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Best Online Event Ticketing Systems

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For event organizers who want to offer their guests a convenient way to buy their tickets, an online event ticketing system is exactly what you need. An online event ticketing system offers tons of services, tools, and functions for you to take advantage of, including multiple designs, seamless integration, social media sharing functionality, event check-ins, seat maps, and more. Online event ticketing systems can provide you with all of the tools necessary to create a successful event ticketing experience for your attendees. Get yours today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Online Event Ticketing Systems

What is the setup process and how long does it take?

The setup process is the process of installing an online event ticketing system, creating an online webpage, and incorporating the two together. Most of the online event ticketing software takes about a few minutes to finish the setup. This setup is usually free of charge and is provided once the online event ticketing software has been purchased.

Do Online Event Ticketing Software providers offer training or setup help?

The answer to this really depends on the software provider. Most of the time, software developers offer free training and setup help for the software users, specifically to the software administrators and controllers so that they will be able to know how to use the software and what they should expect from it. Some developers, on the other hand, offer training and setup help for a minimal fee if you purchase the online event ticketing software from them.

Is it costly to use an Online Event Ticketing Software?

The answer to this question is dependent upon the kind of software that you are going to buy. Some of the software providers offer affordable but efficient and reliable software that can help software purchasers minimize their costs. However, other software providers charge additional processing fees and other charges on top of software installation. 

How and when do I get paid?

For online event ticketing systems users, they get paid when other necessary event expenses are settled, and the sales department receives the check containing the payment for successful ticket selling and event.

Can I sell tickets offline?

Of course, you can still sell tickets offline. Online event ticketing selling is one way of making sure that you sell as many tickets as you can. However, you are still free to sell offline through ticket selling booths and other ticket-selling channels. You can even sell tickets during the day of the event by setting up on-site ticket-selling booths. This is to provide a fast and easy solution to customers who have lost their tickets or who forgot to bring their tickets.

Can we limit the sales of ticket volumes?

As a ticket seller, you have the discretion and prerogative to control anything regarding your ticket selling. You can charge the customers overpriced or underpriced tickets if you want. Same goes for the volume of sales you want to achieve in your ticket selling. If you want to increase your sales using a limited number of tickets, you need to increase the ticket price to achieve the desired ticket sales that you want. 

Can we offer multiple ticket types being available for sale?

Definitely, there are no restrictions as to what ticket types you want to sell for as long as you do not violate any agreement with the clients or event partners that you have any contract with. This may require you to pay for additional processing costs or to pay additional software features or upgrade, but if it will increase your sales by a number of digits then why not? The more options for the customers, the better. Customers will highly appreciate it if they can transact in one go without having to change from one website to another just to check details regarding their ticket purchase.

Can our various ticket types have differing selling start and end dates (e.g., Early Bird tickets which close off on a certain date, after which other ticket types go on sale)?

This is possible for as long as customers are informed of the different selling dates of the different ticket types. For clarity, it should be highlighted on the online event ticketing website what are the important dates and information that they need to take note of when buying their tickets. For convenience, customers should be given an event calendar for schedules of ticket selling so they can take note of the dates of which types of tickets they are going to buy. Moreover, there should be a description of each ticket, so customers will know what type of ticket they are purchasing.

Is it necessary to send a post-event survey?

It may not be necessary for some event organizers to send a post-event survey, but this is quite helpful for them. Post-event surveys help them evaluate their client’s experience, things that they can improve for the next event, what other suggestions might give them another successful event, and over-all client feedback and satisfaction. Post-event surveys can be done by answering surveys through emails, texts, or via phone call. This is usually sent to ticket purchasers who have different types of ticket, and their replies are pooled together in different categories for better client understanding. 

Is an online event ticketing system available for single events?

Definitely, if you want your single event to be a successful one even though you do not have a lot of experience with event planning, then you may consider using an online event ticketing system to help you manage your event in a better way.

What are the different types of seating system in an event?

General Admission

Most of your customers can afford this ticket because it has the lowest price. If your customers only want to enjoy the event and not bother about where they sit or how far they are from the stage, then this is the perfect ticket for them.

VIP (Very Important Person)

Customers who want to have the best kind of experience in your event and not mind the price need this kind of ticket. These customers are luckiest because they can have all the bonuses and special features that come with your events such as meet and greet, autograph signing, and freebies.

Virtual Pass

Customers to an online event such as financial orientation webinars, online coaching, business conference, and online auction use this virtual pass as their tickets to these events.

Reserved Seating

Reserved seating is usually a privilege given to ticket purchasers to choose wherever they want to sit. This ticket is a bit pricey, but at least you can choose to sit closer to the speaker or performer, or you can choose to sit comfortably with your companion or teammates if you attend with a group. Another term for this is table and chair seating.

Group Package

One way of encouraging customers to avail of your tickets is by offering group package tickets for those who want to attend meetings, seminars, workshops, team building activities, and other events that can accommodate a large group of people all at once. You can offer a discount for groups who would pre-register and meet the minimum number of people in a group.

All-Access Pass

If your company is organizing an event that runs for a couple of days such as music festivals, cooking showdowns, athletic competitions, art shows, and other events, you need to offer customers an all-access pass so they can witness the highlights of your event. An all-access pass is usually categorized into two kinds: multi-day access pass and one-day access pass.

-Multi-day Pass

A multi-day pass is a ticket you want to sell to customers who would like to attend the event based on their desire to do so. You give them the choice of attending all the events or just parts of it that they want to attend. They are encouraged but not required to attend each day and witness the unique activities each day laid out for them.

-One-day Pass

A one-day pass is a ticket you want to sell during a one-day event where customers can go back to the event as many times as they want. They can visit the event at different times of the day, but their ticket expires after one day. You can sell these tickets for events such as local band concerts, fundraising events, repetitive half-day seminars and lectures, and other events that run a cycle of activities and ends in a day.

Themed Promo Code or Special Offer

Themed promo codes or special offer tickets are tickets sold in an online ticketing system that offers a good discount and other ticket benefits along with it. This is usually sold when events need to meet a certain number of event-goers, and the ticket sales are not that impressive. Most of the time, this is offered in a limited time, so people will take advantage of the offer before it expires.

Early Bird Ticket

You can offer this kind of ticket for customers who always look out for pre-determined ticket selling dates to get the best seats and avoid long cue lines. If you want to increase your chances of improving your sales, this is one of the best ways to sell a ticket.

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