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Increase your customer satisfaction using a live chat. Use Crisp, one of the best live chat software for websites, to simplify your customer support. Crisp unifies all of your customer relationship channels. With Crisp, you can respond quickly to your website visitors’ concerns at a reduced cost!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Crisp different?

Try out Crisp’s live chat software for free and send automated messages for proactive customer services. Besides that, you can customize Crisp’s plans to fit its live chat software to your enterprise needs. This way, you can convert visitors into opportunities and provide them with the assistance they need. From colors to positions, you can personalize Crisp’s live chat widget according to your brand. You can also expand internationally with Crisp’s Live Translate, allowing you to quickly communicate with customers worldwide and reply to them in real-time. Let your customers easily use your Crisp live chat software with no plug-ins or downloads needed.

How can I customize my chatbox?

The Free plan only offers simple customizations. In comparison to the Free plan, Crisp’s live chat software under the Pro plan provides special customization features. Through the customization plugin in the Pro plan, you can design your live chat to match your brand identity. To access this plugin, log in to your account, select “Plugins,” and click “Customization.” Here, you can change the colors, texts, and positions to your liking. However, it is not yet possible to customize the texts for multiple locales.

What are live chat triggers?

A live chat trigger is one of Crisp’s online live chat software’s most powerful features in terms of lead generation. You can send targeted messages based on user interactions. With multiple triggers, you can create better customer service for your users.

How do I create live chat triggers?

To build your live chat triggers, your first need to define your key pages. After this, you will need to create a custom message. Lastly, you need to specify the targeted behavior you want to focus on. Crisp will look for these behaviors and send automated messages to users.

How do I install a live chat widget on my website?

If you’ve signed up on Crisp and want to add a live chatbox to your website, you can easily add it to your HTML. First, retrieve your website code on your website’s Settings page and click on “Integrations.” Go to “HTML,” then copy and paste the script tag on the HTML of your page.

How do I install Crisp live chat on WordPress?

First, connect your WordPress dashboard by clicking on “Plugins” and activating the Crisp plugin. On the left menu, select “Crisp Settings.” Click on the “Link with Crisp” button and follow the instructions. After this, you can now use your live chat from your homepage.

What languages are supported by Crisp?

Crisp is one of the top live chat software available globally since multiple languages are supported so you can communicate with your international customers. Your live chatbox can be translated into more than 50 languages, so it is suitable for most localized websites.

How is security managed on Crisp services?

Crisp has strict security practices to protect your data privacy. On third-party services, Crisp uses Two Factor Authentication. All SSH keys are also password protected. All computers and development tools used are secured, encrypted, and up to date.

Can I create a custom welcome message?

Yes, you can do so with the Pro plan. Go to your website settings, select “Chatbox & Email Settings,” and click on “Chatbox Appearance.” Select your message in “Welcome Message,” then your message is autosaved. This will entice users to send in their questions and inquiries to you.

Can I hide and show the chatbox?

Yes. Your live chatbox can be hidden and shown by using JavaScript code. You can copy and paste these codes on your page to make your chatbox visible when you want to.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you no longer want to avail of Crisp’s plans, you can cancel your subscription. Go to “Settings,” select “Plans,” and click on “Change Plans.” Downgrade your subscription to Crisp Basic, which is the free plan.

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