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Freshdesk Messaging is an innovative chat software that connects with your customers on their preferred channels to guide them to find answers. It combines all of your customer communication channels into one integrated system, which provides real-time status updates of your incoming customer inquiries. Help your customers get prompt responses by configuring chatbots that will guide them to answer their questions when no agents are available.



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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Freshdesk Messaging different?

Freshdesk Messaging provides a better customer experience when addressing users’ concerns. It lets you know which messages require the most attention using priority inbox, allowing customers who need an immediate response the much-needed rapid support. Unlike other live chat apps, Freshdesk Messaging integrates with the commonly used messaging apps, allowing your customers to send messages where most accessible for them.

What is Freshdesk Messaging?

Freshdesk Messaging enables organizations to address customer issues by allowing support agents to answer inquiries from a vast collection of messaging platforms. It empowers customers to try and address their issues themselves first by integrating chatbot support and FAQ and connects them to an operator if need be.

How secure are my messages in Freshdesk Messaging?

Security is taken very seriously, and Freshdesk gives you complete control over whatever data center you use from the start. Their servers are housed in state-of-the-art data centers with biometric locks and 24-hour surveillance. Freshdesk Messaging is also kept up-to-date with the most recent security patches.

How does Freshdesk Messaging handle offline messages?

Consumers can contact you via message 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while defining clear expectations for your business hours and response time. Outside of those hours, your messenger switches to offline mode. When consumers contact you out of business hours, their messages turn into support tickets, and Freshdesk Messaging provides them with a precise response time estimate.

Can I set up bots to answer customers’ questions?

Yes. You can answer your customers’ questions without the need for human interference, allow your customers to schedule meetings with your agents, and more with the help of bots that are truly intelligent beyond scripts. Use Freshdesk Messaging’s chatbots to identify accounts based on their support and churn intent and proactively engage with them, thus improving your retention rate.

Why does Freshdesk Messaging not automatically convert chats into tickets?

Freshdesk Messaging will transmit your message by email if a consumer misses your chat message because they are away. The customer can react to the email directly, which will generate a ticket in your Freshdesk account, or they can return to the chat thread and reply there.

How does Freshdesk Messaging support live chat messages from different platforms?

Freshdesk Messaging supports live chat messages from different platforms, whichever your customers are using. It can accept incoming messages from services such as Facebook Messenger, LINE, Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, Telegram, and even your website. Messages sent to these channels are made visible to your unified inbox in Freshdesk Messaging.

How can my customers know how long to expect responses on Freshdesk Messaging?

You can set realistic expectations with your customers and website visitors by configuring the “Typically responds in” time for your website. Freshdesk Messaging gives you two options in the configuration: 90th percentile of response time or the time it takes for the operator’s first response.

Can I export conversations made with Freshdesk Messaging?

Freshdesk Messaging does not allow us to export chats directly. It may, however, push talks into other systems, such as Freshdesk Support Desk, and then get the conversations from there. You'll need a support desk account, and your accounts must be linked to do this.

Can the Freshdesk Messaging web messenger function even if my website is offline?

Yes and no, it depends. Freshdesk Messaging gives you the option to embed live chat capabilities into your website using its web conversation widget. You may opt to run this widget within an iframe on your website, but it will also be unavailable if your site is offline. Running it asynchronously with your site is also an option and will let it load even if your site is unreachable.

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