Best Membership Management Software in May 2022

Membership management software is a crucial tool in the modern age for businesses from almost every industry. A highly valuable utility, it can help you optimize how you connect with your members and clients, gather data, and help you market the right information to the right people. This tool will also allow your clients to interact with your business, potentially turbo-charging how things work.

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Wild Apricot

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1,105 reviews


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375 reviews


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Glue Up

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334 reviews


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564 reviews


per month

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132 reviews


per month, $588.00 billed annually

MemberLeap logo


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187 reviews


per month

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ACGI Software

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32 reviews


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Hello Club logo

Hello Club

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105 reviews


per month, $480.00 billed annually

ClubExpress logo


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1,087 reviews


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120 reviews


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Membership Management Software?

A brand is a promise to the customer, and membership management software will help you keep that promise. A great membership management system allows you to track activities, calendar events and payments, organize member information, and send targeted marketing communications based on data gathered. The software also keeps all of your records in one secure place so you can say farewell to endless spreadsheets and open up more possibilities for your business.

Why should I use software for membership management?

Managing your company or club’s members effectively can be difficult. Badly-designed spreadsheets, mismatched calendars and poorly organized payments and renewals are just some of the things you have to deal with. Having a single solution that addresses all these sounds impossible, but it exists. Whether you need membership management software for crossfit or a gym or a very large corporate organization, there is a membership management software that’s right for your needs.

The software allows you to meet all your business needs — whether it’s to automate processes that would free up countless business hours, plan events with enviable ease, make payments and invoicing easier, offer promotions, and a whole lot more.

What are the key features of software for membership management?

Automating Processes

The best membership management software provides clients timely reminders about upcoming payments, renewals and other updates, saving your team the trouble of having to manually send emails.


Many membership management software providers allow custom elements to be added to the communications you send, adding a human touch that can endear you to your customers.

Capture Payments

This can be done in different ways. Invoicing, billing, member dues, ticket purchases, deferred payments — it all becomes a breeze with the right software.


Based on client and payment data, you’ll be able to get a bird’s-eye view of your company or club and discover unique insights to help improve efficiency.

Who uses Membership Management Software?

Large multinational businesses across a vast array of industries, to nonprofits, to grass-roots gyms and crossfit clubs, to nonprofits, to SMEs... anyone seeking a streamlined and practical way of keeping things organized will benefit from having a unified system for processing multiple operations.

What factors should I consider when choosing Membership Management Software?

Consider your needs. Try searching for membership management software reviews to learn what others think about the software. There are plenty of sites with reviews offering comprehensive insight on the best membership management software, with full comparisons.

Here are other things to consider:

Ease of Use 

The software must be easy to understand and that the features are relevant for their intended use

Website Integration

The software must automate processes and integrate with your website.

Payment Scheduling Options

Depending on your requirements, you may need to adjust the frequency of payments.

Your Budget 

Consider what’s affordable and fulfills your demands. Although many providers offer free software for membership management, these tools might be limited in functionality and might not meet all your requirements.

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