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2021 Rankings

Best Live Streaming Platforms

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Live streaming is the most exciting way to share your life with friends and followers. It’s also an incredible tool for businesses, educators, artists, and anyone else who wants to connect with people in real-time. Download now in the App Store or Google Play store!

Frequently Asked Questions on Live Streaming Platforms

When is the best time to do a live stream?

Timing is the key to live streaming. According to statistics, viewership starts to peak at around 6 PM up to 8 PM during weekdays. As for weekends, it begins at approximately 11 AM up to 6:30 PM. It is best to keep these peak hours in mind to maximize your streaming time and viewership.

How can I maximize my viewership?

During peak hours, competition with other streamers will be high. There’s only so much time that viewers can give, and with many streamers to choose from, you might have to compete for viewership. Try to have different schedules for weekdays and weekends. Studying viewer patterns and proper planning will also help you maximize your viewership.

When did live streaming become popular?

Live streaming rose to popularity in the 2010s. Video games, news, and sports were among the first content streamed that paved the way for live streaming. Since then, live streaming has continuously become popular. Nowadays, a popular live stream can easily attract hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of viewers worldwide.

What is the dominant live streaming platform of 2016?

Live streaming platforms for social media were the dominant platforms in 2016. These platforms gather viewership that totals billions. Back in 2016, the live streaming industry was worth over $30 billion. It’s also projected to grow up to $70 billion by 2021, which is more than double, by the way.

Do television networks also do live streaming?

Yes, they do. This is more popularly known as “live broadcasting,” which is only shown on television before. Nowadays, there are free TV live streaming platforms available for people to watch. Live reports, updates, conferences, and talk shows are live-streamed, and unlike television, viewers can freely comment and react to the broadcast.

What are some ways to monetize live streaming?

You can monetize your stream in a lot of ways. You can set up a donation page, subscription-based content, and sell stream-related merchandise. You can use a live streaming platform that gives gold, stars, and freebies to your viewers. These perks are accessible to them after they purchase them as a means of supporting you.

What live streaming platform was the best for gamers in 2019?

The gaming community is one of the pioneers of live streaming. Between 2018 and 2019, live streaming platforms best for gamers saw a growth of as high as 210%. The best platform for gamers is highly customizable, personalized, and provides a lot of interaction. Gamers love to talk and share their love for games with each other.

Do live streamers also have a team working with them?

Absolutely. Professional solo streamers and group streamers have a team dedicated to helping them set up their streams. Producers and job directors for live streaming platforms are also there to help the platform improve its services. They can also assist the streamers when they need help with something like blocking, lighting, and scenario.

 Is it possible to do a city-wide coverage live stream?

Suppose you have the means and the equipment to do so, then yes. News outlets are using live city-wide live streaming platforms to cover news and events simultaneously happening within your city. They use drones equipped with cameras and helicopter crews to take pictures and videos to live stream these things for people to see. 

Is it easy to set up and do a live stream?

Yes, but it depends on the purpose. If you plan to become a professional streamer, you have to learn the technical stuff of setting up your streams. But if you just plan to do only the occasional and casual live streams, then it’s easy. Just look presentable, have the right equipment, internet connection, and then your all set and good to go.

What is the best live streaming platform for business?

The best live streaming platforms for business are free live streaming platforms. They typically have many users, providing you with great exposure. This is enough for you to earn traction and gain customers. However, if you want more features and functions, paid live streaming platforms will still offer great exposure for your business.

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