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Chaport’s open source live chat software is an excellent customer service tool assisting businesses in increasing sales team productivity. The live chat feature provides real-time online sales assistance to potential customers. Furthermore, Chaport boosts customer satisfaction, conversion sales, and customer assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Chaport different?

Chaport is the only online live chat software allowing users to answer chats and emails simultaneously using a single screen. Chaport is also designed with your business in mind, providing an interface that's easy to use while remaining visually impressive. With Chaport live chat software, providing live customer service without leaving the page is possible.

What is Chaport?

Chaport live chat is all-inclusive live chat software for businesses of all sizes. It's designed to provide an effective and user-friendly way for customers to contact businesses. Chaport has a sleek and tidy interface that makes it easy to engage with customers, and the dashboard lets users access all your messages in one place.

Does Chaport offer live chat software for mobile devices?

Yes, it does. Chaport offers live chat software for mobile devices, which can be accessed from anywhere. It provides a user-friendly interface that has been designed to suit the needs of the people who use it regularly via smartphones and tablets. The live chat software also offers cross-channel communication through messaging apps, video, and email.

Can you customize Chaport live chat?

The Chaport live chat room software is highly customizable and can be tailored to suit the company's branding, needs, and business processes. From the customer service perspective, Chaport live chat provides a fully white-labeled service. This means that all branding, such as logo, colors, and language, can be modified to suit any business’ needs.

Is there an auto-invitations feature in Chaport live chat?

Chaport live chat has an auto-invitations feature that allows their customers to invite people to chat using the Chaport live chat widget without typing any text. This feature is helpful for companies who want to collect information about who visited their website. Companies can use this information to create more personalized marketing campaigns and offers.

Can I integrate Chaport live chat with the business tools I use?

Yes, chat integration with Chaport live chat is possible. Businesses can integrate various business tools such as live chat widgets into their CRMs or email marketing systems. One can also use Chaport to automate key business processes by incorporating other apps such as popular chat software and analytics.

On Chaport live chat, can I transfer a chat to a colleague and join a group chat?

Yes, it is possible. On Chaport live chat, users can quickly transfer chats with just one click as it provides the option to transfer current chats with colleagues. This feature includes group chats, as well. When users transfer a chat, the chat is added to a colleague’s queue, enabling them to receive an email notifying them of the request.

Can I try Chaport even without adding the live chat widget to my website?

Yes, users can try Chaport live chat even without a live chat widget to see the benefits of a live chat plugin on their website. Just visit the Chaport website on a desktop computer, click the "Try Free" button and fill out the form with details such as name, email address, password, or any other information, including the business’ website URL.

How can I measure my customer satisfaction on Chaport live chat software?

Measuring customer satisfaction using the Chaport live chat software is possible through chat ratings. Chat ratings provide a quick and efficient way to see what percentage of customers are satisfied with their products, services, and customer services. Users can also view feedback and find out the rationale behind every rating.

Is there an autoresponder in Chaport live chat?

Yes, there is an autoresponder in Chaport live chat. Chaport live chat is a powerful communication tool for any business that includes an autoresponder to help automate communication with visitors and customers. Businesses can set up autoresponders to answer questions and provide information about business hours or other general inquiries.

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