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Tawk.to is a live chat service that helps businesses communicate with customers in real-time. Customer satisfaction and support are no longer an option in the ever-changing business world; it’s a necessity. With tawk.to you can reduce your costs, improve your response time and provide better support for all your customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is tawk.to?

Tawk.to is a cloud-based live chat software for business and messaging service that you can add to your website for free. Tawk.to allows you to monitor and chat with the visitors on your website and communicate with your customers better. With tawk.to, you can see chat history, performance metrics and monitor client communication via configurable sites on the platform.

What makes tawk.to different?

Tawk.to is one of the best live chat software for websites because of its real-time monitoring, built-in ticketing system, and data encryption. Additionally, tawk.to has sentiment tracking, which allows you to evaluate replies and increase customer engagement. With the ability to be translated into 45+ languages, tawk.to has become a top live chat software for everyone globally. Tawk.to also has premade shortcuts, configurable widgets, and a built-in knowledge base so you can respond to customers quickly and consistently.

What are the chat widgets offered by tawk.to?

Tawk.to’s online live chat software offers both inline widgets and embed widgets. An inline widget appears as an icon usually found on the bottom right corner of a website which pops up a chat box when clicked. On the other hand, an embed widget may be added to any website and is frequently used on landing pages.

Is it possible to add multiple agents at once in tawk.to?

Yes, you can add multiple agents. If your firm has a large workforce, enrolling every team member as an agent might be time-consuming. With tawk.to, you can add several agents to tawk.to at one time. You'll have your entire crew set up on your property and ready to react to visitors to your website in no time.

How many languages does tawk.to support?

The live chat software of tawk.to supports a broad range of languages and lets you change the language that appears in your dashboard and chat widgets. There are 25 languages available in the dashboard, including Arabic, Hindi, and Chinese. For the widgets, there are 49 languages available.

Is it possible to end a chat through the dashboard in tawk.to?

Yes and no. Yes, because an agent can close a conversation from the dashboard, so it is no longer visible. No, because a guest may only end a conversation. Even if you close the chat from the dashboard, the chat will stay open from the visitor's perspective. If they send another message, it will be shown as a new chat, and you will be notified.

Can you ban people on tawk.to?

Yes. You can ban someone through the user’s session or the user’s IP. If you want to ban someone, you must provide a cause for banning your visitor and decide whether to prohibit them based on their IP address. If you do not want to block their IP address, visitors may simply delete their browser's cookies and start a new conversation.

Does tawk.to affect website load speed?

The tawk.to widget will not influence the time it takes for your website to load. Because the tawk.to widget does not load until your website is fully loaded, having a tawk.to widget on your site does not affect your page loading. Any page performance testing tool will not include your widget loading time in the findings.

How does tawk.to determine visitor’s location?

The public Internet Protocol (IP) address is used to determine the visitor's location. You can check the IP address in the ‘Details’ tab, located to the right of a live chat or message panel. The accuracy will vary depending on the visitor's geographical location and the internet service provider.

How does tawk.to define visitors?

Session-based tracking is used to track visits to tawk.to. On the same day, a single user can finish numerous sessions and be counted as multiple visitors. When a visitor lands on your website, page, or chat widget, a session begins. The session is active till the visitor exits the website. Bots and scrapers that visit your website will not be counted as visitors.

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