Best On Page SEO Checkers in May 2022

The on-page SEO checker is a web-based tool that examines whether or not your website is optimized for search engines. Besides providing improvement and enhancement tips, this tool also checks for technical errors such as page size and speed, website loading time, and image rendering size.

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SEO Site Checkup

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14 reviews


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204 reviews


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512 reviews


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282 reviews


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173 reviews


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247 reviews


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SE Ranking

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857 reviews


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PageOptimizer Pro

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174 reviews


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54 reviews


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SEO Tester Online

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Frequently Asked Questions

Truely is based on AI algorithms that are getting smarter every day.
What are On-page SEO Checkers?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) checkers are a tool to evaluate your website and find areas to improve in terms of SEO. Using these tools will boost your website's rank in search engine results pages (SERPs) and attract more visitors. On-page SEO analysis works by assessing your title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, images, and content; it even analyzes the URL structure of your website and checks for any duplicate content.

Why should you use On-page SEO Checkers?

On-page optimization tools give valuable suggestions and target keywords that you can use to create content that resonates with your customers. It helps small businesses and start-ups organically build brand visibility and credibility.

What are the core features of On-page SEO Checkers?

On-page SEO Analysis

On-page SEO analysis tool evaluates your web page and provides feedback on how to improve it for better search engine ranking. On-page optimization enhances your website content, titles, meta descriptions, etc. to make them current and appealing to search engines.

Rich Snippets and Schema Marker

On-site SEO checker scrutinizes your website for rich snippets and schema mark-up. You can set rich snippet schemas to group your content, improve click-through rate (CTR), and boost SEO rankings.

Competitor Analysis

This feature scans your competitors' SEO tactics and helps you adapt those strategies for your website. Doing so will improve your website's search engine visibility and organic search performance.

Keyword Analysis

On-page SEO checker identifies the right keywords, measures their competitiveness, and studies their impact on your site's ranking and visibility. They also provide the right range for chosen keywords and a keyword difficulty score to help you come up with the best keywords for your site.

SEO Audit Tools

The SEO audit tool feature detects and fixes critical errors and gives you a list of actionable items to power up your SEO and website traffic. It also measures website speed and recommends ways to make it faster.

Social Media Integration

The on-page SEO checker tool provides seamless integration with all your social media accounts and allows you to customize content and thumbnails for each platform. You can create dynamic content cards and get tips on increasing followers on social media.

Priority Customer Support

On-Page SEO checkers provide fast and friendly customer support for your problems or questions. 24/7 live support is an important feature to consider before buying the premium version.

Who needs On-page SEO Checkers?

Content Creators

Optimizing content helps creators rank higher in SERPs. On-page SEO analysis ensures that your content is well-formatted, keyword-rich, and engaging for users.

Online Businesses

An SEO-optimized business website attracts increased traffic and boosts engagement and revenue. An on-page SEO checker fixes errors and broken links and removes obsolete content to speed up your website and amplify conversion rates.

Online Publications and Blogs

Using on-page SEO graders can optimize your website or blog, increase readership, and bump up social media shares. Ultimately, a well-optimized website provides enhanced user experience and accessibility.

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