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2021 Rankings

Best Marketing Automation Software

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Frequently Asked Questions on Marketing Automation Software

What’s the difference between customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation software?

CRM software is focused on the sales aspect of a business, whereas marketing automation software focuses on the marketing campaign and effort. It’s worth keeping in mind that a combination of both software is critical and necessary. Still, the separate stand-alone software is likely purchased by most.

What is a lead, and how does the marketing automation software relate to it?

A lead refers to a potential client. After gathering data from your marketing campaign, the software will identify and manage the lead until it becomes a customer. This process is called lead nurturing—building a relationship with the customer at every stage of the sales funnel and throughout the customer’s journey.

Which marketing automation software is the best?

The best marketing automation software is the one where it offers everything that you need. There are tons of software out there, so be sure to check out if it has the features necessary for your business. Be subjective; what works for others may not work for you. Be sure to check out the core features above and start from there.

Which is better, subscription-based pricing or one-time purchase?

Marketing automation software pricing will depend on what type of software you want. Most cloud-based and proprietary marketing automation offers subscription-based pricing, typically billed every month, semi-annually, or annually. On-premise and open source marketing automation software is usually offered as a one-time purchase. However, note that both types rely heavily on the customer in setting up and installation. So, the decision is entirely up to you and your business needs.

What team/s benefit the most from marketing automation software?

The marketing team benefits the most from marketing automation software. Being able to turn manual processes into an automated system means a more manageable and convenient marketing campaign. Plus, you can reach a much wider audience and evaluate marketing campaign performance using the software.

Is marketing automation software worth the money?

In 2015, 80% of companies using marketing automation software had managed to increase their leads, with 77% of said leads being converted into customers. This is a very high success rate and a testament that such software is vital to a company’s marketing effort. 

For what types of business and industry does marketing automation software work best?

Any type of industry can benefit from having marketing automation software. Every business will need a marketing campaign at some point to attract customers. The software can help evaluate your marketing strategies, manage data, implement changes and improvements, and disseminate information within the company.

I already have an email auto-responder. Do I still need marketing automation software?

Yes. While an email auto-responder is a marketing software, it only focuses on reaching out to a person or customer. In contrast, marketing automation software is an umbrella term for all automation software used to enhance a business’ marketing efforts. A marketing automation software includes an email auto-responder as one of its main features.

How can I measure the effectiveness of my campaign and act on it?

Data analytics and report is a core feature of marketing automation software. The data you have collected can then be used to create a report and see if the campaign has performed well, based on some metrics you or your marketing team has set. You can then spend effort on areas that require improvement.

Is my business too small for marketing automation software?

No. Marketing automation software is for businesses and organizations of all sizes. For small businesses, marketing automation software will allow them to spread limited resources and reach as many prospects as possible.

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