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Visualize the flow of information and data in any system using network diagrams. They can help you understand how your company’s network is structured, where potential bottlenecks might be, and what kind of changes need to be made for optimal performance. Try one today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Network Diagrams

What does a network topology diagram show? 

A network topology diagram shows the devices connected to a physical LAN or WAN, giving insight into how devices in your office are physically set up. The network topologies diagram defines connections and equipment in a network, such as an internetwork, LAN, or computer network. 

How to read a network wiring diagram? 

A network wiring diagram is a graphical representation of the components and connections between elements on two or more devices on the network. - Read the Control Panel wiring (labeled in blue or green). In most cases, this is where the main traffic comes from and goes to.- Read any STP wiring nodes (labeled in orange or grey), which should be configured to use one layer as a bypass.- Look at all of your ingress and egress for traffic areas that are not labeled - those need their termination points. These are usually on switches and routers, not devices. 

Why use a network switch diagram? 

A network switch diagram is useful since it represents how certain devices are connected to a computer network. Network switch diagrams are a pictorial representation of networks and the devices that use them.   

What is a network diagram template? 

Network diagram templates are a space to capture the principles of certain network configurations. For instance, routing protocols and their adjacencies to broadcast domains are captured in these diagrams. A network diagram template will have specific shapes for an end node, a router interface, an internetwork protocol, and more.

Is there a free network diagram? 

Yes, there are different varieties of free network diagrams. A quick search can bring up many different options. A free network diagram is a type of diagram that does not prize its accuracy about dimensions, miles traveled, or monetary cost. It's most often used when diagrams are overkill and text is sufficient. 

How online network diagram works?

An online network diagram is also an interactive representation of a computer network or graphical display of a data flow structure. It is a pictorial representation where nodes are machine interfaces found in the physical layout of the system under consideration and edges represent flows of data between the two interfaces. 

What is the network diagram example? 

Network diagram examples can take a few different forms. This diagram provides a visual representation of how decision-making power is distributed within or between departments/entities. A great network diagram example would be any schematic for an electrical circuit.

When to use a basic network diagram?

Basic network diagrams are sometimes called flowcharts and describe data inside a system. It is best to use them when highlighting steps in the process, like where decisions get made and how information flows. Flowcharts can also be used as an aid for problem-solving to plan out methods or structures. 

How to download network diagram software? 

A search of network diagram software should give you a lot of free options. Network diagram software is used to create charts and diagrams for various purposes. Free network diagram software is a spreadsheet-based or vector graphics-based software that creates diagrams representing networks in nodes and links.

What are the critical paths in the network diagram? 

The critical paths are the shortest set of connections to traverse a network. All traffic will flow on these paths, and it's very difficult for other devices to break in - even if there's significant congestion. The more vulnerable the network is to this kind of disruption, the more important it becomes. 

What is dummy activity in the network diagram?

A dummy activity represents information between two nodes in a network that have no real-world connection. Creating dummy activities for portions of your connections will give you additional control over how traffic flows through your network diagram. 

How to identify network drops on a diagram? 

One way to identify network drops on a network diagram is to look for dark areas. A couple of common network drop symptoms are the following: You may not find all of these, but it is important to have the wiring rechecked f you have a significant number of them. - Slow data flow or lags- Inconsistent behaviors and responses from devices across varying distances from each other on the wireless- Lights don't turn on when hit with infrared remote switches near router configuration/shelves or at points where cables run in walls terminate. - Always indicative that there's a physical disconnect somewhere, where the cable meets a connection point like an outlet box or light switch junction box isn't inserted squarely and securely enough into place. 

Why is a network diagram important to risk assessment? 

Network diagrams are an important tool in the risk assessment process, as it helps visualize relationships between individuals or organizations that may be subject to a given threat. Common network diagrams used for risk assessment purposes include; contact analysis, organizational charts, and flowcharts. 

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