Best Money Making Apps in June 2022

Do you want to make more money? Money-making apps are a great way to earn cash without having to work too hard. You can do things like taking surveys, watching videos, and downloading free games to get paid. Download an app now for your chance at making some extra cash!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are money making apps?

Imagine making money while being on your mobile—sounds too good to be true, right? Despite how impossible it may be, you can do it thanks to the existence of money-making apps. Money-making apps are applications for your mobile phone, which you can download to help you earn rewards while using them in your daily transaction. While these apps won't help you make millions, you can still have the amount of money to help you pay some of your monthly bills.

Why do you need money making apps?

Earning extra cash is not so bad. It can help you with your monthly bills or even help you buy what you want. However, if you are still not sure if you like to make money using these money-making apps, then here are some reasons that might resolve your doubts:

Earn on the Go

In this digital age, you always have your phone with you wherever you go. You almost do everything on your phone. Whether it be for buying goods or paying your bills, you always use your phone. Then, think about earning while on the go. You can make money by just downloading the best money-making apps on your phone.

Save While You Shop

You love adding that product to your cart, right? Then, think about having a little cash back every time you pay for it. Sounds good, right? However, this idea is not far-fetched from reality since there are money-making apps that will give you cashback while using their application, as it makes you save more money while you are shopping.

Make the Most of Your Spare Time

Always being on your phone can be better than you think. While being on your social media, you can always switch to using money-making apps when the feed starts to bore you. You can always take up surveys while waiting for the latest update on the feed or finish a task on the said. It gives you the joy of being updated while earning extra.

Earning is Never Boring

Sometimes having a nine a.m. to five p.m. job can be tiring, being in a constant routine. Yet, you still have to earn to make a living. However, earning money can be fun nowadays, especially when you find easy money making apps that offer a variety of ways to earn money that won't be as repetitive unlike your day job. Play games or do tasks you have never done before.

Earn at Your Preferred Time

Are you a day person or a night owl? It doesn’t matter when it comes to making money using apps. There are a lot of legit money making apps that can provide you the leeway to choose your own time to earn your money.

Earn More at the Same Time

When you have already completed the task of the day in your money-making app, but you still want to earn more. You can open another money-making app to earn that extra cash. You can jump from one money making app to another using your phone. The more apps you have, the more money you earn.

Earn More While You are on the Phone

Making money through apps would only require you to use your mobile phone. With this, it will be your best friend as it is the means for you to do the surveys, finish a task, or sell something online.

What are the core features of money making apps?

There are several money-making apps to help you earn money. The differences might be unclear as to why some of these apps making money can provide more earnings than the other. So here are some features you might want to consider using:

App Reputation

You cannot deny the fact that there are fake money-making apps that could scam you. Rather than earning, you are the one losing money. To make sure that you are downloading legit money, making apps check what the previous customers have to say about it. Doing so would save you from future problems.


Some apps for money making can be very confusing, especially when you are not a millennial. However, this is not a hindrance to earning money. Just see to it that the money-making app that you download is user-friendly. And that you can easily navigate through it with minimal help.


Most money-making apps involve money. Thus, the application must have a great security feature. That allows you to see your online transactions and how much you have left. Security protection allows you not only to be careful with what you are doing in the app. But, it also boosts your confidence to continue using the app.

Withdrawal Options

Knowing the method of payment these money-making apps provide will help you understand the available option for you. Some of these apps for making money can pay you via bank transfer, PayPal, or international money transfer providers.

Bonuses and Rewards

Many money making apps give out incentives to their consumers, especially new users. Some apps reward you by giving you discounts on your online purchases as long as you have the exact points needed or you have invited new members on the app. Other apps also give you a free lunch coupon, a movie ticket, or a gift card in any stores online as you meet the requirements.

Customer Service Availability

Most of these money making apps feature 24/7 availability of their customer support. This is a plus, as they will help and assist you with the queries and issues that you might have. With this, it gives you the feeling of being valued as a user of the app.


Money-making apps are designed for mobile phone usage. You have to make sure that your mobile phone meets the minimum requirement of the app, especially its storage and its operating system, as some phones are not compatible with newer apps due to the specs that they have.


