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Gist offers the best live chat software for websites and businesses with all the tools and integrations users need to grow better. Gist’s live chat software provides support for increasing leads, accelerating sales, engaging customers, and streamlining customer service. This software allows the whole company to rally behind a single app to centralize customer interactions.



File Sharing


Issue Tracking

Chat Routing


Real-time Monitor

Text Chat

Chat Transcripts

Multi-Language Support

Set Assignment Rules

Template Library

FAQ Feature

Android Device Compatible

iOS Device Compatible


Custom Bots

Email Software Integration

Marketing Software Integration

Free Trial Period

Forever Free Plan


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Last updated on March, 29

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Gist different?

Gist excels in being a more robust and complete tool covering the entire buyer's journey when doing a live chat software comparison. Gist also tries to improve the usability of current tools. The software company is also developing new features to really encompass the all-in-one category. Not to mention, the cost for Gist is much lower than its competitors.

What is Gist?

Gist offers complete live chat software for businesses with all the tools and integrations that a user needs to grow better. With Gist, the business can come together around a single application for daily work. This live chat software is a tool for learning and a place to look for notifications all in one. There isn’t a need to switch between email and messaging with Gist.

Does Gist offer discounts?

Yes, Gist offers discounts. These discounts work to benefit businesses who want affordable software to communicate with their customers. When users switch their monthly plan to a yearly one, their billing includes a 15% discount on the cost of live chat software. Gist offers additional discounts qualifying based on the team size, contract length, and rate selection.

How does Gist help with communication?

Gist is an easy-to-use and fast live chat software. It’s an excellent tool for simplifying digital communication as they offer people the opportunity to communicate with one another more efficiently. Users can use their mobile phones or computers to take advantage of this service that's accessible anywhere, anytime.

Do users need to supply credit card details to access Gist?

Users can get started with live chat room software free forever without credit card details. To start a 14-day free trial of Gist’s premium plans, users must enter their credit card information. Charging only happens after the 14-day free trial, and cancellation is easy as users can do it anytime in the app.

What is a support seat in live chat software?

Support seats are anyone with access to Gist support software to collaborate and respond to customer support requests. Users can also add as many non-support seats as they want. Support and Non-Support seats can access all other parts of the platform, including contacts, emails, forms, and workflow products.

Who owns the data/content/subscribers that the company inputted in Gist?

Users do! All content belongs to the users. Gist is not authorized to use this content or contact customers. Gist is but a live chat software that helps businesses market their company and reach out to customers. Gist will never take advantage of the data on the software as Gist cares for the consumers’ privacy.

How secure is the customer's data in Gist?

Gist takes pride in its privacy security for the customers. Gist uses SSL and TLS data encryption like what banks use to encrypt the company data inputted in Gist. Gist also complies with the GDPR compliance of EU’s data laws to protect the users’ data. Gist prioritizes the safety and confidentiality of the data inputted within the software.

Can users migrate their files and data from another live chat software to Gist?

One of Gist’s features is the automated file migration services, and it comes with no additional fee. Gist will migrate the user’s automation, emails, forms, and contacts from any ESP for free. Guides and tutorials on how to do the file migration are available for viewing in the Gist’s Blog section from the website.

Can Gist support multiple languages?

Gist currently has 44+ languages supported, and users can localize Gist’s Messenger to work with different languages. Although Gist supports multiple languages, it doesn’t have an auto-translation tool when a coworker sends a message in a foreign language. Gist’s language settings are only for personalizing the application.

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