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Are you searching for a live chat software for business? With Agile CRM, connect with your clients via interactive chat windows. Supported by various chat windows for a single agent, a live chat window pops up directly to entertain visitors with queries. Start interacting with online users with Agile CRM’s live chat software with free download today!



File Sharing


Issue Tracking

Chat Routing


Real-time Monitor


Ticket Management


Set Assignment Rules

Marketing Software Integration

Interactive Reports

Video Chat

CRM Integration

Data Security

Social Media Integration

Custom Views

Issue Tracking

Email Software Integration

Text Chat


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Last updated on March, 29

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to purchase Agile CRM live chat software?

To purchase Agile CRM’s enterprise live chat software, manage to go to the website, check the Pricing tab, and choose the best CRM program package that fits your business. As one of the top marketing automation software, Agile CRM releases tons of add-on benefits for users who buy their product.

How can I get a copy of my invoices when purchasing Agile CRM’s live chat software?

When you download live chat software by Agile CRM, navigating the steps to obtain your invoice’s duplication is very simple: Just log in to Agile CRM, click on User Settings, choose Upgrade, go to Recent Payments, and click on the Payment you want to see.

Does Agile CRM provide users with video tutorials for live chat software?

Yes, you can learn by yourself to use the live chat software for free with Agile CRM’s online video tutorials, which can be found on their official website. Many available videos from stand-alone online video streaming platforms are recorded by various software users giving free instructions for beginners.

Can I add tags to contacts in Agile CRM’s live chat software?

Yes, once you purchase their online live chat software, you can add several tags to contacts in Agile CRM. These tags are utilized in dividing users, trigger campaigns, and analyze customer activity. You may use the '/tag tag_name' command to add a tag during a live chat session.

Does Agile CRM’s live chat software integrate multiple chat windows for a single agent?

Yes. Expand productivity by allowing live chat agents to control various chats at once. This saves clients’ time and also doubles the coherence of the support center. Several chat windows make a single agent handle more than two chats simultaneously, thus lessening the urgency of hiring more live chat representatives.

Does Agile CRM’s live chat software offer customer support analytics and reporting?

Yes. Give-and-take reporting aids analyze the data and set up dashboards for easy access to the support metrics. Receive instant feedback on your client support performance by analyzing the data about tickets raised and closed. Also, improve agents’ performance via data analysis and plan for hirings based on the trends.

How can I add new contacts during a live chat session?

The steps in adding a new contact during a live chat session are easy. To add a further contact to Agile CRM during a live chat in ClickDesk, use the '/add' command. Having the name and email details automatically filled out, a new contact will be made under 'Contacts' in Agile.

Can I add notes while on a chat session?

Yes, you may now add or edit a contact's notes during chat sessions. Several notes can be integrated into a single contact. To add a note for an existing contact at any time during the chat conversation, use the '/note message' command, where "message" is the note content.

How can I get the API key in setting up Agile CRM’s Live chat software?

The steps in getting an API (application programming interface) token key are easy and manageable—just log in to your account in Agile CRM. Navigate to 'Admin settings' from the top-right drop-down menu, and then finally click 'API & Analytics.’ You may now copy the API key.

What can I pay with when availing of Agile CRM’s live chat software?

In buying Agile CRM live chat software with open source, a valid credit card is required for payment. When you check the cost of live chat software package pricing in Agile CRM, their monthly subscription is a month-to-month, pre-paid service.

Can I get a refund regardless of the reasons?

No, Agile CRM will not provide any refunds on any of the chosen plans. You are responsible for whatever possible charges have been made. Your credit card will be charged automatically with the new live chat software plan price on and from your next billing cycle for any plan upgrades or downgrades.

Why choose Agile CRM’s live chat software?

Purchasing the best live chat room software offers many features–it provides insights into your client base, detects unnecessary tasks, assists profits tracking, and boosts your customer service. Agile CRM offers you top live chat software to seamlessly connect customers and agents and respond later at your convenience.

What Makes Agile CRM Different?

Proven and tested by over 170,000 users worldwide, Agile CRM offers you the best customer service software solutions and various software products. Agile CRM integrates data access to their team—all carried on a 360-degree view page. Along with their excellent software for businesses is an open-source live chat software. Amidst various live chat software comparisons, Agile CRM’s live chat software automates ticket generators when the agent is unavailable. The live chat software makes it more interactive between users and agents with personalized themes. It is fast to relay messages for client queries with rapid response time. Begin subscribing to Agile CRM today!

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