam Software in June 2022

Online exams are the future of learning. They're more convenient, less expensive, and offer better results than traditional paper-and-pencil tests. You can take an online exam from anywhere with internet access - even on your phone! Try out a software today!

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4 reviews


per month, $198.00 billed annually


7 types



SpeedExam  logo


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28 reviews


per month, $240.00 billed annually


10 types




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Mercer | Mettl

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6 reviews

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Easy LMS

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91 reviews


per month


6 types




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62 reviews


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15 reviews


billed annually





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17 reviews

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Creatix Campus

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0 reviews

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87 reviews

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Test Invite

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31 reviews


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is online exam software?

Online exam software is a program that can be used for taking online examinations, quizzes, and surveys via the internet. It is an examination management solution with paperless testing and assessment delivery tools designed to help administrators raise efficiency. It can also help you take the time-consuming administration of examinations from paper to digital with reduced costs and maximum efficiency.

Why do you need online exam software?

You need online exam software to ensure a fair and uniform exam for all students while still maintaining individual privacy. This enables you to create questions specific to this one setting without concern about what type of know-how or experience the tester may have in the absence of the ultimate user's manual. It also allows you to easily review your exams before administering them to polish the question content and remove any errors that may have been found.

What are the core features of the online exam software?
Number of Quizzes and Exams

Online exam software is a cloud-based platform that provides instructors with the tools to create, administer and grade quizzes and exams in a simple yet powerful way. With online exam software, instructors can create an unlimited number of quizzes or exams for the students. It can use various question types such as multiple-choice questions, true or false questions, matching items, and set time limits per question type.

Number of Question Types

The online exam software free download application has an intuitive interface that guides users through the process of creating an exam. The software has a variety of question types, including multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, short answer questions, true/false questions, essay questions, and matching questions that can be used as a classroom management tool for teachers.

Customizable Exam Templates

Online exam software is a leading provider of high-quality, customizable exam templates for use in any online or paper-based testing environment. It is an exam creation software and tool that enables you to create exams that are easily accessible across devices and can be used to assess the knowledge of your students quickly and efficiently.

Password-Protected Exams

Online exam software lets you create and administer secure, password-protected exams for your students, which can be taken from any computer with internet access and are automatically scored in real-time. This web-based software is also easy to use and costs a fraction of the price of other solutions. Students can take exams from any computer with internet access, allowing them to study while on the go or in places where they don’t have access to a computer.

Grading & Results

The online exam software is a cloud-based grading and results system for online exams. The platform allows instructors to create, publish, and grade any type of online exam using the web browser or the mobile app. It is a grading engine that lets you grade all your assignments in seconds, while the results module provides detailed statistics about each student's performance.

What are the types of online exam software?
Proctored Pre-recorded Assessments

Proctored pre-recorded assessment (PRMA) systems allow individuals to complete their tests on web-based servers while under surveillance from a remote proctor. PRMA uses audio, and video feeds as feedback through which they provide customer support tailored to knowledge gained about students from previous interactions with them. This helps to identify any potential problems during the test.


E-testing type of online exam software is a new form of assessment that supports the administration, management, and evaluation of online examinations. Most e-testing systems involve students taking exams on their personal computers while interacting with the server for feedback testing purposes. This can be either a timed, graded, or non-timed, ungraded type of exam, depending on the level and nature of the coursework involved.

Wiki-based Questions

A wiki-based examination is a programmed test that can be opened, closed, or timed however the examiner wishes. It is a new domain of assessment in the area of large-scale computer-aided testing of individual students, where the tests and questions are not prepared by one instructor but can be written and created by many instructors. It also seems to offer more feedback mechanisms and more opportunities for revision than traditional papers.

Who needs the online exam software?

Teachers need online exam software to create examinations and distribute them electronically to students that may be away from a "traditional" classroom setting or any setting at all. It will also allow teachers to better record and track the progress of their students in an interactive, organized system that is accessible anywhere at any time. It also ensures fairness and easy grading, thereby reducing workloads and decreasing unfairness.