You can access the money-making app whenever and wherever. These apps are accessible as long as your phone has an internet connection. With this, it won't be a problem to get an extra income with these money-making apps.

Payment Frequency

When using a money-making app, you want to know when you will get the money you earned. When it comes to payment, these money-making apps will offer users different pay frequencies. Some would pay weekly, bi-weekly, semimonthly, or monthly. In most cases, the app decides the payment frequency, but there are instances when they allow consumers to withdraw the money anytime they want.

What are the types of money making apps?

In the mobile app market, a lot of applications are offering the best services in terms of gaining money online. But, you have to choose your ideal app that suits your needs and wants. So, here are the different types of money-making app you need to know before you download the best one:

Money Making Survey Apps

Want to earn some money while giving out your opinion? Some companies offer rewards for those who want to fill out polls and surveys. Doing so would help companies reinvent their products, update their marketing strategies, and many more.

Cashback Rewards Apps

From buying your necessities to looking for a place of adventure, you cannot deny that you have to spend money. However, you might as well save some percentage of the money you spend. This kind of money-making app will help you just right.

Money Making Games Apps

There are a lot of apps that you can search for that will pay you to play their games. Some will offer you a range of games to choose from, and the longer you play, the more you earn.

Complete-the-task Money Making apps

Most of these apps offer you some tasks to do, complete, and get paid. You will be paid as soon as you've completed the mission on the specific time requirement. One example is answering some survey questions and taking photographs inside the store. By finishing the task, you will be able to redeem rewards like gift cards in your favorite online shopping store.

Passive Money Making Apps

Putting your money to earn interest by investing it can be beneficial. Not only are you investing for your future growth, but also you’re building the assurance of your wealth progress, and you are also ahead of inflation as the value of your money never decreases. This means that having the best money-making app could help you achieve it.

Who needs money making apps?

Are you a parent? You must want to earn an extra amount of cash to provide for your family. Then having a money-making app would allow you to achieve it. As a parent, you go shopping, and you want to have some percentage saved on your purchases. Then with apps that give you cash back, you may be able to earn some extra cash on the side. Also, when you are a parent having a side hustle will help your family finances.


Having a good education can be expensive. Imagine all the requirements needed for school, as well as the tuition fees to be paid. You cannot deny that earning extra could help you out and your family. With this, you can download free money making apps that could make you earn that extra cash. As a student, you can answer polls or surveys and even do daily tasks using apps for money-making. It will not take up much of your time and will not be a hindrance to your studies.


Investing is part of your life as a businessman. You like to earn extra by investing some of your hard-earned money. By using passive money making apps, it could be possible for you. All you need to do is invest now and reap what you sow in the future.


Shopping is one of the activities all people love. You shop for the things that you need to survive and buy the things that you want. However, you also want to save a little every time you shop. With this in mind, you can use cashback apps that could give you a percentage less of what you are paying.


Play hard to earn harder. If you are a gamer and you didn’t know that you can have money while playing games, then you must be living under a rock. Some money-making apps today are in the form of games. It will give you rewards that you could convert into money. Who said getting the money can’t be this fun?


Whether you are an employee or the boss, one thing is for sure that is you want to earn extra cash. Regardless of your profession, you want to gain money other than from the wage you get from your place of work. For that reason, it is beneficial for you to download legitimate money-making apps from home to help you achieve the amount you want.

What are the steps on how to make a money making app?
Step 1: You need to plan your money-making app.

When planning your money-making app, you will need to have an exact idea of what it will do and the problem it will solve. You should also think about the target audience and what will appeal to them. If you don’t have a precise idea of what you should be doing, then you can find what is the common trend people download on their mobile phones.

Step 2: Choose how you will build your money-making app.

Once you have planned your app, you need to start building it. There are two options for you to make it. First is going through all the intricate parts yourself. The second is to use an app builder to take care of the process.

Step 3: Design the visual element of your money-making app.

With having many apps in the market, you want to make sure that your apps stand out. You must have a catchy design, logo, and animation.

Step 4: Know how you can monetize it.

You must know how your app will generate money for you. It can be either through sign-up fees, subscriptions, or paid apps. You can offer your application as a free money-making app for trial to invite people to try it.

