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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Pixteller different?

PixTeller is a unique free online banner maker since it provides a wide range of features and options to choose from. Users get more creative freedom to make banners for their online stores. It also has a very unique feature which helps users to make eye-catching and beautiful banner designs.

What is PixTeller?

PixTeller is an online banner maker that helps you create stunning eye-catching ads in minutes. The tool offers dozens of professional banner templates for all kinds of businesses, products and services. You can then use photos or artwork that you have already started.

In which format should the user download the banner?

The recommended online banner maker free format for images is PNG, as it has the best quality. If storage space is an issue or it is the only accepted format for uploading your banner to a site that requires this type of format, you can download as JPG and they won't appear to be of lower quality than if they were in the original file format.

Can the user use the banner for the eCommerce website or social media?

Yes, PixTeller online banner maker is free to use on your personal or corporate social media channels or website. After all, that's the whole point of it, to market your company or services online using beautiful graphics. PixTeller online banner maker is the go to service especially for those who are on the business side.

How many banner users can create using this online banner maker?

With PixTeller's online banner maker you may produce an unlimited number of advertising graphics. The main restriction is that the free account can only produce 5 visuals every month. If you need to generate more, you can join one of the premium programs and keep doing what you're doing.

Can the user share an editable version of the banner in PixTeller online banner maker?

You can share your banner graphics with others by providing them with the design source URL. They can use it as a template and start their own visual ads based on your promotional design. Just make sure you've checked that they're not using your copyrighted work or reselling what belongs to you.

Is there a template in PixTeller online banner maker?

Yes, there is a template in one of the best online banner maker. You can get a banner layout to work with the PixTeller online banner maker, without having to do any programming. This is a great feature for people who want to get a banner made to promote their site, but have no experience in making banners from scratch.

What is folder feature of PixTeller online banner maker?

The folder feature is a very crucial part for every content creator. You can organize your banners into folders and subfolders so that you can quickly locate any of your graphics. To keep track of your work, copy or move many designs at once into any pre-created folder.

What are banner layers?

Each banner element in this online banner maker is a layer that may be locked into place, turned visible, or turned off. You may also adjust its relative location to the other levels, either above or below them. Your banner components are completely within your control. This means that the user has a freedom in creating their own banner.

Is it easy to make a banner in PixTeller online banner maker?

Yes, it is easy to make a banner in PixTeller in just 3 simple steps. First users need to choose the right size and start from a banner template. Second users can customize their template. Last users can download and export the banner and promote their business

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