Online exam software for schools is helpful for students as it eliminates the daunting situation of having to travel or worry about missing an important exam. This free online exam software also helps students prepare for an exam by testing them on certain material, and then they can review the test and take quiz questions on what they got wrong.


Banks need online exam software because they can analyze customer data in a faster way and provide customers with better service. Online exam software like bank online exam software gives banking customers a seamless user experience while providing important security and control benefits. Bank online exam software-free download can handle very large volumes of transactions promptly.

What are the steps in choosing the best online exam software?
Step 1:

Find the best online software exam program with an easy-to-use interface.

Step 2:

Look for features that will work best for your needs.

Step 3:

Consider the price of the software and how often you will use it.

Step 4:

Make sure the software is compatible with your computer's operating system and hardware requirements.

Step 5:

Check out reviews from other people who have used the same product to make an informed decision about which one is right for you.

Step 6:

If you are still unsure, ask someone in the know at your school or workplace what they recommend.

What is the best secure online exam software open-source program?

The best secure online exam software open-source program has a high-security system that is known to be one of the most secured in the field. It also has a user-friendly design and interfaces, making it easier for students to use. It also has a safe system for third parties such as administrators, counselors, or parents who want to gain access to their children's grades. The open-source program also has full control of the exam date.

What is the best online exam creation software for teachers?

A good online exam creation software for teachers should be easy to use and affordable. It should include all the necessary features and tools for creating a comprehensive exam and also be compatible with a lot of operating systems. It should also have an intuitive dashboard for teachers to use and offer many features, including a grading system. This is the best option for teachers that want to teach with ease and efficiency.

Where can I get a free full version of online exam software?

There are a lot of websites out there that offer online exam software free full versions, but they tend to be riddled with spyware. It is probably better if you spend the money on software from a more reliable company. You can also search "online exam software download" or the name of the specific test you're interested in taking on Google or Bing and see what you find.

What is the minimum browser requirement for online exam software?

The minimum browser requirement for online exam software is the latest version of Google Chrome. If you are using Internet Explorer 11 or above, then you can use the exam software. There is also no limit on the operating system that you can use with the exam software.

What is the difference between online exam practice software and online exam test software?

Online exam practice software gives you an online interface where you can self-practice in a simulation of the real exam. This type of software is typically cheaper and doesn't have as many options as a full-blown simulator for testing purposes while online exam test software is more robust and expensive. It offers more features such as a grade book and question bank with study tools that offer feedback on each completed test question.

Is there a fee when using the online exam maker software?

No, there is no fee when using the online exam maker software. The online exam maker software is offered as a free service to students. The only fee that you will need to pay is the exam administration fee for each student. You can also buy a perpetual license which will give you unlimited computer-based testing and an online web portal.

Where can I get an online open-source high school exam software?

There are many open-source high-school exam software programs available online. You can search for a free and open-source online exam software program for teaching and learning to program. It can also be used to make presentations and publish them on the internet, as well as to create animations. The program must also have support for multiple languages so that learners can start their projects in any language they know.

Where can I find an online exam demo software free download?

One way in which you can find free online exam demo software is through a simple google search. You can also find a lot of them by searching related keywords. You need to be careful about the websites you choose, though because some of these online exam software demo companies ask for your credit card number before they will allow you to download their software. Others may require that you register to download their exam demos.

What should be considered when developing an online exam software?

One important consideration when developing an online exam software is security. It's important to ensure that the information entered by the user is safe from intrusion and tampering. Another consideration is determining whether or not there will be a charge for taking an online exam. It may also be necessary to consider how the grade will be determined if there are different levels of skill among the students who take it.

Does online exam software have a return and cancellation policy?

Online exam software companies will gladly provide a full refund for customers who submit their cancellation request and/or exam result before the graded deadline date. After the graded deadline date, all post-exam cancellations or refunds are subject to a $50 processing fee. Companies will not offer any refunds or cancellations on behalf of customer requests that are less than three business days before the exam date.

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