Step 5: Decide your user payment option.

When your users start to use the money-making app that you use, you must now think of what is the way they could withdraw what they earn. And they must have options on how they get their rewards. You can either make a system where they link up their bank accounts, PayPal, or via international money transfer providers to assure them that they are in the right app.

Step 6: Beta test your money making app.

You must test your app through numerous devices and let different people within your target audience use it. It allows you to collect various feedback and opinions about how your app works and eliminate those that don’t. It will also help you to see what aspects of your app that you should improve.

Step 7: Release it to the public.

If the beta test of your money-making app is a success, then it is time for you to offer it through the Play Store or App Store. Also, you must know how much percentage of the money in every download goes to the company and you.

Step 8: Advertisement boost.

There are a lot of money-making apps in the market, making it hard to compete at times. With this, you can advertise your app making money on the different social media platforms. It will help increase its popularity and could help you earn more with its downloads.

Step 9: Relax and enjoy.

All you have to do is wait for that money-making app to be downloaded by your target audience. The more people download, the more extra money you get. You help them earn their money while they help you have yours.

How will I earn using a money-making app?

Making money using apps has different ways for you to earn. Some of these money-making apps will immediately reward you upon signing up with their app. Others will let you take surveys or complete a task that is equivalent to cash. While money making game apps will require you to play more games to gain points which you can convert into cash.

What is the best money making app?

Many money making apps would claim that they are the best. However, individuals are the ones who will decide which is the best. It will always depend on how the money-making app could help the consumer earn that extra cash. Some making money apps are not that responsive to the needs of its consumer.

What quick money making apps are available in the market?

If you are looking for a quick money-making app, then you should get the app that pays you immediately upon using it. Most of these kinds of apps are usually apps intended for a side hustle, like transportation service or nanny service apps. Upon booking your services, through the app making money, and finishing the transaction, you will be immediately receiving your payment.

Do legit money making apps exist?

Yes, there are legit money-making apps available in the market. However, finding true ones will take more preventive measures if you want to make sure. In doing so, you should research the best money-making apps on the internet. Also, knowing what the previous users experience in using the app will help you choose the right one. All you need to do is gather enough information about the app making money that you want to explore. When you are sure enough that it is a safe app, then you can start using it to gain the extra cash you want.

What is the highest rated money-making app for games?

When you search for the highest-rated money-making game apps on the internet, it will not exactly give you an exact gaming style. The best app for money-making has a diverse range of options for you to play. Most of these money-making apps would offer surveys, polls, tasks, cashback, and games. These money-making apps do not offer games as the main feature to earn money. Most search money-making apps include gaming as one way to earn points or cash backs on their purchases and not the main attraction.

Do free money-making apps exist?

Yes, free money-making apps do exist in the market. However, it is likely a scam. As these are free as it can be a mode of getting personal information from you, that would be a risk to your security. To avoid this problem, make sure that you take precautionary measures before downloading and signing up for an app to make money. In doing so, it will limit the possibility of a personal security threat. You will gain confidence while earning some extra cash.

Do I have to pay to get a money-making app?

While some of these money-making apps are free, there will still be some that will ask for a sign-up fee for you to avail of their services. However, some apps that charge fees can be a scam and should be avoided. To avoid this dilemma, it is best to start with a free money-making app before signing up for a fee. It will help you gain money without fearing that what you pay is eating up your profit.

What are the things I should consider when using money-making apps?

While apps for money-making can give you money for your pocket easily, but there are rules you have to keep in mind as you use it:

1. You must set a realistic expectation for what you will earn.

If you think that using a money-making app will get you rich in just a few days, then you are wrong. These apps will take up time for you to have a decent amount of savings that you can cash out.

2. Know the rules.

Some of the money-making apps have stricter rules for you to earn money. And not knowing these rules will only take you longer to gain more extra cash.

3. Be selective.

Deciding which money-making apps to use partly depends on your spending habits. Select the cashback money, making an app that will help you save better than spending more.

4. Don’t let apps dictate buying decisions.

In using cashback money-making apps, make sure that you are the one deciding what you will purchase. These apps tend to recommend products that will give you a lesser percentage cashback.

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