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Do you have a lot of paperwork that needs to be scanned? If so, it’s time to invest in OCR software. This will allow you to scan invoices and other documents into digital formats like PDF - making it easier for you to manage all your paperwork. It also allows for the conversion of paper-based data into electronic files, which can then be stored on computers or servers. Try one now!

Frequently Asked Questions on OCR Software

What are the other functions of OCR software?

OCR software can be in different ways. As the technology evolves, so is its function. Here are some OCR software applications that you might not be aware of:

-Data entry for business documents, such as check, passport, invoice, bank statement.

-Automatic recognition of plate numbers.

-Passport recognition and information extraction in the passport.

-Traffic sign recognition.

-Extracting information in business cards for contact listing.

-Turning electronic images of printed documents searchable.

-Making handwriting to control a computer in real-time.

-Archiving historical transcripts, especially those transcripts that are found by an archeologist, into a searchable format.

-To sort mails for delivery.

-Translating words into another language.

How does OCR software work?

Since it is optical software, it can easily scan a text on any file. The software has a scanning feature that breaks the fonts and images down into a series of dots—these dots are called a bitmap. Since the software can distinguish almost all kinds of fonts, it will recognize and convert the bitmap to an editable text, allowing you to edit all parts of the file with ease.

What are the algorithms used in OCR to identify characters?

There are two algorithms which the OCR uses to identify characters:

(1) Pattern recognition in which OCR software programs are fed with examples of text in various fonts and formats, which, then used to compare and recognize characters in the scanned documents.

(2) Feature detection in which OCR software programs apply rules regarding the feature of a specific symbol, such as the number of letters in the scanned documents. These features could be cursive or specific handwriting characters. And when a mark is recognized, it is then converted into a known code and will be stored in your computer systems to handle further manipulations.

Can OCR detect lines, shapes, colors, or other features on a page?

OCR cannot detect lines, shapes, colors, or other features on a page. That, even advanced OCR software can only detect and retrieve text on a given document. To find other features, you need more comprehensive data capture software.

When is it better to transcribe text rather than to use OCR?

Manually retyping should be preferred when the material you want to reproduce is too old, damaged, complex, or otherwise eccentric to be converted into accurate OCR. It should also be preferred when you want to focus on 100% accuracy of the project.

How can you improve the accuracy of your OCR Software?

OCR accuracy can improve in the following methods, not all of which are practicable within a single digitization workflow:

-Select a document or image file on the primary basis that it is suitable for OCR.

-Scan your document at a 300 dpi or more resolution.

You can test image optimization software for best results on specific content.

-Clean the file converted by OCR software by manually retyping it.

-You must use an appropriate or dedicated dictionary for the OCR engine to see if a more accurate vocabulary results in better accuracy.

-You can use language modeling software within the OCR engine to improve the intelligent recognition of characters and words.

-You can use optimization software that can automatically deskew every page on a vertical and horizontal grid so that the image text is as clear as possible.

What scanning setting will give the best OCR accuracy?

When scanning an image that you want to convert to text using OCR software, the best scanner settings are black and white, no grayscale or color, and a 300-dpi resolution. Most commercial OCR applications work well with color images, but black and white will usually give you better accuracy. Scanning at more than 300 dpi will only improve clearly for small print and may even decrease exactness in some cases. In most cases, 300 dpi would give you an optimized result.    

Is there an OCR software app for mobile phones?

Whether you are an Android or iOS user, you can find OCR software apps that will be compatible with your phone. You just have to find one in your app store. However, most of that OCR software app would not be as highly functional as the OCR software scanner since OCR software scanner tends to convert image files to editable files accurately and which is better.

Is there any free OCR Software?

There is a lot of free OCR software that you can search on the web; some of it allows you to download it, and some are just free online. All you must do is take the time to find the suitable OCR software that will suit your needs. However, be mindful of using free OCR software because you might be exposing your privacy at risk. Find the one which has better security to avoid future problems.

What is the best OCR Software?

In the current software market, a lot of OCR software companies would claim that they have the best product that they could offer the public. Some of these OCR firms offer OCR software trials for a few days. However, these free OCR software trials are subject to additional payment if you want to unlock its full potential. So, if you are looking for the best OCR software, you might want to consider using its trial mode before really investing in it. It will save you money and give you the best output.

What does it mean to have OCR software as a document?

OCR software works hand in hand with your scanner to convert printed characters into digital text, allowing you to search for or edit your document in a word processing program.

Is it safe to use online OCR services?

Most of the online OCR services are well secured. However, it will personally depend on you, as to whether you want to store and save your file information in the digital world data. For example, if the file that you are about to convert using an online OCR service contains personal information of your clientele, you might want to think twice before doing so. If security is at the top of your concern, better find an online OCR service that you can trust.

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