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Increase your sales and engage with your customers efficiently using a top-notch customer service platform. Whether you are a freelancer, company owner, entrepreneur, and an online seller, LiveChat is what you are looking for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Makes LiveChat Different?

LiveChat has a user-friendly interface and ready-to-use templates, which makes it different from other live chat software. For big companies and businesses, it lets you automate your communication with various departments. Plus, it also provides 24/7 chat support making it easy for you to address customer issues. Compared to other live chat software for business, its pricing is cost-efficient, and you will be provided with a technical support team. Moreover, LiveChat is dedicated to helping you provide the best customer service to your clients.

Why is LiveChat one of the best live chat software for websites?

With its 18 years of experience, LiveChat has fully developed its first-class services. You will be getting top-notch features and great assistance from their team without spending too much money out of your pocket.

Why do I need live chat software for my website?

Live chat software provides your website with a chatbox. Like in other messaging apps, a chatbox will pop up on your website when a visitor messaged you. With this, you can immediately respond to your customers without checking your email or phone.

Does LiveChat work on mobile?

Yes, you can conveniently communicate with your customers even if you are using a mobile phone. LiveChat is compatible with iOs and Android, which allows you to respond and address your customers’ issues.

Will LiveChat leak my data?

No. One good thing about LiveChat is that your messages and other confidential information are protected and safe. It provides high security to ensure that your data is safe and secure.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime without any extra costs. However, you cannot refund payments that have already been processed.

Can I customize my chat window?

Yes, LiveChat offers a customizable chat window feature. With this, you can modify the color, logo, chat widget, language, and other designs of your chat window.

What are the limitations of LiveChat’s trial account?

The free trial version of LiveChat only includes all of the Team Plan’s features. If you want to try the other plans, contact LiveChat’s help center, and they will give the best answer for you.

Can I invite my website visitors to chat?

Yes. You can greet your website visitors in two ways. You can do an automated greeting, which is triggered upon the conditions you set. You can also do a manual invitation, which you can send by manually inviting a visitor from your visitors’ list.

How can I use LiveChat on my website?

Here’s how you can add LiveChat to your website.

Step: 1

Sign up for their 14-day free trial.

Step: 2

Get your tracking code, which is found in the LiveChat code section.

Step: 3

Place this LiveChat code in your websites’ HTML files. Please ask for a professional’s help if needed regarding this step.

Step: 4

Log in to LiveChat’s app, and start chatting with visitors.

Will LiveChat continue working even if agents are already off?

Yes, don’t worry. Your chatbox will switch to offline mode once your agent goes offline. When this mode is activated, your visitors can leave some messages by filing tickets so they can still contact you even past office hours. To answer these messages, check the “Tickets” section in your app.

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