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Best Live Chat Software

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Ensure positive customer engagement and satisfaction with the help of live chat software. A live chat software is a channel that allows your business to communicate and proactively assist your customers or website visitors with ease. Try one today!

Frequently Asked Questions on Live Chat Software

Who may initiate the conversation first in a live chat?

The conversation can either be initiated by the support or the customer. When the customer representatives get a notification that the website has a visitor, they will be able to proactively send the chat to customers and offer assistance. On the other hand, when customers have some questions, they could start the conversation as well as the live chat is already available for customer inquiries.     

If the customer support live chat is offline, can I still message them regarding my concern?

One of the features that the live chat software should have is to allow a customer to still send them a message even if they are offline. Customers will see a sign that live chat is offline but a message could be left and then they will receive an immediate answer through email when the support gets back online. Customers will be asked for an email address, phone number, and the details of the concern. 

Does a customer need to be subscribed to the website to receive the live chat initiated by one of the chat representatives?

No, live chat software has a feature wherein the website visitors could be tracked. Chat agents will be able to send a visitor a chat to proactively offer any assistance.

How will the live chat software be installed on my website?

Installing a live chat software involves activities such as installation, configuration, testing, and modification to optimize the performance of the software, this process is called the Deployment Model. It involves all processes required for preparing a software application to run and operate in a specific environment. 

Apart from the type of software, what do I need to consider when choosing the best live chat software for my website?

Upon creating your live chat software, you may choose from these two following deployment model:Self-Hosted Live Chat SoftwareThis is a solution wherein the corporate software will be placed remotely by a provider on his own data center servers or external host servers, creating a separate server to handle your company needs. It lowers the maintenance and hardware service costs, as well as it takes away the ability to fully control the internal data since stability and data security becomes entirely a hosting provider’s responsibility.A Cloud-hosted Live Chat SoftwareThis option means that software will be located and installed in a cloud. A cloud is a large virtual server, shared with other companies, and will contain and process all your internet data. This option usually suits small businesses that aim to launch software quickly and easily, avoiding the technical aspects and complications of setting their own hosting.

Is there free live chat software?

Most providers don't offer free live chat services, but they offer a trial version just to give potential customers an idea of what the software looks like. You only need to ask or contact the support team for it.

How do I cancel my subscription?

There is no objective way to do this, but you can contact your provider to end it on the day or week before your billing date. This way, you get to save money, instead of canceling it the day after you got  billed.

is there live chat software for small businesses?

Although it is usually big businesses that use live chat software, this service is not limited to such clients. There are plans for starters, and you should make sure to choose the one that fits your customer relations needs.

Will there be assistance for installing the software?

Definitely. There are technicians who will assist you in setting everything up. It would be difficult to do it yourself, and it would also waste your time. If possible, remind the company or provider about this, so they will prepare someone to assist you.

How to know if the live chat software is the one for my business?

Try as many free trial versions from different providers as possible. Other people also do this, so you would know which one works better for your operations. Take your time, and you will surely get the right one.

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