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Frequently Asked Questions on Online Banner Makers

What are online banners? 

Online banners are also known as those web banner advertisements you see on websites and social media platforms. They are visible in between or at the side of blogs, articles, and sites. You would often see them in a rectangular or square shape, promoting a product, business, company, etc.

What are the types of online banners?

There are generally three types of online banners: static, animated, and video. Static banners are simply just a picture that has no movement whatsoever. They usually contain some images, illustrations, and text but are still the most popular layout.Animated banners have a repetitive motion in their elements. Most of the time, the images and texts would move to their place, a specific action. This can turn your web banner eye-catching, but note that online banner makers with free animation usually have simple shifts that aren’t as striking as paid platforms.Lastly are the video banner ads, which are simply the full-on video form of a banner. In-banner video ads have a designated space to show a video experience, meaning you can include as much information as you need. Its three types are click to play, autoplay with no sound, or hover to play.

What are the standard web banner sizes?

For each platform, they will indicate what banner sizes they prefer. However, some of the most popular and reportedly effective are a 300x250 Px medium rectangle, 728x90 Px leaderboard, 160x600 Px wide skyscraper, and 300x600 Px half page. The less used ones include the billboard, large rectangle, portrait, etc.

Is there a specific file format for web banners?

Of course, each type of web banner has a suitable file format. For instance, if your banner has images, you should choose the free JPG file in your online banner maker. If it only has illustrations and text, download it as a PNG; for videos, use MP4, while for short animated banners, choose GIF.

What should I put in my web banner?

There are four main elements to create a striking web banner. First is a popping headline and subtext, which needs to be easily readable and memorable. Limit yourself to type in only a phrase up to a sentence, so you don’t bombard viewers with text.The second is an exciting image, illustration, or color scheme. You should learn the most enticing point of the information you’re trying to share and highlight this. If it’s a product, place its picture; if it’s an event, try to show its causes. Put merely, attract them visually if ever your text fails to do so.The main point of advertising and marketing is to be memorable, so the third element you must add is a personal or business logo for that unique touch. If you’re doing this for a business, the fourth element would be a call-to-action; this seals the deal and makes the viewer click for more details.

What is the difference between paid and free online banner makers? 

Every maker does its service inclusions differently. However, in general, the benefits you get for paying a plan include unlimited downloads, no watermarks, social media sharing, custom font uploads, image modification features, and other unique and exclusive features.

  What are some tips on creating eye-catching web banners?

There are four things you must remember when making a web banner. First is your demographic; try to learn more about which people you can appeal to and target their likes. However, you must also balance that out with originality. Do not be afraid to be personal if it fits your brand image.The second is to remember technical design rules. Simple is okay, as long as you get your point across. Take note of your typography and color choices. Be wary of clashing fonts, color palettes, and images that may just clutter your banner.The third is to pick the right type of banner to do. Find the one that best suits what you’re trying to share. For example, events may be enticing enough as a static banner. Products may look better as an animated GIF while promoting personal channels can be more effective when there is a video banner.

  Are online banners necessary?

If you need to advertise or get some word out, online banners are a must. The current digital age says so. Almost everything is online nowadays, so utilize this power to efficiently reach other people to maybe make them into customers or followers. You can always rely on an online banner maker to customize one.

Where do I place my online banner ads?

Before picking a blog or website to place your online banner, assess if the location fits your brand or theme or have the same demographic. Next is to decide what kind of ad fits the site and how you will promote it. Sizing is also an essential factor you must carefully pick.Finally, don’t distract viewers from the content that might make them leave. Don’t go overboard with banner ads everywhere because it’s aggressive and off-putting. Also, be wise in targeting your demographic. For example, use your online banner maker with an Indian demographic. However, do try publishing on a website related to that.

 Do banner ads work?

Banner ads are as effective as you intend them to be. Try to put yourself in a netizen’s shoes and what might make you click in and add. Generally, to be clickable, you need to convey a clear message, deliver a high-quality design, take note of branding so that the reader can trust you.

 Who usually clicks on banner ads?

Statistics show that among those aged 15-24, 58% of them have clicked on an ad. 71% of college students have clicked on an advertisement in the past six months, while 39% reportedly clicked on an ad because of interest in banner products. So, if your demographic fits in those mentioned, try using online banners.

 How do I add the completed banner to my website?

Banners in image files such as GIF and JPG, which will be uploaded in a website made with MS Frontpage or Expression Web, the Insert Picture command will do the trick. However, if you are coding your website with strictly HTML, use the IMG tag to add your banner.

 Are there free online banner makers available?

Free banner makers are available, even free online banner makers with no login. But they do have a significant share of inconveniences, from generic templates to lack of features. So, it is always best to keep in mind that having something for free has its compromises. There are also free online banner makers to print and customize that you can easily use, but there will be no guarantee that you can create your ideas as you envision them. You might need to assess if paying is the best option, which it usually is.

 What are some pros and cons of using free online banner makers?

The main pro of these makers is that they are easy and free online banner makers. However, that’s about it. Of course, you can get creative, but nicer results are more achievable with better tools. So, take time to find a banner maker fit for your needs and budget.

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