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Connect with your customers in real-time. The live chat software of Tidio is a service that allows immediate customer support and information. You’ll be able to answer customer inquiries and address their concerns promptly. Tidio’s live chat is one of the fastest and easiest ways to send messages to your website visitors.



File Sharing


Issue Tracking

Chat Routing


Real-time Monitor

Text Chat

Operator-to-Operator Chat

Chat History

Custom Views


Multi-Language Support

Offline Messages

Self-Help Article Links

File Sharing Feature

Set Assignment Rules

FAQ Feature

Browser Accessibility

Android Device Compatible

iOS Device Compatible


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Tidio different?

Talk to your customers whether you’re in the office or on the go. Tidio’s live chat room software allows you to keep your conversations going on any device. You can slash your response time to under three minutes and keep your customers satisfied. You’ll be able to turn your visitors into paying customers and drive more sales. Customize your enterprise’s live chat software design to match your website’s brand. You can also automate responses with AI to answer more questions and close more deals. Monitor and analyze customer data to find ways to improve your products or services. With Tidio, you’ll boost your customer engagement, which could translate to more sales.

Will Tidio slow down my website?

Tidio is an online live chat software that needs to be loaded from a JavaScript file. Some resources are required to run it, and if it is not available, this could cause slower page loading times. Make sure to load the chat asynchronously to ensure no resource will stop the live chat from appearing.

Can I disable the live chat on my website?

As one of the top live chat software features, you can also disable your chat when you are offline or permanently. You disable the live chat on your website temporarily by toggling the appropriate option under Widget Settings. If you wish to disable it permanently, you can do so in the Advanced Settings.

Can I install Tidio on more than one website?

Yes. Tidio’s premium and free live chat software allow you to use the same Tidio chat code on two or more websites. However, by doing this, you will have the same chat operators, appearance, and settings. You can paste your unique Tidio chat code directly onto the header section of your other websites.

Why are my notifications delayed?

You can download Tidio’s live chat software on your Android devices. Most notification delays are a common problem among Android devices. If you are in Low Power Mode, your device will limit notifications to save battery. You can set up Push Notifications on your device to ensure that you still get notifications from Tidio.

Are new conversations automatically assigned to operators?

Having responsive live chat software improves reviews for your website. If there is more than one operator online, new chats are assigned to those who pick it first. Once the operator takes the chat, only that operator will receive the notifications from that customer.

Can operators reassign the chats?

Yes. The unassigned chats from the conversation list are automatically assigned to the operator who clicks on it first. However, operators can use the Reassign Operator feature to change the operator. This option is available on the right side of the conversation’s menu.

What is Tidio’s data security and privacy policy?

Tidio takes data security and privacy very seriously. They have been fully compliant with GDPR since May 25, 2018. GDPR gives you control over how your data is used. This prevents any data leakage, ensuring that your information is fully secure.

What is Tidio’s data security and privacy policy?

Both visitors and operators can send files through live chat. This is available for everyone, regardless of your Tidio plan. You can send PDFs, screenshots, and documents from your widget or chat panel. Simply click on the paperclip icon and choose the file you wish to send.

Is it possible to receive regular reports?

Tidio lets you enable all reports in your Settings. You can choose from daily, every three days, weekly or monthly reports. If you want to add more recipients to send it to other operators, you can do so in the Send to section.

How does the chat history work?

See all your previous chats by clicking All in your Conversations tab. Simply choose the operator’s name to view all previous conversations. You’ll be able to review your support team’s activity and see all their recent sales chats. You may also view offline messages in the history section and your email box.

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