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Chatra is the live chat software that's easy and fun to use. When customers need help, Chatra will connect them with an agent who can answer their questions and guide them through their purchases. With Chatra, businesses can reduce support costs and increase revenue by providing the best support experience for all customers.

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What makes Chatra different?

When making a live chat software comparison, Chatra greets potential buyers with the team's faces and asks them to contact the business with friendly, tailored auto-messages. It is far easier for them to send you a quick instant message than sending a wordy, formal email from a contacts page.

What is Chatra?

Chatra is an online live chat platform in the cloud aimed at small companies and e-commerce shops. Users may utilize the solution to boost online sales and conversions. Live chat software such as Chatra helps businesses connect with customers better. It allows companies to either wait for a client to ask a question or begin an automated dialogue with all visitors.

How to install Chatra on a website?

To install Chatra on a website, the widget code must first be posted on the website. Only when users have posted will Chatra begin operating. Users may locate the code on the operator dashboard’s ‘Chat Widget’ section. On the website, installation guidelines for installing on popular content management systems are available.

Is Chatra available when operators are offline?

Yes, Chatra is available when operators are offline. Chatra operates a live chat when users and co-workers are online but transforms into a messaging mode when offline. The status indicator is glowing blue, and users can see their avatars and the time of the last action. It is recommended for the customers to know that they should not expect immediate answers.

How does Chatra help increase sales?

Chatra is the top live chat software that assists businesses in increasing customer happiness, which in turn increases revenue. Customers may obtain rapid responses to their questions. Customers like speaking with a live person, and a live chat software such as Chatra helps resolve concerns and address issues, making them more inclined to return for services.

Who is Chatra ideal for?

Chatra's primary goal is to increase sales. As a result, Chatra is excellent for website owners, bloggers, eCommerce sellers, trainers, and writers who publish and sell any information product, service, or physical goods. Users active in the sales business or consumers who need to take action can genuinely benefit from Chatra’s services.

Is Chatra beginner-friendly?

Yes, Chatra is beginner-friendly. Users don’t need any technical knowledge and expertise to add chat capabilities to any website or blog. By availing of Chatra’s services, anyone can have live chat software on their pages. After enrolling, users are taken to a page that displays all the integrations and adjustable chat options needed to start.

How does Chatra attract customers?

Chatra’s attractive live chatroom software is recognized for its attractive UI and integration ability. Users can integrate this on any website or blog with as little technical expertise as possible. Chatra enables integration on any site that complements the user’s theme as the chat system appears out of the scheme. Because of this, users are drawn in to participate.

Is it possible to track visitors on the website using Chatra?

Yes, it is possible. Visitors marked in gray have already communicated with the user. The pale green tint indicates that they are currently in a conversation. In the “Status” column, symbols help determine whether a visitor has a previous chat history. The number of visitors displayed in the list depends on paid agent seats on your plan.

How does Chatra entertain visitors quickly if no agent is available?

Chatra Bot is intended to greet visitors and capture their contact and other information. In Chatra, it establishes the tone of the discourse. The chatbot responds to frequently requested queries automatically. It can also learn more about the visitor's requirements before transferring them to a human representative.

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