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WhosOn’s live chat software helps businesses stay ahead of the curve and attain real-time communication to bridge the gap between customers and businesses. This live chat tool allows companies to offer instant support, answer questions, and convert visitors into customers at the perfect moment. WhosOn lets businesses care for their customers.



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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes WhosOn different?

WhosOn is a live chat software company for business websites, mobile apps, and eCommerce solutions. The critical difference between WhosOn and other live chat room software services is integrating CRM data, enabling businesses to generate more reports on customer experience with their products.

What is WhosOn?

WhosOn live chat software for business is an enterprise-level live chat solution to manage customer engagement and increase conversion rates. It can be integrated with various channels to provide the best possible experience for your customers. For businesses, live chat software is an effective way to engage with their customers.

Why does WhosOn not use a standalone bot?

Since a standalone bot will not offer the same intelligent features of a full-fledged help desk, integrating seamlessly with the company's contact center and saving customers time by simplifying processes. A standalone bot will not come with any of these features and will be limited in its capabilities.

What is the best way for the chatbot to communicate with agents?

The interaction between the agent and the bot is a two-way street. The chatbot acts as a real-time helper to the agent's thanks to the hybrid bot capabilities. It will gather data on their behalf and feed it into the conversation as needed. Doing a database search, determining the customer's account status, and 'whispering' it into the chat are gathering methods.

How does WhosOn's chatbot improve customer service?

WhosOn's chatbot has a significant impact on enhancing customer service. WhosOn's goal is to offer personalized customer service representatives with its online live chat software. The chatbot responds in real-time and allows customers to send in photos, videos, and audio files in addition to text-based questions.

Can I run WhosOn within company premises?

Yes, it is possible. When businesses choose to run WhosOn as a self-hosted live chat software, they get control over chat. Owners control the data to perform things that most couldn't accomplish with a hosted service. Without relying on other parties, users can self-contain WhosOn on private internal servers.

How does WhosOn safeguard my chat data?

Chat sessions are formed via a secure connection using a public certificate authority. HTTPS encrypts the connection between the visitor and the WhosOn server. Meanwhile, proprietary encryption techniques are used to encrypt client-server communication. In transit between the two locations, the content of chat messages is encrypted.

What is WhosOn's hybrid chat?

WhosOn further expands on the live chat software experience by providing customers real human support with the speed of an AI. Bots and an agent work hand in hand in delivering support to the customer. The AI continuously monitors the conversations, matches keywords with information, and provides the agent with guides on how to help the customer.

Does WhosOn have the capability to monitor chats?

Yes, it is possible. The supervisors can monitor live chat sessions in real-time using WhosOn. Internal training and assistance are made easier with chat monitoring. Supervising assists agents during challenging sessions and provides a simple approach to ensure service standards are fulfilled.

What features does WhosOn give supervisors?

The supervisors will find it simple to maintain high service standards using WhosOn. Not only may all conversations be watched, but WhosOn also has a convenient supervisor intervention feature that allows the provision of direct session help. Unpleasant discussions can be reported and smoothed out with supervisor involvement.

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